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Friday: post-surgery

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[Feferi hadn't made a noise or looked at anyone when she was taken from her cell and led to the surgery suite. She'd felt the need to be strong for everyone else, the need to set an example. The need to show that she was stronger than this.

All she'd done before being strapped down was whisper one thing: You bastard. We will get you for this.

For all that she hadn't wanted to scream, knives were not supposed to go near her gills. She'd screamed the moment she'd seen the gleam of the blade, and even if she couldn't feel any pain, the pressure, the sharpness - she almost wished she could feel the actual pain, because that would be better than the feeling that she was losing half her air flow.

Don't scream, little guppy. It's all right. Relax. This is how it's meant to be.

[Feferi screamed a second time the moment she felt those - oh gods, what were those things coming out of her sides? It wasn't right, it wasn't --

No. Not her fins. She tried screaming, thrashing, anything to keep them away from those sensitive membranes. They finally had to force her mouth shut. A moment later, all she could see was white, white and - no. No, this wasn't right, too many eyes, too --]

It's all right, little one. You're one of us now. Just breathe. You'll be used to it soon enough. Just rest.

[It was a few hours before she was able to slither - she couldn't even walk properly anymore - back to her cell. She slumped down, hiding, and all she could hear were the voices in her head.]

Ssh, now, Feferi. It's all right. You're all right. Just relax. Come on now, little love.

[OOC: surgery effects are here. Italicized voices are in Feferi's head only.]
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[Seeing a girl get turned into a monster against her will? Yeah. Yeah, that hits home for Sayaka.

Seeing her friendly roommate who'd been nothing but supportive throughout these hellish few days? Oh, hell.]

Feferi. We're still gonna get them, alr-right?

[Her voice shakes at the end, betraying her. It shouldn't hurt to say words meant to help. This is twisted.]
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[Feferi's voice sounds alien to her, coming as it does, through thick white skin. It frightens her to hear it.]

We will. But - but it's best that I keep quiet. I'm worried about...if my voice gets too loud when I'm like this, I might hurt someone. I don't want to do that.
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[Sayaka, for her part, lowers her own voice to whispery level and draws closer.]

..Even your voice..? What all did he.. [She stops herself. No, asking feels like going too far.

..but her voice? That doesn't even sound like a power, and if Jason put it there - she wants to say scream in Jason's ear.]
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The kind of creature he turned me into...if their voice gets above a whisper, it can send out a kind of shockwave. It would...it could either hurt or kill anyone that hears it.

I'm trying not to be upset, either. That...that'll do it, too. Or at least make raising my voice more likely.
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Feferi... [Romeo was still a bit groggy but he wanted to help his new friend, even if he didn't know anyway to make this right because they had done awful things to her. He still hadn't got the hang of waking with six legs so he shuffled over to the glass awkwardly.] Can you hear me?
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I can hear you. I'm sorry, I can't speak any louder than this. Too dangerous...]
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Why? Did they do something to your voice? [He wouldn't be surprised, he hadn't seen Feferi's surgery as he had been asleep.]
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They made it so that if I speak too loudly, it might hurt someone. Hurt their brain, make them bleed and hurt. I don't want to do that.
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[They were so mean.] It's okay Feferi, I can hear you so you can be quiet and wont hurt anyone...
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Holy shit.

[Looks like they're switching roles. That was fucked up.]

Hey. You can talk right? Have a nice little chit chat, since that's all there is to do here.

[He doesn't know what to do. This didn't happen in SBURB. Nothing prepares you to see someone forced into such a fucked up situation like this.]