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[o1] ✦ Laughing off everything ✧

Characters: Ghirahim ([personal profile] lordoffabulous) and his roomies at room 1-02, or whoever else!
Setting: 1: Room 1-02, 2 wandering the halls and floors; exploring! Also, this is post the present event, just to give a little timeline.
Format: Baby I can go any way you can go, but action spam is generally faster~
Summary: Ghirahim wakes up in the Tower. He is not a happy Demon Lord, not at all. He then proceeds to go exploring, hoping to learn a bit more about his surroundings.
Warnings: ... Ghirahim. Sparkles. Glam. Fabulous. In all seriousness, MAJOR spoilers probably IN THE FIRST THREAD for Skyward Sword!

[1 - Room 1-02]

[ The sleep paralysis hadn't frightened him. Truthfully, NOTHING frightened Ghirahim; he was rather a bit of a madman in his own right, and to be frightened by something that he had been attempting to achieve in the first place, albeit in a sort of different way, would make his position to his Master rather... unnecessary.

Speaking of his Master? He was furious. How dare that Sky Child stand in his way, time and time again? He SHOULD have killed him. ... But truthfully, he had failed on that front, as a servant and as his Master's second in command. Because... he didn't kill Link yet.

Frustrating. Aggravating. So many other words. But he'd deal, for now.

So when he awoke, the first thing he did was read the letter, crumple it up, and laugh. If his roommates were awake or there to see it, they would notice Ghirahim begin digging through his trunk, continuing to laugh quietly. He wasn't bothered by the suit, to be honest.

He's definitely one of the stranger looking types with that haircut, one pointed ear and the one round one... but if you thought that was odd, you haven't seen much yet. Anyone with any sort of extra senses will be able to feel he isn't human in the least; far, far from it. But one can't QUITE pin what they might feel, it's between something... demonic, but not quite. ]

[2 - Exploring and teleporting about the Tower ]

[ After he'd had some time to clean up, it was time to figure this place out. (Read: put on his make up, change his clothes--though he didn't find the suit terribly irritating, he DID like his usual one more--and then proceed to, of course, brush his hair. Lipstick, eyeliner, the whole nine yards.) Somehow, he felt tired, but that was fine. It was a new day. He would ascertain his surroundings before making any decisions on how to punish whoever was foolish enough to 'save' him.

Wherever this was, he set off from the dorms, quietly exploring the other floors. By foot?

Oh, of course not! Not if he could help it, anyway. Once he's gotten his bearings, you may be surprised to find a man teleporting (looking just like this, clothes to how he appears in front of you with magic) in front of you in the rooms where teleportation inside them, but not outside, is possible.

In fact, he seems to be looking to have a bit of a... conversation. ]

You, there. Indulge me for a moment, won't you? These collars. HOW do you get them off? I realize they went to the trouble of matching my outfit, which I can certainly appreciate, but it's... constricting.

[ ooc: please specify a floor and 1 or 2 in the title! ♥ Also, again, please tell me if spoilers bother you and I will try to keep away from them! ]
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Secret Option #3 Part Two: Electric Boogaloo : Art... gallery? idk man

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[So there's this chick--

So searching the library is fruitless, she's found. Whatever their keepers want to hide from them, they've hidden it well. And to be honest, Zelda is... a bit at a loss for what to do next. She isn't a fighter, at least not in the same many of the other people here seem to be, and she doubts her magic would be strong enough to dispel the barriers keeping them here.

Somehow she's found herself slowly wandering the gallery floor, caught up more so within her own mind than by any of the paintings. Surely there must be something she can do...]
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[1/2] And creepers be creepin'.

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[Before the demon lord even touches her, before he even speaks, she is shocked out of her reverie simply by the aura he emits. Pure, powerful evil... the kind that chills her to the bone and makes her gasp for air. For a moment, the terrifying thought of the King of Evil being here flashes through her mind, but, no, this isn't him - close, far too close, but not him.

The words are unnecessary, really. She's tense enough as is.]
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[Move, her instincts tell her, and she does, whipping around and away from Ghirahim before he can get a secure grip on her. A summoned ball of magic light appears in her hand, which is instantly leveled at him warningly.]

Who are you? Explain yourself!

[She glares, but her heart is practically beating out of her chest.]
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[What in Nayru's name is this man talking about? "You're her descendant..." He knows one of her ancestors? And the stuff about Goddesses and souls... it all feels vaguely familiar, somehow.

But this is no time to question deja vu - this man has malicious intent rolling off hi in waves, and she's not about to start asking him what he means. The light and her glare remain steady.]

You very nearly force yourself upon me, spout nonsense about things I have never done, and then expect me to explain myself to you?

No, there is no business between us. Leave me be.
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I have never met you before--

[Oh geeze he's doing the teleport thing. The evil energy is a fairly easy giveaway, though, and she turns quickly, not letting him out of her sight for more than a moment.]

Do not take me for a fool - for all your pleasantries, your evil intent is clear. I have no wish to hear what you have to say.
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S'okay, I've been typoing up a storm today. /patpat

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[Do you see this face, Ghirahim? It is the most unamused face the princess has ever made.

The story is not altogether unfamiliar. She remembers being told bedtime stories of the sky people, how they had descended from the heavens to found what would become Hyrule. But she has always been more focused on learning about the Triforce and the Sages.

Besides, there is absolutely no reason she should take what this... demon says as truth. So she stays silent, letting him monologue, and hoping his dramatics will distract him from the fact that she is slowly inching her way towards the staircase.]
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[1/2] ...It was worth a shot. :(

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[No, she will not 'enjoy it'. She will attempt to dispel it, break it, and finally just pound on it before she looks back up at the demon lord, glaring.

Yeah, she is not a happy camper right now.]

I am the Seventh Sage. He is the Hero of Time. Our roles are not mysteries to us.
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...I feel as if I should note that I have no idea what I'm doing.

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[Truth is, no, she doesn't understand. There are bits and pieces of what he's saying that, as much as she hates it, make sense (how could she have had dreams of the future before she acquired the Triforce of Wisdom?), but she doesn't want to give validation to anything this demon is saying!

And yet... something deep within her heart stirs at the mention of Hylia.

Goddesses, what is going on? Flickers of confusion make their way into her glare, which falls away completely when he pounds on the cage. She gasps, presses herself against the back wall, and for just a moment, how scared she truly is becomes visible in her features.

But the pound also shocks her out of her confusion, and she manages to speak, if a bit shakily.]

If what you say is true... if I am a 'shell of this "Hylia", then why bother with me? Unless your master was Ganondorf, the Hero of Time and I have nothing to do with him.
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The Master Sword--?!

[In a whirlwind of confusion and bewilderment, there is one thing that strikes her as familiar. The Master Sword. The Blade of Evil's Bane. Hyrule's most legendary blade. It was forged... by a Link?

It was the only thing capable of harming the Evil King--

Before she gets a chance to ponder the implications of that, Ghirahim is right there and his hand is around her neck and oh, Goddesses, protect her. She gasps for air, instinctively clawing at the hand holding her. She... she can't die here! Not after everything!]

... G-Ganondorf is a man...

[... Even if she tells him, it's entirely likely he'll kill her anyway. But what can she do...?]

... who...
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[Eyes cannot be strengthened, Zelda. A memory of Impa training her rings in her mind. If you must fight, attack the eyes first.

... She has to try.]

... who is none of your concern!

[With that, she reaches out towards the demon lord's face, and concentrates a blast of magic light right at his eyes. She holds nothing back - every ounce of magic she has, every bit of goddessly power, both Hylia and Nayru, goes into this once strike.

If she must go down, she'll go down fighting.]