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[00? ∆ what a lazy boy!]

Characters: MM!Link and YOU
Setting: Room 1-12, then the Cafeteria
Format: I'll match you!
Summary: A familiar start to the story: the hero wakes up. But... Wait, he's done this before. Hasn't he? How long has he been out? Link is up and on his feet and looking for answers. Also? Oatmeal.
Warnings: None thus far, but BACKDATED to the start of the month, 'cause I'm a loser.

[ 01 ; Room 1-12 ]
[Link ... is.

It's like... It's like waking up. It's like waking up from a very, very long dream, one that you don't remember too well. There is something... about darkness. And death. Even time stood still in the desolation. Did time die, too? Or did it simply slip away? Fall back into a place where light and happiness waited for the world to breathe again? It was a dream like that, he thinks. And... It was lonely. It was so lonely. It was so very lonely.

But here he is. He is ... back. He stares at the white suit on his skin, touches the collar around his neck. Huh... back. The tower. The tower feels like a far-away dream, too, even if he feels the same. He opens his trunk. Peels the white suit away, pulls on his Kokiri tunic. Takes the Gilded Sword and straps its sheath to his back. Stores away the hookshot, the Keaton Mask, and a glass bottle. Holds the Ocarina of Time in his hands. Draws in a deep breath.

There's nothing to do but what needs to be done. Which means... Finding his friends. Finding answers.]

[ 02 ; Cafeteria ]

[Link knows that the cafeteria is a good place to go to watch for people, so he that's where he heads.

He's not sure if he's surprised when he's given oatmeal. He's not sure if that's a good sign, or a bad sign. But he does remember being here before. He isn't entirely new. (Those memories have to be real.)

So? He sits at a table and eats his oatmeal. Link's expression is mild, a little curious, but, as ever, serious, more serious than a kid "his age" probably has any business of looking. His feet are kicking lightly as he sits on the bench, his attention isn't entirely on his food. He's watching the people. Looking for familiar faces, for faces of friends -- for faces of anyone who looks as out of place as he remembers being, the first time he woke up in the tower. Maybe he'll pick up his oatmeal and come sit with them, if he does.]

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