05 March 2012 @ 10:39 am
Characters: Lina Inverse and anyone nearby!
Setting: Library and the cafeteria at different times, starting shortly after Fun and Games.
Format: Starting in action, will follow you.
Summary: After her rough wake-up here and what she's witnessed regarding the 'game', Lina is going to try and get to the people in charge for answers. It's not going to work.
Warnings: Magic explosions to start.This can only end badly. )
Characters: Nina Fortner and you.
Setting: Room 01-15 for the first part, and any random hallway en route to the cafeteria for the second.
Format Starting out in prose but I'll match all respondents.
Summary: Nina, the day after her resurrection, tries to process everything that's happened.
Warnings: Angst, mentions of gore and Hitori Kakurenbo.

Introspection and waking/possible log for roommates or visitors? )

Part II
Nina didn't want anyone else to burden anyone else with her problems right now. It felt deeply wrong, to foist it off anybody else when many of them were suffering themselves and the Tower was already home to enough misery, and all part of her wanted to do was hole up somewhere and hide anyway.

But she couldn't stay in her dorm room forever. She needed to eat, and part of her didn't want to stay cooped up with that creepy bear anymore anyway. She'd just have to take everything on step at a time, one thing at a time. After everything she'd suffered before coming here, she wouldn't let the Tower be the thing to destroy her either.

Although Nina had been careful to make sure there was no evidence she had been crying before leaving, it was probably still obvious how drained and shocked she was by the way she moved, the tiredness and perpetually hovering behind her eyes. If that wasn't enough, she nearly ran into someone in the hallway, although she was fleet-footed enough to avoid a collision at the last moment.

She still stopped, though, turning to check on the person she'd nearly run into. "Ah, I'm sorry," Nina apologized. "Are you okay?"
27 January 2012 @ 09:21 pm
Characters: Shion and anyone
Setting: Library, night time sob.
Format: I'll follow you
Summary: Shion get's distracted reading, and night falls.
Warnings: Monsters, Shion being useless at fighting

He shouted out but he didn't know if anyone was around to hear him )
19 January 2012 @ 12:16 am
Characters: Romano, welcoming everyone to come save his ass!
Setting: [F22] Art Gallery - Just turning night.
Format: Brackets & flexible.
Summary: Our mopey little Italian spends far too much time in the ghastly art gallery. By nightfall the monsters are out to play and Romano's in no mental shape to get away.
Warnings: Pain/injury, disembodied ghost hands, emotional trauma, depictions of death in paintings.

All for themselves, after all. )

18 January 2012 @ 04:53 pm
Characters: Mindfang, open to all
Setting: Around the tower
Format: Starting with action will follow with whatever's picked
Summary: Mindfang wakes up and flips some shit
Warnings: Shit being flipped. Violence. Will be edited if need be.

Dorm 1-15 )

Throughout the Tower )
16 January 2012 @ 12:20 pm
Characters: Nina Fortner and you!
Setting: Different places all over the Tower. Mark in the subject line which one you want!
Format: Action tags to start with, but I'll follow you.
Summary: Nina re-adjusting to the Tower now that everything is back to being as normal as it ever is, and trying to find anything she can.
Warnings: Likely none!

Read more... )
13 January 2012 @ 09:20 am
Characters: Karolina Dean and you
Setting: Room 1-03,Floor 4, Floor 12, Floor 16,
Format: Action- I switch to prose upon request
Summary: Karolina arrives in the tower
Warnings: Sparkly lesbian vegan alien girls

Ok )
Characters: Everyone who got injured in the event and accordingly went to the infirmary.
Setting: Infirmary, backdated to just after event.
Format: Either!
Summary: People obviously got hurt in all the chaos during the Tower's re-stabilizing. A lot of people probably went to the infirmary after waking up in their rooms still injured from the fight. Post a new comment thread here with your character and tag other peoples' threads!
Warnings: Mentions of injury, blood, trauma, etc etc. Language, too. Will edit if anything else comes up.

[Hospitals are so boring. Well, at least misery loves company?]
07 January 2012 @ 12:28 pm
Characters: Zelda and you!
Setting: Around the tower.
Format: Starting in brackets.
Summary: The eff is this. We are not amused. :| Also, music and exploration.
Warnings: None yet; will edit if something comes up.

Clearly this is the best time to intro someone, right )
Characters: The entire tower. PARTY POST.
Setting: Take a wild guess.
Format: Either or.
Summary: The tower has been reduced to one room, and it's chock full of monsters. Who you gonna call?
Warnings: Lots, the least of which being language...

[Well, ladies and gentlemen, shit dun hit the fan.]

[The tower has been condensed to one room with pretty much nothing in it. This post? Do whatever in it. General reactions. Go. ...As for Ienzo, he's just kind of sitting in the corner, head in his hands.]
31 December 2011 @ 04:42 pm
Characters: Nina Fortner and anyone else.
Setting: First part is one floor 6, second part is on 14. Specify which you're tagging!
Format: Starting in prose but I'll match you.
Summary: Nina returns to the tower, only to find it under attack by strange beasts from other worlds.
Warnings: Violence, possible injuries.

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Characters: L and ???? (maybe you!)
Setting: Starting in 2-02, then moving elsewhere! At least a few hours prior to the appearance of the new intro letter.
Format: Starting with prose, but I'll match you.
Summary: A workaholic detective has been pulled away from his one true love--his job--and is about as pleased as you might expect. He needs something new to investigate: this tower will do, as will anyone he meets. Expect a weird combination of intense scrutiny (of you) and personal aloofness (for now).
Warnings: None, except for the prancing hooves of a million tiny blue-green deer. (It would be OK to skip to the last few paragraphs.)

We'll save this earth, put into jars )
04 November 2011 @ 08:57 pm
Characters: Nina Fortner and YOU.
Setting: Starting in dorm 01-15, then moving out into the hallways and various communal rooms of the Tower.
Format: I'm starting with prose, but I'll match you!
Summary: Nina wakes up in the Tower, and then tries to figure out what's going on.
Warnings: None!

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