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Caught Unawares [Vriska]

Characters: Suzaku, Vriska, Spidermom
Setting: Near the forest level into the forest
Format: starting prose will switch if needed
Summary: Vriska claims her next victim for spidermom
Warnings: death by giant spider

Suzaku had fully recovered from his time in the world that was not his real. He hadn't gotten injured, he had seen others who had been very injured by the worlds. The emotional impact... was nothing new and he knew that it was not real... even though he was presumed dead and Lelouch probably believed him a traitor, for Lelouch knew he could not die. It was not the hateful Lelouch he had encountered. He had seen Anya's journal, he knew Schneizel had not won.

He was mainly lost in his thoughts as he walked down the staircase passing through the forst.

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At this point it wasn't new, this stalking game she'd grown accustomed to. It was all routine by now, and she was starting to feel less and less conflicted with every kill. And that in and of itself conflicted with the part of her that tried desperately to hold onto a humanity she wasn't really sure she had. After all, she wasn't human. She was just a troll, and she was doing what was expected of her.

She'd been following him for some time, keeping her distance and keeping to the shadows to hide herself as she waited for the ideal moment to strike. She considered it a stroke of luck in her favor when he neared the forest, and choose that time to lash out. She did her best to remain unseen as she lunged to knock him out.

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Perfect. She leaned over him to inspect his face, letting out the breath she didn't know she was holding when it turned out to be a stranger to her. She wasn't sure she could handle feeding another fr- acquaintance to her. She reached out to drag him up, arm around her shoulder, to haul him into the forest. The path was memorized, and she wondered if maybe she should encourage the lusus to move. A trail, faint but still visible, was starting to form where her victims had wandered after her fairy dust.

When she reached the massive web, she looked around, eyes combing the area for her partner in crime. She dropped Suzaku's body on the ground unceremoniously as she headed to a hiding spot, just in case he awoke before the feeding.

"Vantas, I'm here," a quiet hiss.