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Sleepover before the storm

Characters: [OU] Xion, Excalibur, and whoever comes
Setting: Floor 101
Format: Whatever floats your boat
Summary: It's the night before the infiltration. People are plotting, discussing, and Xion has brought a Dream Eater so those who want to try to get a good night's sleep have a marginally higher chance of doing so. So in short it's a Tower-flavored sleepover. Bring your own pillows.
Warnings: Nothing in the top level. Will try to edit if anything changes but if something comes up in one of your threads make sure to add a warning in the subject line


[Standard mingle post procedure. Make your top levels. Tag around. Have fun. Or not, this is Animus after all.

Notes will have been passed out and quiet discussion gone around by word of mouth, just saying that several people were spending the night in the hidden floor. Anybody who spoke to Xion would have been told that she's trying to figure out a way everybody can get a good night's sleep. You'll need to supply your own blankets and pillows but... hey, at least if you have trouble sleeping, you'll have company?

Note that any characters who sleep on the Hidden Floor, if they normally suffer from nightmares will likely have notably lessened or absent nightmares (up to your discretion) owing to the Dream Eater that Xion has brought with.]
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Couple hours after midnight, say?

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[Hello, Mac! Here is your friend trotting towards you wagging her tail. She is really pleased to see you and Diarmuid again because the two of you are soooo nice! Come and play with her, Mac. Because her master's asleep too.

In fact, is that him over there slumped over his pile of notes on that table next to the wall and snoring? Which he has done frequently in the dorm. The snoring, that is. Only he won't believe anybody who says that he snores without recorded evidence.]
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[Mac an Chuill woofs softly when he sees Pess, his tail wagging in greeting. The hound might still be unsure about her owner because of the whole glaring incident, but he likes her well enough. After a moment of tail wagging, he seems to realize this might wake his own sleeping owner and gets to his feet, walking over to Pess.

It's kind of boring, isn't it? That is what his head tilt and soft whine seem to say. Everyone is waiting and...what is there for a dog to do?]
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Re: o7

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[Pess detects that he might be a bit bored. Well, let's have some fun! Pess faces Mac an Chuillm gives a little play bow and wags her tail fiercely.

How about they chase each other round the room? Come on, it's fun!]
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[Mac an Chuill tilts his head. He understands what she wants, but he is a little worried about maybe waking someone up. Still...he's antsy and doesn't really want to keep doing nothing. He wants to run and to hunt, not sit around and wait.

He woofs again softly and wags his tail, waiting for her to start the chase.]
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[And Pess woofs back, although a little louder. Seeing the approval from Mac an Chuill, she dashes off to one side of the room, making sure to avoid bumping into or stepping over anyone sleeping.

Come on, Mac an Chuill! Catch her!]
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[Mac an Chuill does follow her, though a little more slowly. He's a large dog and has been taught to be careful. Part of hunting is sneaking up in the animal, after all, but this floor is nothing like his usual hunting grounds. That is why, after only a few seconds, he gives up on stealth and just takes off after her like a untrained puppy might.

Of course, doing that pretty much kills any chance of them being quiet. Big dog means big noise. Oops...]
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[Seeing him dash towards her, Pess starts running as well. She may not be so big but she can make a lot of noise too.

In fact, she is so caught up in the chase that she might be about to knock into Diarmuid...]
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[As if Diarmuid knows the dogs are coming, he shifts his legs our of Pess' way and then reaches out one hand to snag a hold of Mac an Chuill, stopping the dog dead in his tracks.]

Mac an know better... Pess...are you going to make me wake up your owner?

[Now would probably be the time to mention Diarmuid hasn't even opened his eyes yet, wouldn't it?]
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[Pess turns around and, realising that she has nearly hit Diarmuid, walks slowly towards him, her tail between her legs. She didn't mean to nearly hit him!

Her master is still snoring.]
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[It's hard for Diarmuid to stay mad at the dogs long, especially since it's not really their fault that they are board. He scratches both their ears when they come to him.]

What should we do with you two? You need something to keep you busy...

[His eyes look around the room until they finally land on Edgeworth. After a moment, a smirk crosses his face.]

You know, Pess. Your owner doesn't look very comfortable there. He should really go lay down somewhere more suited for sleeping. Why don't you two go wake him up so he can move?

[And by wake him up, Diarmuid totally means lick him awake...]
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[Edgeworth didn't actually mean to slump on the table - he was up all night working. He tried to force himself to stay awake but, well...

