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[They'd all been right there. The people doing this to them, who kept them here.. Sayaka knew she ought to be afraid. She'd seen what other people had been through, even if she'd never been at their direct hands herself. Maybe she was, but...]

..h, heh.

So I'm in the hotseat for once, huh..?

[..they'd been right there. So close, just an elevator ride away. The administrators are tangible and if nothing else, she's fixated on knowing that.

Maybe she'd be giving that punch to Jason herself.

No, Sayaka, you can't punch someone with a sword. That's called stabbing.]
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[personal profile] morituramfides 2012-06-06 12:39 am (UTC)(link)
Whoop de fuckin' doo.

[He didn't sound at all up this usual snarking mood-- but probably because it was Sayaka he had it in him to at least try. The degree of success was a bit nebulous though.]
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Woah, and still got company.

[..familiar company. The faltering attempt at a snark exchange is taken up upon, because frankly she's pretty sure the full gravity of the situation just hasn't grasped her yet and delaying her mental entry into the repercussions atmosphere is always something she's up for.]

Gonna just have to be a thrilling adventure with pals, I guess.
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[Jin was much less about trying to offput his mental downfall at this point. At this point, he's just resigned and rolling with it.]

Misery loves company I guess. [Can't you just fee the cheerfulness in his voice!!] Strap yourselves in, it's gonna be one hell of a ride.
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[And thus came the extinction of the repercussion-saurs, as the Jin meteor retained significant mass while entering the atmosphere - okay this is getting too silly.]

I dunno, I think I wanna live dangerously. Seatbelts are for squares.

[The discussion of straps, though, just makes her eyes slide on back over to her view of the surgery room, welp. This is going to be one long.. however long this lasts.]

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[personal profile] morituramfides 2012-06-06 04:22 am (UTC)(link)
[That was really nebulous.]

Give you fifty yen if you can bust a prison break.

[...Hey, she wanted to live dangerously. He's mostly joking, though there is an overwhelming bitterness to that last sentence.]
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[personal profile] beknightedheroine 2012-06-06 05:30 am (UTC)(link)

Fifty, huh?

I guess if miracles and magic exist, they can happen on chump change, too.

[Not that the idea hadn't been wanting to come into her head before. They'd come just too close for her to sit back and wait things out, to play the old 'keep your head down and you'll do fine' game.]

Prison breaks get extra points if the warden gets a notch taken outta - took down a notch, don't they?
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[personal profile] morituramfides 2012-06-06 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
Heh. Miracles. Sure. [Man he can't even muster up more sarcasm for that one. He'd be an idiot to actually believe in miracle bullshit.

Give ya a full five hundred if you can punch him in the face.

[We hate Jason 2k12]

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[personal profile] knightime 2012-06-06 04:33 am (UTC)(link)
You and the jolly crew. It's not that great. There's no prize for being here. Just torture. Unless you like that, then it sure as hell might as well be a lottery and you won.

[Jason was the one that kept pulling all this shit right? Yeah, he hated that guy. He's still got a hell lot of demons to deal with from the last event.]
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[Sayaka frowns, and whirls in the direction of Dave's voice - maybe if she stares coldly at that wall in particular it'll somehow transmit!!]

Y'think I don't know that? Good thing there aren't any prizes, else we might have to get one for captain obvious~!

[..after snapping, she quickly deflates.]

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Oh man, we got a badass over here. Sassy as fuck and everything. [He doesn't mind. It's not like he likes being here either.]

I rather not get a prize. Last time I got a prize, it was for dying. It was pretty much the worst prize ever. They basically shat on my food then kicked my puppy like it was a football. Red card, motherfuckers. That's my dog. [Dave, that's soccer.]

Their prizes suck worst than the stupid flimsy paper people put in Cracker Jacks.
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[It took genuine effort for her to parse that, Dave. Congrats.]

Yeah, I'm basically the coolest person to ever be sealed in a sterile tin can., maybe tin...? Is this even metal?

