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Something's on my mind

Characters: [OU]Dave Strider and Open to anyone
Setting: Room 2-14, Cafeteria, Graveyard
Format: Either
Summary: Dave is back. Back again. Gdi.
Warnings: Language mostly

Room 2-14

He's momentarily confused when he gets up. Well, minus the fact that he knows he hasn't been ehre for awhile, but also because this isn't his room? He checked the room number and...okay. He guesses that he's in another room. The trunk has some of his stuff in it.

Dave quickly changes to his God Tier outfit (shit is comfortable) and just heads out.

Better reimmerse himself in this bullshit. Not like he has anything better to do.


Just eating the porridge. He doesn't think he minds it so much considering that it's porridge and back to nutrition bars. Oh boy.

He glances around him, trying to find familiar faces. He isn't really holding his breath though, and it's more of a passing action to keep himself preoccupied while he eats.


As routine, he always ends up dropping flowers on graves of his friends. It's just a thing he kind of does now and it feels weird not to do it. He knows that nothing really comes from it, but he's still gonna do it.

After that, he just browses through the rows, seeing if there are new names and if any of them are familiar to him.
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Especially for someone who's been here so long, the graveyard is a place that carries with it a lot of memories. It's a place that makes the ache of loss all the sharper, while at the same time drawing one in because of that same ache.

So when she steps onto that particular floor and is shown what could only reasonably a memory, she is understandably startled. That shade of red has never left her mind. And yet-- it's not like that time when they were both older.

The first thing she does, of course, is to freeze, still as death and white-dressed as a ghost, but very much alive.
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She doesn't start moving until he does, but once he does, she's walking double speed to meet him, only not running by force of will.

Because he knows her, doesn't he? She hopes so, hope so desperately - that it's that and not because he's just looking for help in this place that seems new. He seems to know her - but she also tends to remind herself that she ought to be careful about investing herself in such an assumption as that.

It's too good to be true.


That'll have to be her greeting. And first thing's first -

"You know me, don't you?"

Please tell her he knows her.
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She sort of deflates - not because the answer wasn't the one she was hoping for, but because it's such a relief. Her shoulders ease downward, lips shaping into the beginnings of a smile she cannot help.

It's really hard not to hug him.

"You didn't do anything wrong." Awkward mess or not. It helps, though, to keep her from any urge to act out - being reminded of that draws back some of her shyness. "But-- yes, you've been gone for... far too long." All the time kind of blends together, after all, but she knows that much.

"Right. I know how fortunate that is, and-- I'm so, so glad to see you again, Dave. I've missed you. Terribly, even."
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"Well-- I can't say you're wrong, exactly." Because wow she was not prepared for that at all when that happened, but. "Still, I thought it was sweet. It made me feel--... or would have made me feel... special." She shakes her head slightly, half to clear it. "I wasn't expecting it, either. It was hard to imagine at all. I was... worried."

Give her a second to shift; she's touched, really. "I'm sure they missed you, too. No matter what this place is like, at least none of us have to be alone."
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"Yes I do." There's more purpose in her response, even though it's quiet, almost but not quite benign. "It wouldn't be fair to you if I went around saying things like that." Despite what his feelings or beliefs on the matter may be; what right does she have to say things like that around him when she turned him down on those very grounds? "... Mm. It'd be an awful waste."

And she'd really rather think she's got at least a little time to spend with him. "But some of them probably are." Herself included. "You'll never know until you have a look around."
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"Maybe." She can concede that much, at least; she does tend to worry. Still, does that mean she's wrong to, at this point? As for the rest-- well. "... None of it's really fair. Not to any of us." It's always felt a little unfair to interact with anyone, knowing what she is and what that meant and how, were they to invest any sort of emotion in their relationship with her, what a disappointment she would inevitably be.

Feelings are incredibly difficult and no one understands. "Right. So it would make more sense for you to stay." Which... isn't ideal in some aspects, but the aspects she's actually focusing on are the ones that are related to 'more Dave time'.

Her lips press together slightly; right, graveyard. "Sorry." Because even if he doesn't say it, she knows he's got every reason to be upset. The last part makes her blink, frown ebbing away in favor of a hesitant smile. "... You know? I am, too. I would have hated not to be here to see you again."
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"I'm not sure there's really anywhere where everything's fair." After all, it's not like the life she lived before this place was much better (though the example she would cite would be Roxas', maybe Sora's - not her own). "But you're right. And here, it's deliberate."

It doesn't exactly get her down, though, not when her situation now is still better than it was before. "I guess they don't want to be alone, either." Though for much less acceptable reasons than the average folk.

