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Characters: Participants in the Labyrinth event
Setting: The Labyrinth
Format: Any; party style
Summary: Characters are told to fight to the death over eight days.
Warnings: violence/gore/horror; this is a free-for-all fight to the death after all

Labyrinth starting positions, events, ring colors, and other information.

Please specify your location in your header, and if the thread is open or closed.
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight
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Suzu, Psi, Di, Issun and Condesce

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They were still alive, Suzaku wasn't sure how much of a good thing that was since it was very obvious that no matter what they did they would not be allowed to survive this, not all of them anyways. Still for now his friends were safe, he had lost track of the days but surely the end must be in sight...

What it would bring though Suzaku didn't know... The fog that had appeared hours before was thicker, it seemed to make their injuries worse, or at least stopped them from getting better.

His slight moment of optimism was short lived as they rounded yet another corner. "No..."

He stepped in front of Psi sickle ready to protect him, glaring at the very familiar troll on the path in front of them.
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For a moment Ψiioniic didn't see her, and he opened his mouth to ask why Suzaku had stopped...

And then all the air seemed to rush out of his aeration sacs. He froze, trembling, a high-pitched keening noise of shock and rejection just barely making it out of his windtube. No. God, no. Not her. Anyone but her.

There was no way in hell he could fight Her Imperial Condescension. But he knew perfectly well she would kill every single one of his friends.
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Oh no...OH GOD NO!

Here was her worst nightmare right in front of them all. She couldn't believe her luck, and instantly stepped in front of Psi as well. Gripping her clawed fists, she glances at Suzaku and heard Psi trembling. This was not what she wanted for their last day.

Then again, she's been preparing for this day ever since this murderous queen took away everything dear to her. It seems that fate has finally decided she was ready for this now. With a deep breath, she looked on at her enemy and raised her fists.