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[00? ∆ what a lazy boy!]

Characters: MM!Link and YOU
Setting: Room 1-12, then the Cafeteria
Format: I'll match you!
Summary: A familiar start to the story: the hero wakes up. But... Wait, he's done this before. Hasn't he? How long has he been out? Link is up and on his feet and looking for answers. Also? Oatmeal.
Warnings: None thus far, but BACKDATED to the start of the month, 'cause I'm a loser.

[ 01 ; Room 1-12 ]
[Link ... is.

It's like... It's like waking up. It's like waking up from a very, very long dream, one that you don't remember too well. There is something... about darkness. And death. Even time stood still in the desolation. Did time die, too? Or did it simply slip away? Fall back into a place where light and happiness waited for the world to breathe again? It was a dream like that, he thinks. And... It was lonely. It was so lonely. It was so very lonely.

But here he is. He is ... back. He stares at the white suit on his skin, touches the collar around his neck. Huh... back. The tower. The tower feels like a far-away dream, too, even if he feels the same. He opens his trunk. Peels the white suit away, pulls on his Kokiri tunic. Takes the Gilded Sword and straps its sheath to his back. Stores away the hookshot, the Keaton Mask, and a glass bottle. Holds the Ocarina of Time in his hands. Draws in a deep breath.

There's nothing to do but what needs to be done. Which means... Finding his friends. Finding answers.]

[ 02 ; Cafeteria ]

[Link knows that the cafeteria is a good place to go to watch for people, so he that's where he heads.

He's not sure if he's surprised when he's given oatmeal. He's not sure if that's a good sign, or a bad sign. But he does remember being here before. He isn't entirely new. (Those memories have to be real.)

So? He sits at a table and eats his oatmeal. Link's expression is mild, a little curious, but, as ever, serious, more serious than a kid "his age" probably has any business of looking. His feet are kicking lightly as he sits on the bench, his attention isn't entirely on his food. He's watching the people. Looking for familiar faces, for faces of friends -- for faces of anyone who looks as out of place as he remembers being, the first time he woke up in the tower. Maybe he'll pick up his oatmeal and come sit with them, if he does.]
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02 ; Cafeteria

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[Well, if "out of place" means anyone unfamiliar, there just so happens to be a short, old guy in a really bulky looking suit of armor knocking back what looks like a fifth glass of water, judging from the empty glasses he's collected by the table beside him. The presence of so many glasses may or may not be connected to the empty wrapper of a nutrition bar, also next to the cups.]

[He's not sitting down, though—instead, he's hovering lazily in the air, a good four feet or so above the ground. He's laid back as if he were in some sort of invisible hammock, legs crossed at the shins as much as his suit of armor will allow.]

[After taking another heavy gulp from the glass in his hand, he lets out a loud sigh and sets it down on the table beside him. He looks like he's contemplating whether or not he should get another glass of water.]
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[Well! Water does help get the taste of nutrition bars out of his mouth, and he'd felt a little dehydrated besides. He'd prefer something with actual flavor, but alas, it's one of those months ...]

[The man rocks forward into an upright position, swinging his legs underneath and behind him. By now it's apparent that there are small jets of blue flame—plasma, really—erupting out of his boots and a backpack-like apparatus on his armor. And it's propelling him over to the serving lines to get another glass of water.]

[That nutrition bar was nastier than usual!]
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[The cafeteria is the one stop almost everyone goes to, whether to eat or meet up. Minato? He's here to eat.

If only the menu wasn't full of nutrition bars. Sure, all the food here were nutrition bars in disguise. But Minato do love the taste and textures of food, illusions or not. Maybe he should go inside and cook... Or just suck it up and eat the bars.

...Lunch. Or dinner, he'll make up for it. So this young man, with a sheathed gun and sword, picked up his tray and get the bars. A moment later, as well as a glass of water to drink, he's glancing around at the tables for a spot to sit down at.

...If that a boy with a bowl of oatmeal?

With a blink, Minato gave Link a curious look.
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[If anyone recognise him, Minato usually think it's due to his departed Strega self or people seeing himself around.

He blinks again, before walking over towards the table. So yes, he'll be accepting the silent invitation. Once he's there, he looks at Link with a questioning look.

Can I sit here?

[He saw the invitation, but he still asked out of ingrained politeness.]
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[Placing his tray on the table, Minato sits down on the bench.]

Are you new, or just returned?

[He look like those blond boys he saw around.]
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[A returnee...and someone who doesn't even seem certain of how long it's been.]

...Welcome back. [Between wandering their dead worlds and this tower, Minato would pick the tower because there's people to talk to.] What's the last thing you remember happening in the tower?

[Other than a couple of months, Minato's been in this tower for...a few years now.]
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There can be only one...

[Minato can think of two labyrinth challenges. The battle royale and the hunt. Judging the from the description, it's the first one, he thinks.]

...It has been a while. I think that one was two years ago.
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[And as Link exits his dorm room and makes his way down the hall, he will hear the sound of loose paper clattering to the ground some ways behind him. Turning around reveals the Princess of Hyrule at the center of the sudden mess, older and more world weary than she was even at the end of their journey together, frozen in place and staring with wide eyes as if she's seen a ghost.