[She knocks at a wall experimentally. Not sure what material makes the sound her knock got, though...]
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[personal profile] knightime 2012-06-11 01:00 am (UTC)(link)
[He aims to please.]

...[He legitimately actually stopped to look around to try and figure out what it might be.] Maybe it's a type of stone? I mean, fuck if I know. It could be some fancy made up material that only exists here because they like to fuck with us. Considering the tower is basically impossible, I wouldn't put it passed them.

I'd ask, but I think we can all agree that Jason is a piece of shit.
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Let's just call it Stupidbastardtanium, fits with the guy that put us in here.

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riflesandtea: and put on a show (we kill the lights)

[personal profile] riflesandtea 2012-06-06 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Ah, Miki-san...

You're here too? [ well, at least they're in the same group - that's some comfort, right?

she keeps glancing over at the surgery room, hands folded in her lap. Occasionally, her fingers tug at her skirt a little, though her face shows no sign of nervousness. She has her legs crossed and her shoes off, and is sitting on her bed in the cell that's been provided for her.

I wonder what kind of contest this is, though..?
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Mami-san! Geez, it's been a while since we talked. This is kind of cruddy circumstances to say 'glad to hear from you again.'

[For her part, Sayaka had been pacing the length and breadth of her room, before halting to come out with her earlier comment. Now she's turning about in circles, trying to pinpoint which way Mami's voice was coming from.]

Whatever it is, when it's those guys involved... it can't be anything good for us.
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I'm sorry about that. Are you all right, Miki-san? [ she's still kind of worried about how Sayaka handled the whole unpleasant revelation of...witchsploding :| ]

That girl said it was an arena. I think we might have to do some fighting at least... [ it kind of worries her, a little bit. ] I agree, though. It can't be anything good. Especially not if we're all separated like this, where we can only see one room.

[ At least, it looks like a operating room of some sort. It kind of makes her anxious.

Mami's voice is coming from somewhere on Sayaka's right; she should be able to pinpoint it.

She could also try using her Soul Gem to pinpoint Mami's, but there's probably no way of knowing whether the gem would pick up the signature of another magical girl's, or just a magic user.
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[...There you are. When Sayaka speaks next, it's noticeably closer and easier to understand. She's her head leaning lightly against the wall she could find closest to Mami.]

Yeah, yeah. Fine as I can be right now, you know? [She didn't.. handle it well, but she's been trying to handle. Mostly there's been a lot of not-thinking-about-its.]

The real fighting I've got saved up is a good slug to our host's face.
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[ She gets up, moving closer in return. ]

Ah, I see.... [ SOUNDS KIND OF WORRIED :c she is concerned about you forever ]

[ She kind of giggles, almost. Sayaka... ] It probably won't help, but it'll probably be satisfying...
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[Yes, victory! A giggle is always the best result!]

I'd settle for satisfying. I mean, it'd help me.

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They got you too Sayaka? [Both her and Ken, who were part of their tiny group who promised to look after each other. At least they were altogether even if things were going to get very very scary.]
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Yeah, they got me. Kinda slack on my part, huh?

[She's not really holding herself to that, though. It's not something that could really be helped, so...]

Tch. They took a whole lot of people.
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[personal profile] myblueskies 2012-06-07 12:34 pm (UTC)(link)
No you couldn't stop them even if you were really really strong. [He looked around, though he could only count to twenty and once he got there he still hadn't managed to count everyone.] It's much more than last time...
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What, even if I was really really really really-- [Okay, Sayaka. Now's not the time for teasing. She cuts herself short, seizing on something else Romeo said:]

What about a last time?

[There's heavy concern in her voice. This happened before?]
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[personal profile] myblueskies 2012-06-08 12:13 am (UTC)(link)
[Really what? Romeo tilted his head but then nodded with a frown] It was a long time ago, but they took eight of us and did horrible things... [For once he doesn't even punch the air, it's hard to keep your spirits up sometimes, even for Romeo.]