Pess still feels bad and gives a little whine to express that. She does enjoy the ear scratch though and tries to lick Diarmuid's hand in approval!

Welp, you can certainly try, Diarmuid. Miles would be less pissed off if Pess woke him up because of the soft spot he has for her.]

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[Unfortunately, since Diarmuid has been bitten by the mischief bug, he isn't thinking of what will make Edgeworth less pissed. He's just looking at what will be most amusing and what will be most amusing is sending both dogs to wake Edgeworth up. That is why he motions them both toward the sleeping man. Mac an Chuill woofs softly and wags his tail before heading over to Edgeworth and putting his large size to good use. He rears back so he can put his paws on either of the man's shoulders over the back of the chair and then rests his big head right on top of Edgeworth's.

One wonders how Pess will try to top that...]

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Gruguugh...? [Yep. That wakes him up instantly.

Sadly, being raised by Von Karma, Edgeworth really is not used to physical contact and he suddenly moves and jerks awake, trying to fling that big thing off his back. For all he know, it could be a monster!

Yeah, there are no monsters about at the moment but you're not thinking straight when you're suddenly being woken up like that. Especially as Mac's owner taught him self defense.]
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[Mac an Chuill is not so easily thrown off since he is a hunting dog. He's been trained to hold onto things that fight. However, this isn't a hunt. It's just a joke, so instead of digging in too hard with his paws, he gives the back of Edgeworth's head a lick, woofs, and then jumps down and stares up at the man, wagging his tail.

It's almost as if he's saying 'Rise and shine, sleepyhead.' Now, isn't that sweet?]
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[Edgeworth instantly gets up from his seat and swirls around to see....

Diarmuid, Mac and Pess? Did Pess...?

No, Pess couldn't have done it. She was taught not to jump so she would not do that, let alone jump on top of her master. Ergo, the culprit must be Mac. Time to give the dog's master a long lecture on how to control his dog...

Wait, unless....

Edgeworth raises an eyebrow at Diarmuid.]

You know, when a dog picks up bad habits, it's usually not the fault of the dog itself but its master's.
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That might be true, but I see no bad habits going on here. He was just having fun.

[Diarmuid raises an eyebrow at Edgeworth.]

Unless you expect me to believe that having fun is a bad habit, I am afraid your point is invalid. You should be thanking him. After all, now that he has woke you up, you can move over here...

[He points to a pile of blankets and pillows.] sleep instead of sleeping there. No sore back or neck for you.
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[Edgeworth has yet to pick up the trolling.]

Oh, I never said that having fun in itself was a bad habit. I'm saying that whatever trick you've made him do is a bad habit.

Unless you're implying your dog did that all on his own and if so, I would find his behaviour rather questionable. I thought you could control Mackerel reasonably well, Diarmuid. I must say that I am quite disappointed. [Oh look, he is also trolling.]

I-I wasn't sleeping. I was working. [Rather, he was trying to work and passed out from exhaustion but he's not going to admit it that easily.]
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[Diarmuid rolls his eyes. 'Mackerel,' really? Either Edgeworth has listening problems or...

A grin covers his face.]

I suppose I should clap for you. With your accent, I really expected you to butcher it worse. Fortunately for you, he will answer to 'Mac' as well. Surely, you should be able to get that out easier?

[His grin widens.]

I can tell you were working. So long and hard, in fact, that you are starting to become one with your notes. I do believe that is part of them stuck to your face...

[Is he just teasing? Is something really there? Who knows...]
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[RUDE.] Diarmuid, I thought you only knew Gaelic and Japanese, neither of which I actually speak. Ergo, how do you know what my accent sounds like?

[Edgeworth just raises an eyebrow before touching his head....nope, nothing is there.]

Nice try.

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I do only speak Japanese and Gaelic, so in all honesty, I have no idea where your accent is from. However, that doesn't prevent me from hearing that you do have one.

Oh...and check lower. Ink smudges are hard to feel...

[Okay, so this time he is teasing...]
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[Ok, that must be a joke. Here's a lineface.]
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[Or is he? Diarmuid could be making fun of Edgeworth because he DOES have smudges on his nose or chin or wherever. And that would look really stupid.]
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[No, it must be a joke to rile him up. Diarmuid DOES like doing that for some bizarre reason.]
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[Then again, he cannot be seen with smudges on his face. Edgeworth isn't one to notice whether he's handsome or not but he DOES care about looking professional.

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[.....Nope, he's got to check.]

If you would excuse me.

[And he glances around for a mirror in case he doesn't need to go upstairs to the bathrooms.]

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