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Characters: Riku and open!
Setting: [A] Backdated to 24th January, Floor 25; [B] 5th February, first Floor 81-100, then Floor 62; [C] 5th February, Floor 43, Nighttime
Format: Action to start; I'll match though
Summary: In which Riku: masters his Darkness for good, explores some new floors and takes the nightshift of his new job
Warnings: Some violence in [C] possibly? Will add as needed.

[A - Backdated to 24th January, Floor 25]

[Riku has done some thinking about certain Jason-induced hallucinations over the course of the last week (after avoiding thinking for the topic for a while, because really, does it matter? (yes, it does)).

It's a bit troubling that after all he's said and thought about not being afraid of Darkness (be it his own, or be it Xehanort's), he's still been sent into a panicked frenzy by the idea of the Heartless' Darkness growing inside him once again. There's only so much of that that he can blame on the sickness itself.

The more he thinks about it, the more certain he becomes - as much as he hates to admit it, he has been afraid, deep down. Of Xehanort, of his Darkness inside him, of losing all that he hadn't hoped to find again, of what he's gained ever since locking Ansem away in August.

Ultimately, it's that fear of losing it all again - the freedom of being himself, of not having to worry about the dark shards festering in his Heart, of the tentative hope to return to Destiny Islands one day after all - that's been holding him back, he thinks now, sitting right at his spot on the Meadow Floor, frowning down at the palm of his hand.

It's that fear that has restricted his use of Darkness, he's realized.

He's been too sure of himself, too certain of his knowledge and acceptance of himself, he thinks with a self-ironic smile, taking a deep breath as he goes into himself, not pushing that fear away, but acknowledging it; embracing it.

His own fears are nothing to be ashamed or afraid off.

It's with that feeling that he lifts his left hand, fingers waving in a long absent gesture, dark flames springing from the patch of earth before him and forming into a Corridor of Darkness.

There's a satisfied grin spreading over Riku's face, even before he opens his eyes and rises from the floor - it's been months since he's been able to create one and there have been more than one situations when he had wished he had been (first of all when Xion had been...).

Well... he has them back now. From now on, trapping him in one place won't be quite as easy.]

[B - 5th February, Floor 81-100, later Floor 62]

[There are lots of new floors now, and Riku's been spending his days with exploring them one by one - slowly, carefully. He has no desire to get himself killed by being careless. (Being able to escape on short notice again, if there's need to certainly is a perk). Today is certainly no different - he can be run into anywhere in between Floors Eighty-One and One-Hundred.

Sometimes later that day he finds himself drawn back to a different floor - it's not really a favorite, but it calls to him (though... he himself isn't really surprised by that). He can be found sitting at the beach, just close enough to the water, so that the waves wash over his shoes, eyes closed as he listens to the sounds of the ocean.

The waves still sound the same.

And if he closes his eyes for just a moment he can imagine not being in the tower, but back home, back on their islands. He - they - will be. One day.

He just has to cling to it.

(Still, he wonders just when he's accepted that he really does want to go back, that it has become a possibility once more now.)]

[C - 5th February, Floor 43, Nighttime]

[Being out and about during the time is hardly something new to Riku - he's spent his nights plenty times outside of bed, fighting monsters, checking on certain rooms and the likes. He is new to this assignment though - he had never signed up for or a tower job, or been assigned one... not until now at least.

At least it seems like a bearable position, he thinks as he settles back in one of the corners of the room; one that allows him to watch both the (empty) cells and the entrances to this floor. Highwind flutters a few rounds through the space before the cells before zipping back to him and settling on top of his head, the usually overly cheerful Dream Eater, maybe just a little subdued.

Riku reaches up to scratch his cheek with a faint smile - things would become 'exciting' quickly enough the moment a monster or ten decides to pay them a visit. But even with occasional monster battles, they are probably in for a long night.]
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[If there was one person who knew just how terrified Riku had been, it would be those he let close... and himself. It just so happened that one of them was getting used to wearing thie damn coat in preparation of shadowing a certain someone just in case.

And no, it wasn't the guy suddenly grinning at his accomplishment.

He'd been watching for a bit, mainly because he was going to practice here (maybe try to learn something on his own and not Riku's or Zexion's) when he stumbled upon his real thing's scent. So he hung back. At least until that Corridor flickered to life. So he'd finally gotten over it, huh.]

It's about time. [Seriously, who'd want a coward for an original? He doesn't, this smirks when he lowers the hood.] I wondered how long you were going to cower this time.

[At least he tried expressing it without a golf clap?]
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[Mmmmaybe. By which we mean, for now. Look; he even got the scent of smoke out which took a long while!

