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Prelude ♫ Introduction

Characters: Zelda and you!
Setting: Around the tower.
Format: Starting in brackets.
Summary: The eff is this. We are not amused. :| Also, music and exploration.
Warnings: None yet; will edit if something comes up.

[After the chaos of the past few days, hearing soft music ringing throughout the tower might seem disorienting. Perhaps it's another trick, something to lull one into a false sense of security... but those that follow the medley will find it has nothing to do with the tower itself.

Rather, it's coming from a regal looking young woman and the small blue instrument that she carries with utmost care. Those sensitive to it will feel magic resonating with the notes themselves, swelling and building with each song until ultimately...

Nothing. It just vanishes into thin air.

The young woman sighs, a look of frustration crossing her face, and continues on in her exploration.]

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Sorry for how late this is, I have been sick. ;A;

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[Naturally, he followed the music. Trick or no, he wanted to know who was playing it. When he finds out, he hangs back, purposefully waiting until the Nocturne of Shadow was played before he reveals himself.]

You called?
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It's just a cold, but it's annoyingly debilitating.

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So cold, princess. Is this how you treat old friends?

[The sarcasm is more than just dripping, it's rolling off his words like an ocean of sardonic intent.]

After all, we're all that's left of our world.
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[He chuckles, taking a few steps closer to her.]

You can see for yourself if you want.

[He crosses his arms and jerks his head at the staircase.]

Let's take a walk.

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[Samus follows it, as the sound of the instrument is pretty familiar - there's something odd about the notes, but she can't quite put her finger on what.

However, this isn't who she expected to see at the end of the line, but it seems there's a connection to this one and Link. Same ears, same instrument, same odd triangle markings...]

...not the person I thought I'd see.
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"The guy in the green, with the hat," Samus answers, making a wooshing motion behind her head to suggest Link's trademark cap. "He had an instrument like that. Similar sound."

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[Worried and anxious, but not about to let a possible clue or lead go without her investigation, Nina follows the sound through the Tower's hallways, its music getting louder as she gets closer and closer. She's tense, not sure what to expect or if she's running into a trap.

What she finds when she arrives in time to see the instrument vanish and the music suddenly is not what she expected to see. She can't help but make a noise of surprise. Immediately the tense expression falters and then falls away completely.]

Oh! It was you! I -- Pardon me. I don't mean to be rude. I heard the sound, and I thought... I thought...

[She trails off. Thought what?]

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[Nina nods. Seeing Zelda's gentle expression, she gives the woman a smile of her own.]

Yes, that's right. I am. You're very talented. That song was beautiful!

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[His headphones hanging around his neck, Minato follow the song to its source. He's cautious, if the song proves to be a trap to avoid.

But maybe it's played by that man.

Minato blink once when he see the woman.

...It sound nice.
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...What's wrong?

[He heard that small exasperation. Something must be bothering her.]

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[ Link knows the sound of the Ocarina of Time better than any other instrument, and it's with confusion that the hero follows the source of the Prelude of Light down to the last notes of the Requiem of Spirit, knowing full well that these songs could only carry this sort of power if the one playing it had the Ocarina of Time in their hands.

When they spot Zelda at the end, of course, the hero freezes. Link is happy, because they've not seen her since that time when she fled the castle on horseback. Link had not even been certain Zelda was alive (though they believed she had to have been, of course), and this was a huge relief.

Especially after the total exhaustion the last few days had caused, and the constant concern, it was nice to see someone familiar that they KNEW and CARED for, even if this was, from Link's perspective, what they viewed as their first encounter in some time.

Naturally, the hero can't help the smile that crosses their face. ]

... You're safe.

[ Your Link? No, they may not be, but there's really no way to tell the difference between them unless one were to carefully stand the two side-by-side. ]
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[ It is certainly nostalgic. Funny, considering that it wasn't that long ago from Link's perspective (well, sort of mostly, but it DID feel like ages!) Even so, they can't help really feeling elated. ]

... The songs don't work here. We haven't found a way out yet, but...

[ They're working on it! JUST GOTTA FIND A BOSS KEY ]

It is good to know you are safe. This place is dangerous.

/tl;drs thoughts all over sob

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asdhfg ;~; all the feelings.

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[Riku hasn't had much time to explore the tower yet, especially with all those 'first meetings' with certain people and that attack happening, but he is making up for it now.

He blinks beneath the blindfold when he starts hearing the music and feels it's magic wash over him; he is pretty sure it's not a trick of the tower though - there is too much light woven within it.

Following the sound, he isn't all too surprised to find it a girl with a heart that smell just as bright as the magic within her music. ...Though the lack of effect kind of throws him off.]

...Spell gone wrong?
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[Maybe he can, maybe he can't - Riku always prefers to keep people guessing about that.

He crooks his head slightly, he has never seen magic being cast through an instrument... though he supposes that there are far, far stranger things in the worlds. There is always something new to learn, it seems.]

What was supposed to happen?

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