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2nd Shard (closed)

Characters: WW Link and OoT Zelda. (Closed.)
Setting: Zelda's room and wherever we go from there?
Format: Action.
Summary: Link finds almond chocolates, and wants to share them with his friend. C:
Warnings: Stalking and creepy children, mostly.

Princess Zelda!

[Little Link can be found running down the hallways, holding a box of chocolates over his head like everything else he picks up, a serious look on his face. Must be something important!
He slides to a stop in front of the princess's room, wiggling a little bit in excitement, to show her what he found.]

Princess Zelda, I have something for you! Uh...
My hands are kind of full, though, I can't really open the door.

But I promise it's really good! It might cheer you up a little bit!
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[Goddesses above, what's going on now--]

Just a moment!

[After said moment of getting up, shaking the wrinkles out of her clothes, and generally attempting to look presentable and not as tired as she actually feels, she opens the door.]

Hello, Link. [She smiles faintly at the little hero, but the box gets a questioning look.] What have you got there?
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[It's not that she isn't thankful that Link is trying to make her feel better - really, it's quite thoughtful, but... that strange toy's note said to eat one as a temporary cure to the infection she supposedly has. The infection that has yet to show any signs or symptoms.

To say she's just a bit suspicious is an understatement.]

I see. Thank you; you are very thoughtful. But... if I may ask, where did you get these? From someone else in this tower?
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I do not know. Perhaps. They may be perfectly fine, but I fear they may also be an attempt by this place's creators to toy with us.

[Yeah, she's pretty paranoid.]
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I think that would be for the best--


... if you would like? I was not doing anything particularly interesting.

[Just chillin' out. Trying to recover from recent traumas. Y'know, the usual.]
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[... Um. Okay then. She just watches him for a moment, quiet, before following suit and settling on the bed next to him.]

Are you certain you are feeling all right?
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As well as I can be at the moment.

[Which is a polite way to say she's physically fine but mentally exhausted. She quirks her head, eying him questioningly.]

You seemed so hesitant to enter my room before, is all.
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[... Okay she knows something is off but at the same time that is entirely adorable.]

No, I suppose they do not.

[And for someone who has lived a fairly solitary life... well, it's nice to be called a friend.]

Just like that? What if one of your friends awakens here?
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Family is important as well--

[ASDFLKD LINK YOU KEEP SAYING THESE THINGS... She is still not sure how to react to them.]

... So you have said. Though that is no reason to give me any greater importance than them, yes?
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[... Okay, things are starting to sound strange again. She eyes him when he moves closer, not moving away but at the same time not sure what to make of it.]

... Thank you. You have been very kind to me as well, and for that I am grateful.

[EYING. SO MUCH. But still polite about it, yep.]
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[Oh Goddesses no she has a fabulous but crazy demon after her--]

No, no, that is quite all right! I would not wish for you to be harmed because of me. I am capable of taking care of myself.

[She would never let herself live it down if he got hurt!]
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[... How could she forget. There's a momentary lapse of something like pain that crosses her features, but she shakes the memory away for another time.]

... Bracelets?

[Pretty sure that's not going to help you against Ghirahim, bro.]
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herp derp html

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[CLUTCHING ONTO THAT BED FOR DEAR LIFE. Even once she's back on solid ground, she's still a bit shocked, to say the least.]

That... That is impressive, but all the same - it is not necessary. Really.
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[Yeah, yeah, she caught that. None too thrilled with the concept, either.]

... You are going to follow me around?
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[This is wrong. This is so very, very wrong.

She immediately stands and starts heading towards the door. Those chocolates have to be the cause of this.]

You are not in your right mind, Link. Of that I am certain.

And you will find I am far more than a pretty picture to gawk at.

[Leaving now! Where's the nearest terminal...]
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[She sighs. She knows she shouldn't get frustrated, but the tower has been trying her patience quite a lot lately.]

... Not intentionally.

[Damn those chocolates.]
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[... She is at an impasse. Lie and hurt his feelings, or stay and have a creepy stalker child.

It's a lose-lose situation, really.]

I... I will be here.
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[He's not in his right mind. It's all a trick of the tower. And as with any other trick, she knows she needs to get away as soon as possible.

... She'll apologize to him later.]