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A return

Characters: Romeo
Setting: Dorm halls and rooms and then hidden floor
Format: Either
Summary: Romeo returns from a long stint on his dead world, to find that a close friend is gone, he goes looking for people. He then goes into a frenzy to finish his book and lets people know it is done

Romeo would never get used to his dead world. It wasn't quite as scary as it used to be, nothing was quite as scary anymore. He didn't think he was any braver really just that he had seen so many scary things that they didn't feel as bad. Just like when there was only ice cream for an entire month and by the end of it he didn't like it so much as he once had.

Still he was very glad to wake up back in his bed in the tower, he had tried to count the days to check that it didn't go over the time before the power ran out but the number got too high and that was a scary thing as well. But he was here and there was still power and people.

So he hadn't been too late. He rolled over and blinked at the empty bed where Zett should be. A different kind of fear cut through him as he rushed out to look at the plaque outside the door. No Zett... he was gone. Like so many of Romeo's friends...

Pinocchio wasn't though and the weasel nudged his face, demanding attention. "I missed you." Romeo told him sadly and left his room walking down the corridor looking on the name plaques, checking to see which of his friends were still here.

He stopped at a terminal to check the countdown. That wasn't many numbers left... He looked for someone to ask questions of, any of the adults that he knew would answer him. What had happened when he had been gone? Had Ruana hurt more people? Was Zo okay? Had he gotten ill again?

The hero book

One thing was clear. There was not much time left. Romeo looked around his room and in his trunk at the bits of his book. The book of heroes he wanted to make to remember all the brave people in this tower. He would have to finish it now, before more bad things happened and before time ran out.

The next few days he could be found mostly in the work room a mess of glue and notes and crayons. He worked in a frenzy not stopping to eat or sleep, it was like learning to read all over again, he couldn't stop and he just wanted to keep going.

He wandered the halls making notes of the names on the doors and then for a whole day and most of a night- it was a good thing really, that the monsters were gone, he walked the graveyard making notes there.

Finally he slid notes under all the doors that had people in them.

I finished the book about heroes, come to the floor if you want to see it.

He hoped they knew he meant the secret floor, he hadn't wanted to write that because it was a secret!

Anyone who found there way there would see the book, many pages tied together, mostly written in crayon. There are pictures, that are far too good to have been drawn by Romeo and letters in neater, more adult handwriting stuck in. Romeo's arms are circled around it protectively, his head on the table next to it, fast asleep.

An Ambush

Whilst Romeo was looking at the rooms listing all the people in his book he saw one name that made him stop. Gamzee. It was not his room, it was a different room altogether but the name was there.

Romeo burst into the room, but there was no troll to be found. He frowned and went back to his listing. There were more names; Ven and Kidou who he needed to find as well.

But Gamzee was first and so after Romeo had showed people his book and slept for a whole night he began to look for his friend. Anyone around room 2-02 would notice a loitering Romeo as he waited for Gamzee.
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The hero book

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Fortunately, Diarmuid has referred to the hidden floor just as vaguely and for the same reasons so many times that it is the first thing that comes into his mind when he sees the note. When he arrives there and sees Romeo sleeping with his arms around said book, he can't help but smile. There had been times he had worried about if Romeo would be able to get it done, and here he has. Diarmuid doesn't have to see the end result to know how proud he is of the boy for finishing his project even with everything else going on.

He walks over and crouches down near Romeo, putting a gentle hand on his head, "Romeo, it's Diarmuid. Wake up."
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Diarmuid ruffles Romeo's hair gently, before moving to carefully take the book from him, "I can see that. Well done, Romeo! I have a feeling this will make a lot of people happy and help to remind them what we are fighting for. Considering how little time is left, that is a very important thing."

He takes a moment to look the book over, but when he notices the wet glue, he pauses before opening it, "It seems the glue is still setting in some places. Is it okay for me to open it?"
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Diarmuid laughs softly, "I think I can handle sticky hands. I just didn't want to damage something you spent so much time making. Are you happy with how it came out?"

As he speaks, Diarmuid carefully opens the book and begins to read the opening. He can't help but smile at the different colors of crayon used to write. It's somehow fitting.

And then he hits the part about Rick and has to pause, swallowing hard as if it will somehow push the pain in his heart away.

"You wrote something about Rick. I am so glad..."
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For a moment, Diarmuid's expression finally shows some of his sadness. Not just about Rick, but about the last group of people who have been sent away, "Zett, Aleph, many people have left us. It must be so hard for them, being stuck on their dead worlds and knowing there is not much time left..."

