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Mission Post - Part 2

Characters: The Signless, The Ψiioniic, The Condesce, AU Minato, Suzaku, Taiki, and NPCs
Setting: The staff elevator, and below, in areas they are Not Supposed To Be In.
Format: Action is faster, so action?
Summary: *insert Mission Impossible Theme here* Signless is taking a crack team of agents to penetrate the lower levels and get some answers!
Warnings: Death is pretty much guaranteed.

Note: This post is forward-dated and we're not sure how far, to allow it to be played out without causing timeline shenanigans. So I'm sure something will be said when it actually takes place

Note the second: Since LJ is a cock and we're here now, but the community hasn't been imported yet, we are doing a second part of this post so we can continue this scene without having to go to Livejournal. The previous part of this post is here.

Signless pressed the button for the lowest level, and watched his moirail nervously as Psiioniic manipulated the elevator and forced it to obey. He leaned up and touched his friend's shoulder as the elevator descended, hoping that he'd be all right once he was disconnected.

When the doors opened, he withdrew his hand. "Psi, Taiki, stay here and guard the elevator. The rest of you, with me."

Boldly, he stepped forward into the corridor, alert for any signs of resistance.
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"I'll be here," Ψiioniic murmured, barely able to feel the touch of his moirail's hand through the distraction of focusing on controlling the elevator. "I have to stay on top of it to keep them from taking it back, but I won't let them have it."
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Do we have a comment order here? Also going with action; it's faster.

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[ Minato, as a human, probably should have flinched, done something, when he saw what Ψiioniic had done to himself, but... he didn't.

He'd been through similar things against his own will. He knew what it was like. He merely followed on command, sword at the ready and Evoker out.

Truthfully, he did not like any of this, but sacrifices had to be made. If he could, when they got back, he would heal Ψiioniic. ... Until then, they had no time to waste, and he was not going to dwadle. With any hope, the resistance wouldn't be bad, but he was on guard anyway, as he knew this Tower.

He remains silent for the length of all this, waiting. ]
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[Taiki watched horrified but nodded, he would stay here with Psiioniic while the others went with Signless. Taiki wasn't very much use at all but at least here he could make sure Psiioniic had some protection in the form of Gohran since he didn't look like he would be able to fight hooked up like that.

He sat in the corner of the elevator and wrapped his cloak around him watching Psiioniic carefully.]
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[Suzaku made himself watch, and then looked away to Signless as the elevator stopped. He nodded, ready and stepped out after Signless, looking around him for any signs that they had been caught.]
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[Condesce adjusted the trident in her hands to keep it from dragging on the ground, bringing up the rear once everyone had stepped out after her. It simply made more sense, because of how large she was. It took her ducking out of the elevator to advance, but it was done without much trouble.

Regardless of what Signless had said, she was more than prepared to dispose of anyone who looked at her the wrong way.]
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[The hallway is dark, but as soon as the group proceeds a few feet within the lights hum to life automatically. The word that might come to mind first is unfinished; the floor and ceiling is unpolished metal, and the walls seem to be a confusing web of metal and wiring. The hallway doesn't stretch very far before it reaches a door to a staircase, leading both up and down.

Aside from the hum of the lights, there is no sound.]
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[ Seeing this floor was... not what he expected. But at least it should make freezing it easy enough if they have to stop pursuers.

Minato is on guard, his sword out and his Evoker raised close to his temple. ]

... Stay on guard, I don't like how this place is built.

[ Heh. He's used to being a leader and giving orders, so he can't help the words that come out of his mouth here. ]
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[This floor was strange, he looked around carefully. He doesn't mind the others leading and giving orders since he's used to following orders. He wishes he had some sort of weapon on him, better still he wished the Lancelot was here. He followed the other two silently down the stairs.]
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Its not entirely unsurprising. If this is the space between their chambers, there is no sense polishing it off. Running with their general theme of torture, I suspect it was left this way to deter further travel.

[Which was a nice way of saying: They did it to scare people like you.]
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[As they move downstairs--and the stairs seem to stretch for ages--they will find themselves in a lower floor; this one has walkways in place of floors, enough for a single-file walk but nothing more, suspended over cables and wires that seem to stretch up and down into infinity in both directions. Aside from the walkways, which have lights embedded in them, it's dark.]
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[ ... Spooky. Minato, of course, didn't bring a flashlight and he isn't a wizard, so unless anyone else can offer another way to light things up, it looks like they'll just have to be more careful from here on out.

Also, damn, those were some long stairs.

But otherwise, he has nothing noteworthy of comment. ]
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[Suzaku had no torch either and walked carefully, staring out into the darkness trying to make his eyes adjust to the dim light.

He agreed with Signless, it did seem like the tower itself was for their eyes, this was what they were not to see, and so it didn't matter what it looked like.

He continued staring out into the darkness]