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Ex Machina; Infiltration

Characters: Riki and the infiltration team
Setting: administrative levels
Format: any
Summary: Riki's efforts must be sabotaged. Stealth is the name of the game and time is of the essence.
Warnings: psychological horror

Though the chipped unit does not follow, he sees to it that the team advances the rest of the way. At the end of the lit corridor is a set of double doors, heavy-duty polished metal with small windows set into each one.

Through the windows, a massive machine is visible, connected to thousands of holographic screens that are hard to make out at the speed at which they're being manipulated. The machine sits in the center of the room and is networked to four elaborate terminals stationed along the walls via a complex tangle of panels, wires, and towers. Each of these terminals controls its own set of floating screens; the sheer amount of holographic monitors in the room is disorienting, and really, it's hard to tell what's connected to what.

In the chair in the middle of the enormous set-up is Riki, maneuvering all of the screens with the same ease with which most people breathe. His back is to the doors that lead into the room, and for the moment, he is utterly engrossed in his work.
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So wait, how many people are goin' after da terminals?

[David just heard a lot of people volunteer to distract Riki or fight him. It seemed like a good majority of the people gathered here, at least among those who have spoken up already.]
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I... I don't know. I am, but... I'm not sure who else is.

[She looks around at their arranged group. Some of them she knows have expertise, from their mutual participation in the hacking plots. But she's still not sure on the exact number. She can only speak for herself.]
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S'bout da only thing I can do to help down here.

[David shrugs his shoulders. He does have his Orcish sword with him, pilfered during the initial glamour failure, but even with the training he's done with Diarmuid he doesn't feel comfortable using it as anything but a last resort.]

My armor's got some stealth systems built in, assumin' simulated tech'll work on da admins. But I'd be a lot more useful crackin' dem terminals dan I would tryin' to bait Riki.
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[Xion nods, smiling encouragingly]

Then maybe try to focus on that? My dad said there aren't as many people who are as good at that. So... we'll probably need all of them to help.

[The more they work together, and play to their strengths and cover each other's weaknesses, the more they can accomplish, right?]
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[David nods in affirmation.]

You got it.

[It is pretty much what he's down here for ... He was sort of expecting this mission to involve a lengthy trek through the guts of the Administrative Floors while disabling terminals along the way, like what he's had to do several times in his superhero career in Primal Earth. From what Aria's people have said while taking the group down here, though ... maybe it won't be that hard.]

[At least as far as infiltration goes ... What about after that, though? David idly scratches a cheek as he thinks things over.]