He shakes his head and tries to push away the sadness. It will do no good to linger. It's better to remember them instead, "Don't worry, I don't think anyone will mind when they see how much effort you have put into things. Personally, I think it's better to make sure everyone will remember just in case. Rick shouldn't be forgotten and neither should anyone else. Not even on accident."
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"You are a very brave boy, Romeo," Diarmuid reaches out to give the boy a squeeze on the shoulder. "I am so glad you got to come back to help us. Don't worry. We can look through the book and I will make sure to tell you if I see anyone you forgot, okay?"

He turns his attention back to the book then, though he is surprised to find his name is the first one listed. It is true he remembers Zett doing his picture for the book but the last thing Diarmuid expects is to find just how many quotes there are for him. They just go on and on...

"I.. So many people wrote about me?"
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Diarmuid doesn't respond for a moment. Instead, he just shakes his head, "I just did what was right and what needed to be done to help and protect people..."

Does that make him a hero? Just doing what is right? It shouldn't in his book, but he knows that others often see things differently, and he won't argue with them. Besides, it makes him feel good to know what he did made things better for so many people.

"Lets keep going, shall we?" At some point, he will come back and reread his page closer. For now, there are a lot of pages to get through, "Next is Enoch, then Zelda, then Ruler... Good to see that they are all mentioned. They are very deserving of it."

And, intentional or not, Diarmuid now has confirmation of his suspicion that the woman he knew as Ruler was indeed Caster's beloved Jeanne.
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"She kept to herself a lot and I only met her a time or two, but she was willing to take on heavy burdens that others would shrink from. She is most certainly a hero worth remembering," Diarmuid nods, and then starts flipping through pages again. There is Saber, as only is fitting and Cu Chulainn, one of his brothers...

He stops there and laughs softly, thinking back to something he saw on his own page, "By the way, we can't turn into puppies. However, I was cursed with puppy ears and a tail for a while. Does that count?"

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[Gamzee's fucks were in the negatives ever since he'd woken back up here. He spent his days restlessly stalking about the Tower, never giving a shit if he lived or of something managed to slaughter him. Sometimes he'd visit the graveyard. His memory wasn't the greatest, so walking through the rows and rows of names reminded him of the people he'd met (and subsequently lost) and that would usually bring back memories of things they'd done. It wasn't a great way to spend any day, making yourself miserable, but it was how he was going to feel whether or not he took a stroll down memory lane, anyway.]

[After a particularly tiring trudge through the paths of the dead, Gamzee was finally on his way back to his room. His new one, not the one on the first floor that he'd already spent so many nights in. This one was infuriating, chock full of people he hated and who returned the sentiment (though not in the way he would have liked.)]

[There was someone standing outside the door, however. Gamzee didn't even pay Romeo much attention, assuming he was some random person waiting for someone who wasn't him. He was already in the middle of opening the door before he realized who it was.]


[Gamzee lowered his hand, letting the door open and then fall shut again when no one stepped through it.]

You're still alive? The fuck you want?

[Always so pleasant.]
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[Gamzee didn't give a shit how Romeo justified his rudeness. What was the point in being courteous, anymore? Not like he ever was to begin with, but with everyone either fighting death or waiting to die, it seemed like a useless endeavor.]

[Gamzee let out a noise like he had food abruptly lodged down his throat. Raising his arms away from the sudden embrace, he let them hover in the air for a moment. Why was this kid so fucking irritating!? Gamzee sighed.]

Big mother fucking whoop-whoop.

[His voice was so deadpan, it hurt. What was there to celebrate about being dragged back to this shithole? He contemplated prying the boy off of him, but, truthfully, the contact was nice. He sort of just stood there awkwardly, waiting for the inevitable break in their "hug".]

Pretty fuckin' rude of you all to be congratulating a motherfucker for comin' back here.
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Sealand but he knew where Romeo must mean. Where everyone meant when they wanted to do something secret. When he found Romeo and the book, he considered trying to pry it from his hands - he didn't really want to wake him. But that didn't seem doable. "Romeo?" He tapped the other boy on the shoulder.
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"Yeah! But I haven't seen you around lately," Sealand said, sitting down next to Romeo. "I heard you had a book or something?"
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Sealand blinked, opening up the book with a curious frown. "Heroes? ...Am I in here?"
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"Oh...!" He read over his section, surprised and pleased. Then his face fell a little though.

"I bet Aleph wrote that," he said after a moment. "He's gone now." Trying to play it off like it's nothing, but he was pretty bummed out by it.
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