Characters: EVERYONE
Setting: Floor 38
Format: Whatever you feel comfortable with. Prose, action, it's all good.
Summary: The giant party is finally here! Mingle, Blind date and strange things ahoy!

It was a graveyard smash )

[OOC - Hello and welcome to the party log! Let's mingle and have fun because the tower doesn't let us have much of it. You can start a brand new thread when you are blind dating and mark them (EIKICHI AND MIYABI ), or if you want to do something like "JADE DJs A FEW SONGS FOR YOU" and people can reply to that. You can make multiple threads to a reply to, so if someone wants to talk to Eikichi, then someone else does later. Just make sure any closed threads are marked with [CLOSED] so other people know they can't pop in!'s free game.

The following are links to the sections to faster reading, and will be updated:
Entrance (Coming in)

Blind Dates
Yusuke & Sayaka Leon & Kafuka Ryoji (AU) & Chihiro Rod & Yuko Lelouch & FiYosuke & Kyouko Reno "Sparky"& Vriska [OU]Naoki & The DiscipleMondo & AmaterasuKarkat & Xion (AU4)Gamzee & Wriggle Taro & Homura Dave Strider & Jin Siira & Ryoji [OU]Lina & GanondorfReno "Rusty" & Ronald David Lalonde & BeatEquius [AU1] & Link (LttP)Yulin & Jade Selene & RudeRiku [AU] & AphrodiEridan (Jade) & Cloud Xehanort & VeigarTara & April Jirou & Cross Luke & Soma Futomimi & The DolorosaHaruna & Sora (AU)Rhyth & MartyThe Signless & Xue'KolTifa & William Riku & NaminéMonobear & Makoto Lisa & Adachi Kidou & UrotsukiKoujirou & FeferiKuja & ZidaneGimli & LegolasKanji & NaotoXion (OU) & Yu Sora (OU) & Kairi Eriko & NaoyaEikichi & Miyabi

Individual Threads (For Mingling)
Eikichi MishinaApril SinclairDave StriderJadeTara MaclayJun KuosuGamzee MakaraKen AmadaMomotarosEmmett BrownGandalfLegolasSayaka MikiMami TomoeMinako ArisatoYu Narukami Minato Arisato (OU) Maya Amano (Birthday Girl) Minato Arisato[AU]Ishtar[AU]Jade Harley(AU)Link (TP)Naminé AphrodiChidori Yoshino EnochLelouchHeiAsakim DowinProfessor HojoTohru AdachiRyotaro DojimaSauntering SnowstormZeldaXion [OU]

05 July 2012 @ 02:37 am
Characters: Kuja, Zidane, and YOU
Setting: Floor 2 (infirmary), Floor 14 (media room), Floor 18 (study room), Floor 22 (art gallery), Floor 26 (morgue)
Format: Starting with prose, will match
Summary: Kuja meets with his brother for a chat; Kuja gets stuck; Kuja around the Tower in general.
Warnings: Claustrophobia in the morgue.

Floor 14; Closed to Zidane )

Floor 26; Closed to Xehanort )

Floor 18; Open )

Floor 2; Open )
30 June 2012 @ 10:25 pm
Characters: Garnet til Alexandros XVII and OPEN!!
Setting: Mid Morning of July 1st. Waking up in room 2-08 and then wandering the floors afterwards.
Format: Action brackets to start, but I'll match you. Let me know where you meet her!
Summary: Garnet's arrival in the Tower, and any subsequent meetings after!
Warnings: FFIX spoilers!

Room 2-08 )

Floor 38 )

Floor 1 )
09 June 2012 @ 08:41 am
Characters: any character participating in the Infighting event
Setting: pods, week two of the event
Format: any
Summary: All week two Infighting event threads should go in here, to keep things organized.
Warnings: horror, trauma, experiment results, impossible geometry, cabin fever

[Week Two Information]
[Week One]

Dax's Pod
Riki's Pod
Jason's Pod
End of Week Two
29 May 2012 @ 03:08 am
Characters: Marty and EVERYONE ELSE. Start your own threads, mingle, make CR!
Setting: Floor 38, the big lounge floor just under the dorms, BEST STORM VIEW
Format: Your choice
Summary: STORM WATCHING PARTY! So the power is out and there's tons of thunderstorms. But don't let that get you down, WATCH THE THUNDERSTORMS! Also pancakes and coffee.
Warnings: STORM WATCHING ! Lots of thunder

Marty had enough of the darkness in the tower and the creeping monsters, so when he looked at the mass of pancakes the automatic pancake maker had made, he loaded them up along with the coffee maker, coffee, the syrup, and toted them all the way up to Floor 38.

There was no way he was going to let those massive stacks of pancakes go to waste, and this was the closest floor to the dorms that actually had some place to hang out, so he set the pancakes up as a sort of continental breakfast, and sat watching the storm.

What he hadn't expected was the people to start trickling in.
Characters: Fi, Gandalf, Xion, Zelda and everyone in the tower who want things to change
Setting: Any floor, any day from the 18 to the 26 (except the 21)
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer

Summary: Recruitment for the Council of the Sages (Fellowship of Animus). The four recruiters will walk throughout the tower in order to find and speak with the people they think could help. Anyone is welcome. There's no real setting, those four are just gonna go and bother people during their daily Animus life. So feel free to pick a day and location of your choice, otherwise it’ll be randomized. OOC Post is here if you want more information. Happens after this reunion.

Warnings: None. The recruiters will do this together, but feel free to put in the subject line if you’d rather want someone in particular to do it. The others recruiters may threadjack at any moment.

One doesn't simply recruit into Animus )
22 May 2012 @ 11:41 pm
Characters: Tifa, and you
Setting: Random Encounter (your choice)
Format: Prose
Summary: Tifa is in the Tower!
Warnings: Freaking out over her missing Cloud.

The Dorms )

Wandering the Tower )
22 May 2012 @ 11:03 pm
Characters: Zidane and ANYONE
Setting: Room 4-04 and throughout the Tower
Format: Action or prose (I'll match you!)
Summary: Zidane's arrival and subsequent explorations. Feel free to encounter Zidane at any location or randomly elsewhere.
Warnings: None to speak of!

Room 04-04/dormitory levels )

Floor Three )

Floor Six )

Floor Twenty-eight )

Floor Twenty-five )
21 May 2012 @ 04:03 pm
Characters: Loz and ANYONE
Setting: Starting in the hall outside room 4-02. Will presumably move out from there?
Format: Prose, but either is fine
Summary: Discovering the tower! Hijinks to ensue.
Warnings: Loz is going to cry. Possibly a lot. I dunno what else.

Never been unsupervised before... )