And maybe it's kind of flattering that he missed her, but mostly she's just grateful, glad to be able to hear him say it rather that it's the case at all. (Not that it doesn't feed some part of her that still hasn't quite grasped that it's not unusual for someone else to care that she exists or want to be around her.) So the smile he gets is quietly but openly warm. (Her eyes may or may not be stinging, just a little.) "I'm just-- so happy you haven't forgotten me."
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"Well-- if they can take what they want anyway, why wouldn't they?" Except - that sounds wrong. "I mean... if they're willing to do that no matter how bad it is for everyone else, that is. They don't have any reason to do things differently." Although she can think of a few good ones, but she says it as a matter of their perspective.

"No, of course not. That would be very impolite." For both parties? Anyway. "And it would be a lot harder for him. ... For you?" Gosh, how does one even pronoun there? "... If not for the experiences you've already had. And-- you'd have to make friends all over again."
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"You'd think." She's just learned not to hope for something like that. "... But I've known enough people who lived without remorse to know that it's entirely possible that they don't have it either. Still-- I think I prefer your way."

There's a little tilt to her head, a wry, apologetic twist to her mouth... at least until that last bit. "...." Her eyes lower, shift to the side. "I guess... we both know how that feels. Don't we?"
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She lets out the quietest of sighs. "... I'm sorry. That you have to know that, I mean." She'd rather it not even be a fact. "I really would like things better your way."

"Yeah." And she makes an attempt at a smile. "That's the best thing to do, too, I think. We can always--... make more memories."

Is it hypocritical to say that when she knows all too well how much the loss of the old ones hurts?
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"I hope so." And since when has she ever had a hard time blaming herself for things?

There's a quiet sort of pain, almost, in her own smile.

"No... I suppose we don't. But it's still time. I--...." She thinks, for a moment, of explaining her situation to him - the circumstances of things in her own worlds. She chooses not to, not just yet. (If ever.) "... I've learned how important every second is, even if there's not very many of them left. And-- I'd rather they be filled with as many good memories as possible."

Sounds a little final there, Naminé.
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"I guess you would, wouldn't you." Still, better to be clear that she does, too, right? Even if she had to learn it differently.

"... I know. And we are." It's only there that she hesitates, and not for long. "So-- let's change that, then. We could go do something right now, something-- something silly." What, she hasn't got a clue, but she has to try, doesn't she?
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"Um--" The time it takes her to answer probably suggest that it is in fact the latter. "Well... is there anything that you've always wanted to do? Or-- would regret not doing?"
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"--...." She hesitates, just for a moment.

A lot of the things she could say are things she dares not.

"... Yes, I suppose. I always--... well. There were things that I would have liked to do, just-- not ones I could do." Things she needed a heart for. Anyway, "But we could always... go watch another movie together? For old time's sake? ... That was one of the things I missed while you were gone."
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"--...." She wonders, really, if he knows what it is he's saying. But even now she's too hesitant to go asking for the opportunity to really go on a date, or any of the related shenanigans. So instead, "... You know? I actually did sort of want to try that, but... I think I can stand to miss that one."

"Maybe not that long, but-- that sounds like a good start."
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Graveyard (Lol, I'm so sorry! XD)

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Disciple was standing over other graves as well; the ones for her family. Dolorosa and Psiionic each got a flower for the months she was gone, which seems like a lot until you compared it to Signless' (it was completely covered). Feeling a bit bad she didn't get enough flowers for each of them, she decided to walk around some to look.

Di then see's a familiar amongst the rows of graves. Could it be...Rose Strider? Her old roommate?! She hopes so, as she runs right to them and glomps them into an iron grip, snuggling her old "friend"!
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Well that was a deep sound. Even though she heard female trolls sound that way, she doesn't remember her old friend having that octave. Not loosening her grip, she shifts and gets right into his face, inspecting him.

"Wait a are not Rose Strider! You may act and look like her, but you do not have her unique features or familiar smell!"
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This was all highly confusing, but Di just nods and listens.

As soon as he said his last statement though, she begins nodding enthusiastically at it. "You sure are! In fact I am surprised you're not throwing me off right now." Speaking of, she then hops right off of him, grabbing his hand so he can get up as well. "I am so sorry about that, kind stranger. I guess I was just hopeful that at least something has stayed while I was away..."
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That's fine. I'm like 10 days late too. Let's be late together!

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"Yes, it is quite difficult trying to figure out who is gone and who has stayed. It is like I barely recognize anybody here."

She then placed her hands on his shoulders, with a determined look shining out her eyes. "But do not worry, male Rose, for I will take really good care of you, and make sure nothing horrid happens to your frail small body." And of course, she's not gonna assume Dave has the same type of abilities Rose has, because he is different!
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[A familiar face more or less drops itself right in front of him. Chidori settles her chin on her steepled fingers, pushing her slightly too-long bangs out of her eyes and looking at him intently, as if that will tell her what she wants to know.

It doesn't seem to, however, and after a moment, she sinks a little lower, expression curious.]


[That's it, nothing else.]
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shh it's ok

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As one does when the only other option is dying.

[But there's a smile tugging at her lips, faint though it may be.]

It's good to see you, Dave.