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[, man. Knowing another familiar face is in with this group isn't exactly heartening news.]

Hey, Feferi! It's me - [Well, wait. They hadn't spoken all that often, and some people weren't too good with voices.] - I mean, it's Sayaka.
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Sayaka? You, too?

[The tone of Feferi's voice falls sharply. Too many people here that she knew, that she liked. She was getting more worried by the minute.]

A-are you okay?
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Yyyup, me too. You don't gotta worry about me, though. I'm gonna keep intact, promise!

[If they weren't all shut away from each other, she'd be making an a-okay symbol with her hands! As it is, at least the intention is there.

It's technically a promise she won't even break, too. The surgery room in plain view is intimidating, but.. whatever they could do to her would just get magicked away, wouldn't it? Sometimes being a Puella Magi was useful.]
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I don't know if I can keep a promise not to worry. But I do promise I'll keep my spirits up and try and keep everyone else's up, too.
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That's good enough. Thanks, Feferi.
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Don't thank me. It's what friends are for.