How else is one meant to look at someone they have mourned being separated from twice over?

Give her a moment, she'll shake out of the shock soon enough.]
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[She could laugh at the way he says it, if sleeping had not been exactly what he was doing the last time she had spent years waiting for him. She should be overjoyed to see him again, filled with hope as she had been so very long ago, and yet... she finds fear settling in her heart.

So much has happened. So much has changed, including her.

She thinks of the hundreds, thousands of souls she has put at risk for the chance to put an end to all this. She thinks of the feeling of running Arturia's blade through Jason's chest, the life draining out of his too-human eyes.

What will her Hero think?

Lost in a whirlwind of thoughts, she gives voice to one of the more simple ones.]

... I still have your shield.
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[Judging by the moment of silence that follows his question, the answer is the one he's dreading. It's awful, but true - a simple shield is as nothing against the likes of the administrators.

But there is something it's done.]

... It has reminded me of you.

[Of why she's fighting. Of the strength and courage he had shown during their journey. Of the hope his eventual return had once inspired in her during those years of darkness. And in this place, where death means so very little, the resolve to just keep going is so very important.]
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You need not be.

[The first words she's said to him that isn't preceded by a lengthy, hesitant pause, and of course they're to reassure him. It's instinctive, and perhaps somewhat prompted by her own guilt.

His soul had been among those that had been risked when the power cores were shut down, after all.

She regains enough sense of herself to kneel and begin cleaning up the notes she had dropped, though her thoughts still swim in all directions. She cannot tell him about that, not yet, some strangely nervous part of her says. She has done so much--]

We have made progress.

[--An altered version of that thought slips out, but maybe that's okay. Perhaps that will help comfort him, to know that their fate doesn't rest so heavily upon his shoulders as Hyrule once did, and she can slip into the easy, comfortable role of guide once more.]
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We have allies among the retrieval units now, for one.

[Yes, this is good. This is easy. Like any other new arrival, without the burden of history weighing down upon them. She begins with the more pleasant news.]

Their leader's name is Aria, and she is a good friend. With her help, we were able to learn about the fluid they put in these collars around our necks.

[She taps hers briefly - still indigo after all this time.]
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We do not have a definite answer on the colors, but that was not the major reason why we were looking into them.

[Her voice quiets a bit, conspiratorially in a way (the administrators simply have to know of their work by now, but old habits die hard), and for a moment she almost has a flashback to that fateful day in her courtyard.]

The fluid possesses a drug that suppresses our real abilities - it is what allows the administrators to limit what we can do. But we learned how to separate out the drug and regain our true powers.

[They can fight back.]
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[Samus pauses in passing by once she spots Link, and manages to put forth a slightly amused look.]

Well, at least there's some things that don't change about this place.
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When I was here last, there were... A lot of people here that looked like you. I haven't seen as many this time around, but knowing there's a few left is a touch reassuring.

[Or...not, if she words it like that. GOOD JOB, SAMUS.]
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[...suddenly, Samus realizes that was probably a Bad Thing to Say™.]

Ah... Enough to be encouraging?

[Maybe that'll work as a diversion. Ahah...]
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[ Going to the cafeteria was always something uneventful and boring, not to mention untasteful-- Except for today that the Princess of Lorule caught an all too familiar sight. She had seen these green clothes before. And that face, or at the very least a very similar face. Once in her homeworld, once in the tower.

But this one looked different. Much more serious and mature than the young Link she had met in the tower, and even than the one from her homeworld. And so she'd approach him to confirm his identity. Nevermind that this princess looked like a color swap of Zelda. ]

Hero of Hyrule?

[ How many heroes did Hyrule have in the first place? ]
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[ The inverted Triforce on her dress and staff probably wouldn't help in making this an any less of a surreal experience. Either way, she had never heard of a "hero of time", but thinking to it, Hyrule had so many heroes it fell under sense they'd each have a title so history could remember them all appropriately.

His reaction of surprise indicated he was pretty much oblivious to Lorule, like everyone else she had met so far. ]

Ah, you need not be so embarrassed, young hero. [She gave him a light smile, but only for a second.] I am Hilda, Princess of Lorule Kingdom. It is an honor meeting another one of Hyrule's chosen.
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[ Now, if anything the way this tiny version of Link was all embarrassed and flustered was sort of cute. That reminded her somehow of another hero...

But she tilted her head when he mentioned Termina and Clock Town. No, neither rang a bell. No such place existed in her world, or in Zelda's as far as she knew. ]

Termina and Clock Town? No, I'm sorry. I have never heard of such places. [Though if he asked, there was surely a reason and now she wanted to know why.] May I inquire why you asked?
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[ More than a someone? Well, doubtlessly one of these someone was Zelda, but the other... Probably the Princess of Termina?

It was surprising, but then for all she knew there could be hundreds of these worlds. She wondered if Termina had its own Triforce. ]

... It sounds like this Termina is a world that runs parallel to your Hyrule. [A pause while she considers the implications.] If so, it wouldn't be surprising for me to have a counterpart in this world as well.