And not really; he's just a bit paranoid with what he knows and doesn't know involving a wedding. Maybe but not for the reasons one is likely thinking. >.>;

Rep merely shrugs it off. Really, not his fault he hasn't learned tact yet. Working on the self-preservation, first. Really, he's just been wondering what had kept him back nearly at the same point of denial that he barely remembered him being in when they first met.]

Yeah, yeah. [He smirks.] Just don't make your bat friend freak out so much if you decide to skip up again.

[Aw look, he cares somewhat.]
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[Marisa stifles a yawn.

Really, for such an ominous place, she hasn't run into any danger yet. Of course, she doesn't realize that it's because she hasn't even touched upon a tiny fragment of the tower's full size but what with everyone's descriptions she'd assumed that if she took even one step she'd be torn asunder. That said, she's not even really taking any of it in, she's just zipping along carelessly without really looking.

That changes when she enters floor 25, however. For a moment, she's about to pass it up, flying up the stairs as quickly as all the others, but then a flash of black and the familiar sound of magic catches her. She pauses, then hovers down, alighting on the ground and sizing up the boy in charge, even as he grins to himself over his accomplishment. Casually she speaks up, leaning on her broomstick with a cheeky smile.]

Nice magic there, ze. Mind telling me what kind of spell that is?
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B The beach! :D

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[Despite growing up near the sea, Colette hardly ever got to see it as she was not allowed out of the village. One day, she would like to learn to swim.

However, a familiar boy sitting on the sand catches her attention. She decides to come and join him!

....Except she trips on the way down, falling on her face and scattering sand all over. Hopefully, none of it lands on Riku's face?]
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S'ok! <3

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[She pushes herself up, spits sand out of her mouth and rubs some from her eyes.] Ugh.....I'm sorry, I should have been more careful. [Even when she's got sand in her eyes, she's more worried that she might have caused trouble to Riku rather than herself.]
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floor sixty-two

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[Kyoko approaches Riku with her hands folded behind her head, staring out at the ocean. As far as this floors, this one doesn't seem too bad. Still...]

Kinda cold for a visit to the beach, ain't it?
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no worries, it happens!

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You'd die if you tried, y'know.

[But despite her warnings, she sits down in the sand a few feet away from him.]

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Taiki was slowly exploring the new floors, some floors were awful, he had had to be carried out of seventy one by Sanshi as he had passed out the moment he had stepped onto that part of the staircase.

But some weren't so bad. Like this one, Taiki, Sanshi and Gohran were walking along the sea line. Gohran was in the form of a puppy and ran in and out of the water.

He saw Riku and gave him a tiny smile and a wave.
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No worries!

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"They are... it's nice here." His smile grew brighter, "I think Gohran's forgot he's not actually a puppy."

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B - Stairwell Floor 86

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[Floor 86 really looks too good to be true, Sephiroth can imagine everyone flocking there if the Tower decided to turn the heating off to the extent it had a couple of months ago. He had stepped out a little, though not far from the stairwell as he did on most floors before noticing the suspicious ring of mushrooms he'd very nearly put his foot in. Then by extension his attention was drawn to the other rings. Clearly this had to be some sort of trick.

This wasn't something to be exploring lightly so Sephiroth returned to the relative safety of the stairwell just as Riku was coming up the stairs to this level.]
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[...Darkness. There's no mistaking it. The swirling corridor makes Riku grasp at the front of his chest-- instinctively. After all, it's a reminder of his own state of heart.

He's tried not to think of the darkness lately. The lack of nightmares courtesy of his Dream Eater have helped in that regard, but seeing his double use it out of the blue...

It makes him wonder.

And so he wanders closer, slipping up from the side.]

Going somewhere?
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And you're sure it's safe?

[Pardon his skepticism. It's just so surreal to see his double so relaxed about using the darkness... Isn't it harmful to his heart?]
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[Ryoji wasn't really one for sleeping during the nights either. He had insomnia, and would much rather spend some time wandering then spend it in bed thinking too hard.

He was just planning on walking past the major monster floors, but when he spots Highwind, he pauses for a moment, smiling at the Dream Eater. And then he spots Riku, and, after meeting a copy of him, Ryoji's certain this is the same one.]

Hi, Riku-kun!
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It's no problem!

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[He's a little worried when he notices the confusion, but upon closer examination, he notices this Riku does look different from the ones he knew. It must just be another version of Riku. His smile takes on a more apologetic look as he walks up to him.]

Ah, sorry. We must not have met before. It's getting difficult to tell you all apart...

I'm Ryoji Mochizuki. Hope you don't mind, but I was just wondering about the bat. It looks pretty cute.

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