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Characters: Sora, Xion, Riku; possibly others if more people ask for a final thread with him.
Setting: Various, all threads set before the 8th.
Format: anything
Summary: Catchall for last threads with Sora for people who wanted those.
Warnings: Probably nothing.

For Xion

[Excalibur was close behind as Sora made his way down to the meadow floor. He was cautious as usual but, thankfully, there was no trouble in their path this time.

He wasn't sure if Xion would already be there or not, but he was excited. It felt like it had been awhile since they'd really spent time together, and he wanted to fix that.

Seeing that she isn't there yet when he arrives, he searches for a good spot to sit and wait, and finds one...close to where they had that bonfire a couple years ago, he remembers, with all of the people from his world. It was a good memory, he thought, and Excalibur bounced over to his lap as he sat down. A good memory, and a good place to wait.]

For Riku - Coming Soon!

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[It doesn't take too long before a dark corridor appears and Xion steps out of it. She closes the corridor behind her, looks around and sees Sora waiting for her. In a very familiar spot. The memory briefly crosses her mind, of that day so long ago.

She looks sheepish and apologetic as she gets closer.]

Sorry I'm late.

[She settles down next to him, holding a hand out for Excalibur to sniff, if he wants.]

It feels like it's been so long.