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Characters: anyone who signed up to be hooked into the machine for the Recharge? event
Setting: a void
Format: party style
Summary: Those who chose to hook themselves up to the machine find themselves wandering around a void...
Warnings: standard Animus warnings; please put anything specific in subject lines of threads
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Addressing everyone in general

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Listen! Everyone! [She tries to move to the front of the group, but considering that pull is the only way they can even figure out a direction to move in, it's a hard to thing to do. So Arturia raises her voice in a commanding tone.]


[Once she is sure she has as much attention as she is going to get, she continues, standing as proud and tall as she can in these circumstances.]

Some of us are going to follow the pull we all feel. No one here is foolish to think it will be safe, so I advise everyone, whether you are coming with us or staying, to stay together. There's no telling what is out there, nor if it will be safe, so I advise everyone find a group to stay with, even if you are strangers, and no matter what do not let them go. Even if it's hell itself, do not let them go and do not play hero.

Now, who is coming with us?
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I am.

*Spoken without hesitation. He's all for figuring this out and now that he's gotten his bearings and calmed down, he wants to continue to help out.*
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I had a feeling you would join us, Enoch.

[People calming down is why she waited a bit before going.]
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I wouldn't let you go potentially into harm's way by yourselves.

*Besides, he'd been asked to watch over Zelda.*
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I would expect not. [Considering she knows they won't be going by themselves, given how practically everyone here likes to play hero somehow.]
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[Guess who's also volunteering? Mainly because he sees Enoch's here, and he trusts Enoch to have a good head on his shoulders.]

Count me in.

["Do not play hero," she says. Weren't they already doing that by volunteering to get hooked up in the first place? David has a sort of subtle, wry grin on his face at the irony.]
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[It's more of a 'don't sacrifice yourself when our numbers are already limited' warning, really.]

All right, sir. We would be glad to have you along with us.
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["Do not play Shirou," then!]

Pleasure's all mine—

[The thrusters on David's flight system flare as he takes flight to follow Arturia and the rest of those accompanying her. He pulls up alongside Arturia as they travel.]

Though if it turns out we're gonna be facin' somethin' dangerous once we get dere, I could try scoutin' ahead while cloaked.
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[She considers it for a moment. She told everyone to avoid playing hero and yet....]

We will decide that once we get there. Would you be able to cloak someone to take with you as well or would it only work on yourself?
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Only me. It's built into my suit. Check it—

[David provides a demonstration of how it works, glancing down as if activating something. With a soft hum emanating from the suit, he starts to fade away into the pitch blackness of the void ... but not completely. It would take a sharp pair of eyes to notice the details not fully cloaked by the suit's technology, like the exposed part of his face and neck, but it's enough that only someone actively trying to find him would notice this.]

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Sound advice. As long as we're in hell anyway, we may as well stick together. Of course, that might just serve to put us all in one spot, but this place probably isn't real, anyway. Do you intend on following that pull, then?

[Well, if she and her companions are going to be going anywhere...]
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Yes, we are. There is literally nothing else here and we will not know if it is dangerous or not until we see what it is.
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Well said. Well then, I suppose I may as well accompany you.
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Very well. Anyone who wishes to come is welcome. [Seeing as she has no way to stop anyone from coming along.]