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Characters: Links and Zeldas. ALL OF THE LINKS AND ZELDAS.
Setting: An unoccupied dorm room, forward-dated to after collar shenanigans
Format: Action
Summary: The Zelda protags decide to have a sleepover. Hilarity ensues.
Warnings: Not Ghirahim. Sleepover shenanigans. Teenagers being teenagers and kids being kids.

[After their discussion about the topic earlier, it didn't take much for the hero of Skyloft and the Princess of Hyrule to organize their little slumber party. Well, it didn't take much for him, since he couldn't write the letters needed to inform the necessary parties.

Good going losing that arm, bro.

All of the people who are somehow related to Hyrule and not obviously villains received a letter in flowly Hero of Time-era Hylian detailing the time and place of the gathering, signed "Zelda, Princess of Hyrule." And then next to her signature, in old, old, old, old, barely legible Hylian is "SKY."

Good going losing your writing hand, bro.

Anyway, just before nightfall, those invited will find Zelda on one of the beds in the designated dorm, wearing her nightgown and waiting patiently for the others to arrive.

Sleepovers couldn't be that bad, right?]
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[He walks in, wearing his civilian clothes with the right sleeve tied up near the shoulder. He smiles at Zelda and leans against the wall.]

I hope this ends well.
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[The littlest Link, of course, was wandering around holding the note close to his little nose - what does it even say? This looks like that old language that's littered around Hyrule's Castle but...
Yeah, like hell he knows how to read that. But hearing Sky's voice...
He's a Hylian, right? He'll be able to read this! He hopes...

So he peeks in and oh - Zelda! Even better! She's from the time that language was used, right? The Deku Tree spoke it... Don't mind if he just runs over to you, princess.]

Princess Zelda! Can you read this? It's really old letters and stuff...
I think the King and the Deku Tree and Jabun knew it, but I can't read it.
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[ And then, of course, the second oldest Link (in terms of physical age, at least), having read the note, wanders to the empty room to find the smaller Link and Sky and their Zelda here.

Just in time to hear the littlest one asking what it said. Dressed casually in a blue tunic (not the Zora one, this one is slightly darker; they probably made it theirself), and a pair of white pants. No hat, though. No nightgown, either. Of course, it feels a little strange being unarmed and not wearing gloves or anything, but that's fine. Though Link was absolutely NOT leaving the Ocarina of Time or their things sitting around, so those were actually taken out of the room and stored somewhere safe. ]

It's an invitation to a gathering in this very room, actually. Perhaps we ought to teach him some written Hylian?

[ Since it seems to be a long dead language from his viewpoint... ]
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[Link laughs a little.]

It's a good thing you found this room!

[Otherwise you wouldn't have made it to the sleepover :C]
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Oh.... it's okay, Princess! Um... I'd like to learn Hylian; it'd be really neat.

[He's just gonna pocket that note then, moving to climb onto one of the beds.]

So, um... why are we all gathered up here, anyway?

[He knows what a sleepover is but everyone's just said it's a gathering.......]
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[ Pause. ]

Woods? Are we going by names now?


That's a good question, though. Why are we?
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[He smiles.]

When I was younger, the other children at the Knight Academy and I would get together int he biggest dorm and spend the night together. We would tell stories and play games, it was a great way to spend time together. And I thought that since things have been hard lately, maybe we could do something like that together.
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Did no one tell you about the names, Big Brother? Me'n Forest thought that since there's a lot of us, we should use nicknames to tell us apart!

He's Sky, I'm Sea, you're Woods, and the little you is Forest!

[In their eyes it's flawless, okay.

He kicks his feet over the edge of the bed, excited about this idea -]

So it's a slumber party? Grandma and all the other adults on the island used to do that with us kids - we'd all go over to Zill and Joel's house since they have a big bed.
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[ ... Hang on, confused here. Link will just casually move over to where Zelda is. ]

A... "slumber" party? Does that mean everyone goes to sleep and celebrates it?

[ Sorry, this Link is just... really really sheltered. And while they're thinking on it, they sort of brought a little rucksack with them.

What's in it? That's a secret. For now, at least. They'll wait until everyone is ready. ]
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[No why would you look at SS he is the most sheltered Link of all--

He tilts his head a little.]

You called them "slumber parties"?

[That's.... a strange thing to call them...........]
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Well, um... yeah! Or sleepovers. But mostly slumber parties - it's because they're really fun, I think!

[Kind of... like a party?]

We would play a lot of games and talk for a long time, and then we would go to sleep. I think that's why they're called slumber parties, maybe!
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[ ... Oh. And no, Sky, actually OoT is probably more sheltered in ways than even you.

As it is, though, Link finally understands a bit. ]

Oh. I see. Well, since we are all here... I do have a few things I would like to get out of the way, but...

[ Staring at Sky, again. And pointing. They see that stub, bro. ]

... What happened to your arm?
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[Oh yeah that's right, he hasn't seen the other Link since losing his arm. He looks at his tied sleeve for a moment before giving them a reassuring smile.]

I got in a bad situation with one of the larger uh... [What were they called again... Oh, right!] Fish. One of the larger fish on the floor with the water you can walk into.

[He gives them a thumb up.]

But I'm doing just fine without it!
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[To tell the truth, he'd been interested in how he lost that arm anyway...

But sorry, he's going to let out a laugh when he hears the story, holding his stomach with one hand and trying to cover his laughter with the other. Really, Sky? Really?]

You lost it to a fish!? My baby sister could beat a fish really easy - we would catch them all the time on my island! She caught even bigger fish then I did!

[Sorry, this is way too funny. A FISH. He's just... gonna fall over laughing, so, so hard.
He's picturing Sky fighting with one of the Fishmen.]
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[ ... Ancestor you're an idiot they don't even... but more importantly. ]

... I assume it was you who took care of my things for me earlier... you have my thanks.

[ A small sigh, and a headshake. ]

It would be rude to laugh at him, though. Even if that was foolish, we do not know the creature he was up against.

[ Oh well. Anyway, now is as good a time as any to bring up the bag Link has with them. ]

I brought something, by the way--consider it as thanks for taking care of things the... other day.

[ When over half of them died. ]
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[He habitually freezes up at Zelda yelling his name but soon realizes she was yelling at the younger Link and laughs a little.]

Don't get mad at him. He's from the sea, so losing a fight to fish is probably very silly. It would be silly if any of you lost your arm to a Loftwing.

[He then nods at the older Link.]

You did not have to bring anything.

[He... didn't really do anything to deserve a thanks......]
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[Nope too late. Zelda's scolding tone got him to smother his mouth with his little hands, and he sits up - giving Sky an apologetic face.

... Even though it's still funny.]
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[ Good boy. ANYWAY. Pulling out a bundle of cloth from this little bag and handing it to the other Link.

Can you hold it over your head with only one arm?

It's a new sailcloth. It's got the sky and his red loftwing on it, along with all sorts of other sky-themed scenery and the Triforce. Think of it as a thank you. ]

... Here. I made you a new sailcloth.

[ It didn't feel right, after all, to just... take his. Also. When he opens it, he will find a necklace with a wooden, carved feather charm attached to it. The feather is painted red. ]
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[He's silent for a while, staring at the sailcloth, almost not wanting to touch it. He hesitantly reaches out, looking at the other.]

Are you sure I can have this?

[It's just... so pretty...]

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