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Sixth Staff ♞ calm as a still pond in the middle of a thunderstorm

Characters: Sayaka Miki and any who encounter her.
Setting: Floor 31.
Format: Prose or action, I like either~!
Summary:  Sayaka needs a copy of Meditation for Dummies. You can bug her earlier or later on in her failed crusade of calm.
Warnings: Hinting at PMMM spoilers, also it's just kinda angsty whoops...


What was she supposed to do? Thinking 'I need to keep calm' did anything but make her feel calm, it just highlighted that she wasn't able to sustain it. She couldn't figure out an answer. 'Don't freak out' was a harder directive to fulfill than it sounded like, and it wasn't just a task that
would help her. There were other people at stake here.

Sayaka looked down at her soul gem with a scowl, where it sat neatly in front of her on one of the cobblestones. There was a small little twisting strand of dark she could spy sometimes amidst the blue, but.. there was no way she was employing the Grief Seed again until she absolutely needed it. On the practical side, Sayaka was pretty sure she had an idea of her limits now. On the other.. she'd used it thoughtlessly the first time, but that Grief Seed.. it felt a little sick using it. She'd definitely not throw it away. But Sayaka was far from ready to even look at it again, and it was stowed in her trunk even now.

Going to a quiet, out of the way place seemed more and more like a mistake now. What was she supposed to DO, just alone with her thoughts? She'd just chase her mind in circles. She'd been chasing her mind in circles.

[Some time later:]

This was stupid. With a huff, Sayaka climbs to her feet, stares down at her soul gem for another long moment - the mental image arises unbidden of actually seeing from the viewpoint of that tiny thing, staring up at a gloomy-looking girl with incredulity. She snatches the bauble up from the ground and takes off on a brisk walk across the cobblestones, utterly done with the mess for today. Stupid stupid stupid.
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[Soundless steps stop behind Sayaka as Kafuka leans in to look at the soul gem over her shoulder and speak right into Sayaka's ear.]

Oh, that's lovely!

[...what do you mean that's creepy?]
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[ B E A M I N G ]

It's very pretty, what is it?

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Later... have a creeper pseudo-Buddhist.

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[He didn't like the floors where powers didn't work; the less time he had to spend showing his current condition - pale, on the skin and bones side, and still weak - the better, and it didn't help that some things, like the faint scars ringing the red eye, were visible without his normal minor illusions to cover them. Besides, he was vulnerable, and he hated being vulnerable.]

[However, curiosity could get the better of him - and someone else willingly going and parking there was a curiosity, enough to've quietly slipped in and sat down, cross-legged, the trident across his lap.]

[It sort of looked like an attempt at something familiar to him...]

[A very restless and failed attempt, enough to be mildly amusing in spite of the setting; he didn't speak until she stood up.]

I think the idea is to let go.
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[Well, at least the extent of his current emotional reaction to her flailing is basically "popcorn.gif", as much as there isn't a whole lot of change in his expression or demeanor. It was such a beautiful little vicious cycle.]

Well, as long as you're sure you can't, then you won't be able to. [Self-fulfilling prophecies are a pain that way; of course, it might take a bit more work to get him to be less of a Zen ass about it.]

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[Kuja only meant to pass by on his way to the upper floors. Sure, the girl looked sad, but it wasn't really his business.

Then he noticed something about the odd little gem.]

Pardon my intrusion, but why is your soul outside your body?
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[Woah, obviously a sensitive point. Kuja smiles, trying to look less intimidating, and shrugs.]

It's a special talent of mine. Did I overstep myself, Miss?

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[Feferi's still trying to get a feel for the tower, and today, she's found herself on Floor 31. It's kind of beautiful, even if it is haunting. It doesn't take her long to spot Sayaka, and she approaches quietly.]

It's kind of eerie how pretty it is here, don't you think?
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Suspicious works too, and so does 'unsettling', 'creepy', and 'eerie'. But you're right. This place is freaky enough that you would get eye strain if you tried staring at everything.

[Feferi nods. She vaguely recognizes Sayaka, too.]

We're roomies, right? I'm Feferi.
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Penny for your thoughts?

[To be honest, he was on the way to the 38th floor, but he can't help noticing her being well. Alone. Which is why he's going to plop down next to her.]
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Is it as heavy as a freight train, I wonder...

[Well, he sure can provide it.]

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[Oh, hey, it's that girl from when he first showed up... She helped calm him down before, so he should at least repay that, right? That's why rather than moving on and letting people deal with their own problems, he crouches down beside her.]

Hey. Feeling down?
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Er...well, yeah, but, that's not what I mean...

[Talking to people, especially girls, is hard enough already!]

A-anyway, What's up?

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Tara had come up the stairs in front of Sayaka to see the girl sitting cross legged on the floor. After a second's thought to take in the situation, she decided to speak up.

The girl kept her voice low and soft, just in case Sayaka didn't hear her. She knew attempted meditation when she saw it, especially one that used a stone for a focus. So she didn't want to disturb the girl just in case she was properly meditating...but, well, Tara had seen others like Buffy struggle with it in the past, and thought she knew what that looked like as well.

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Pretty easy cue, actually. Tara smiles in sympathy before taking a seat across from Sayaka, on the other side of the gem.

"I mean, I, I hope you don't mind me saying, but...i-it's okay. Lots of people have trouble meditating. I-It's, it's harder than it looks."
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Later because I'm a hipster

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Jin had been trawling down the stairway on the outside, back to his typical aimless wandering. And it always seemed like whenever he ran into this damn kid she was freaking out or moping over something. Go figure.

"You seem downright chipper." Still, he did stop his stairway expedition, one hand in his pocket, the other holding his briefcase.

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"Hi Sayaka!" Minami says as she passes the girl in the hall, a smile on her face. She'd seen her around, but hadn't really had a chance to talk to her since the party a little back. Minami didn't know why she hadn't tried harder to talk to the girl again, it just hadn't happened.

Well, now was the best time to make up for that! Right?

"How are you doing?"