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Characters: Ruler/Jeanne ([personal profile] faithstaynight) & YOU!
Setting: Floor 4
Format: Action, but I'll match if you want.
Summary: Jeanne has killed a man and snapped badly at another all within the span of less than a week. Poor girl is sulking, big time.
Warnings: N/A

[Guilt. Guilt was a thing Jeanne did not like to deal with. During her first life and her second, she had always done her best to live honestly, to mind her actions and make sure she would not do anything she would regret. But here, in the tower... it seems events were being thrown at her just to stress her out.

And so that guilt caused Jeanne to retreat again, to just... take a break and ignore things for a while. She wanted to avoid the Cathedral for a while; she knew it was unlikely to happen again, but if there was an encounter like the one with Aleph, with her in this state? It would've ended badly. Very badly. Instead she simply chose to collapse in the lounge. And what is she doing in the lounge? What any distraught Catholic would do, of course: pray.

She doesn't exactly look like she wants to be bothered, with her head bowed and hands clasped together as she mutters softly, but that certainly won't stop some people from approaching. Right?]
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let's assume that the fight with Jin and Sayaka didn't go over so well

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[Lancer more or less sneaks into the lounge. Most of his anger is gone now, replaced by mostly by embarrassment. Of course, what are the chances that he ends up gravitating toward the same corner that Jeanne is currently in to mope?]
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Me? I'm fine.

[Just embarrassed and irritated and somewhat sad.]

Though it does help to be looking at a cute girl like you.
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I was...thinking. Of some stuff.

[Now that he's paying better attention to her, he starts to sense the same thing that she did--the presence of another Servant.]

And what about you? What's a little lady like yourself doing here all alone?

[The last word carries a strange emphasis. He's trying to see if she'll tell him anything about her Master.]
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Oh? And have there been any people around giving you trouble? Like, say...another of our kind?

[He never was good with subtlety.]
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Jeanne, why must you make him so confused?

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Tch, so this shit again.

[Looks like he can't escape the shadow of the Grail after all.]

So, who's the overseer?

[He has no idea what he's going to do once he finds out who the overseer is. He has no intention of taking another Master, for certain. But fighting other heroes, especially for the sake of just fighting, would be fun.]
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[He sighs. He would say that whoever brought them there were assholes, but that's already a well-known fact.]

Well, at least I won't have to look for a new Master anytime soon. But...

[A grin comes back to his face.]

I wouldn't have minded being in the same Grail War as a girl this pretty.
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Maybe this place is like one large Grail, only with more prana. Enough to sustain a Servant in this world without a contract with a Master.

[In that case, it would make whoever ran this place his Master. One more reason to kick their asses when he gets his hands on them.]
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I didn't say it was Grail. Just that it might have been like one. Who knows?

[As far as he cared, all Grails could just go to rot. It was because of the Grail's existence that Misaya had lived cursing the memory of a father she had once loved and honored. It was because of the Grail's existence that she had squadered her talents in an ultimately futile search for the wish-granting machine. It was because of the Grail and its corruption that one of the most talented magi born in this generation had died twice at only sixteen--first because of a curse given to her by a man whose greed had overwhelmed his reason, and second because she had been killed by her Servant when the Grail turned her into a zombie.]

[And that had been just Misaya. Ayaka too had suffered because of the Grail, losing father, sister, and even Servant when Saber had been infected with the Grail corruption.]

Sure would be happier if it wasn't one, though.
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Would certainly be distracting to try to silence all those mouths.

[A pause.]

We can still spar with each other, right?
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Jeanne, what are you doing, you poor stupid girl...

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[Lancer takes her hand.]

I'm glad I have such a pretty training partner.
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his bulge is infertile anyways

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I won't either. So be careful.