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Nocturne ♪ Mourning

Characters: OoT!Zelda and passers-by
Setting: Room 1-09
Format: Starting in brackets
Summary: The Princess of Hyrule is resurrected and almost wishes she wasn't.
Warnings: More angst than you can shake a stick at.

[Zelda's first conscious act is to think that perhaps it was all a dream. A terrible, horrible dream caused by one too many late nights worrying about rebuilding Hyrule. There was no tower, no horrid games, no ancestors or descendants or ancient villains. Just shadows of anxiety clouding the world of her dreams.

But then the too stringent smell of the tower hits her, and she realizes she (still) can't move. It wasn't a dream. It was all real.

She... They had used her to kill Link. She couldn't move or scream or do anything except watch as they used her like a crystal bludgeon to kill her best friend. If she hadn't been with Link-- if Link hadn't been with her, maybe she would've been okay. Maybe she would have made it through the night like they promised they would - it's Link, after all, she has no doubt the hero would have been able to survive those monsters. But, no, she was selfish, clinging desperately onto something she shouldn't even have--

Suddenly, the sleep paralysis isn't the only thing making it hard to breathe. But she has no choice other than to wait it out, that gruesome, horrifying incident replaying in her mind again and again and again...

(Are weapons as much to blame as their wielders for such brutal deaths? She's not so sure of the answer anymore.)

When the paralysis finally releases her, and she's finally, finally able to move once more, she slowly sits up, curls her knees to her chest, and cries.]
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[After seeing what he had on the network a night or so ago, he hasn't been able to sleep.
He hasn't been able to sleep, to play, or hardly eat even - and that's his favorite thing to do.

Link wanted to avoid going near her room - knowing she was dead was too much to bear. But it also gave him a little comfort, knowing that they met there. But...

Hearing her crying, he stops wandering around the hallways, headtilted a bit.

He knew that voice.

Just as he had the first day he arrived here, he peeks in, gently and quietly - but rather than apologizing and speaking quietly, his eyes fill up with tears. She's there. She's safe.

Zelda's going to definitely hear the wails of a little boy, as he runs to her, arms outstretched for a hug, and climbs onto her bed to hold onto her, not caring how she was sitting, what she was doing... anything.
All he knows is she's here. She's safe.]
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[He clings to her tightly then, burying his face against her and letting out a sob that's only interrupted by a shaky breath or a hiccup.]

You... you're...

Y-you're al... alive.

I s-saw you and - [hic] - a-and Big Brother, a-a-and...

And you're a-alive...

[He's both so upset, yet... so, so relieved.]
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[He tries to choke back his sobs then - he really shouldn't be crying in front of her - but it's hard. A little too hard to do.

So instead he continues holding on to her, clinging to her dress, almost in her lap by now.]

I'm j-just... I'm just so happy y-you're alive, P-Princess...

[He hiccups again, cuddling against her.]

I'm... I'm sorry I'm c-crying, I'm just s-so happy...

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[ The first thing Link does after being able to move (the sleep paralysis, all Link can think about is the aching in their body and how Zelda must feel and how many are left--) is run to Zelda.

She does not care she is not bound, that she is easy to mistake for female. The Hylian Heroine rushes to her, and finds her crying.

Tears are in her eyes as well, and her voice is breaking. ]

Z... Zelda, I...

[ And before she knows it, she is running up to the girl and clinging, sobbing with her.

There's a small, girlish wail from her, primal and sad. What had they done to deserve this? ]
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[ Link holds her tightly, equally incoherent. ]

I... I no, no, it is not you, it is them, they... what did we do to deserve this? I... I just want...

[ And thus, she clings.

And cries, with Zelda. ]

Everyone around me dies. I just want to go home.
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ahhh well

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[ ... She just holds the other, offering all the comfort she can supply. ]

It... it is not okay, but... if we blame ourselves for this, I feel as though it will only be worse.

[ She's finally calming down, though there's a small inhale and a sniffle. ]

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[Link had a tight feeling in his chest since he woke up this morning. He had, once again, failed at protecting anyone. He wasn't sure if he was the right choice for Hylia's Chosen Hero. Perhaps Groose really would have been a better hero then he.

After he was able to move, he got up slowly, almost not wanting to move. All he had done being here was die and bring others misery. But he had to keep going, didn't he? He didn't have much of a choice.

He wandered around a bit, looking for the Link who was his age and the Princess. They were sure to be worried about him.

And after a few minutes, he spots them. He didn't know if it would be alright to just walk in so he lingers in the doorway and knocks on the wall.]

May I come in?
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[ ... She doesn't care, at this point, to be frank.

She's too numb, her eyes are heavy, and she's TIRED. She just woke up, and she's tired. So, so tired. But... knowing it's the other Link, who is somehow her relation, and that he is also back tugs at her.

Though she remains silent, giving Zelda a tired look of relief, somewhat grateful she is trying to be considerate of her privacy, she quietly answers. ]

... It... it is fine, if he sees. I shall simply need to hope he understands.
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[He walks in and closes the door behind him, a little bit hesitant.]

I do hope I'm not interrupting anything.

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[That noise, that familiar voice got Samus' attention, and she enters the room. Seeing the princess there, she keeps up a mostly neutral expression, despite the conflicted feelings within. So the events with the falling floors wasn't isolated. If one dies, they come back.

You can't even escape this place by dying.

That's a rather unsettling realization, but...that can be dwelt upon later.

Samus walks forward, and takes a seat on the bed near the Princess. She's unsure of what to say, but perhaps simply being here will be enough.]
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[Samus frowns a little, then shakes her head.]

I'm not going to judge you for it. From what I saw, you've got every right to react like this.

[Granted, Samus doesn't know just how deep the wounds of those events run, but still - being used as a bludgeon to kill someone you're close to until you die is a damn good reason to have a breakdown. There's a pause before she speaks again, her voice slightly less stoic.]

If you prefer, though, I can come back later.
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[It would probably be for the best to not mention who she saw the event with for the moment.]

...I stumbled across others looking at the terminals - the only things we could access were things posted by you all in the game.

[The hand on hers gets an initial curious look, followed by a slow nod.]

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[Minami hesitates outside the door, hand hovering for a few minutes. Somehow she managed to keep the tears from her eyes when she heard the familiar sound of Zelda crying. She didn't know much about the other woman, but.... but if she's alive again, and Link, then does that mean....

She knocks tentatively on the door once she has her nerves about her.]

Zelda? Are you in there? Do you.... do you want some company?
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[She opens the door, heart pounding in her chest, unable to believe it. Yet she needs to see it for herself, know her friend is here and.... and.... alive. Somehow.

When she sees Zelda there Minami pauses at the door, eyes wide, and she runs up to her, catching her up in a tight hug.]

I thought you were gone!

[She thought they were all gone. But if Zelda is back, is Link could come back, that means everyone else could, too, right?]
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You don't need to be. [No one could have stopped it, from what she saw. It's just another sick game of this Tower. That's all she knows about it. Just.... just another sick game.]

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