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[The Fellowship of Animus] || [Part1] || [Recruitment]

Characters: Fi, Gandalf, Xion, Zelda and everyone in the tower who want things to change
Setting: Any floor, any day from the 18 to the 26 (except the 21)
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer

Summary: Recruitment for the Council of the Sages (Fellowship of Animus). The four recruiters will walk throughout the tower in order to find and speak with the people they think could help. Anyone is welcome. There's no real setting, those four are just gonna go and bother people during their daily Animus life. So feel free to pick a day and location of your choice, otherwise it’ll be randomized. OOC Post is here if you want more information. Happens after this reunion.

Warnings: None. The recruiters will do this together, but feel free to put in the subject line if you’d rather want someone in particular to do it. The others recruiters may threadjack at any moment.

If you are a good person, don't reek with evil, and would love to help, odds are that at least one of those four, Gandalf, Zelda, Fi and Xion, is gonna bother you speak with you about changing the fate of the people in the tower. If you're evil... Some derps may approach you anyway.

Gandalf's idea ever since he first set foot in the tower was to see its people work together- About everyone in the tower has something in common: the desire to change life in the tower ultimately to see their homeworld restored. To that purpose Gandalf convinced Zelda to lead a movement. She was perfect for the role: princess, chosen by wisdom, descendant of a goddess.

Now remains to actually get the people into that movement. The network is too dangerous for that, you don't know who else is watching. So here, they're roaming the tower to find those who wish to stand free and fight the evil. Zelda, Gandalf, but also Fi and Xion, the only two other people in the tower who are aware of this plan and its purpose. And here it goes.
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being standard and saying 'anybody~!'

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Sayaka's recent meanderings about the tower could best be described to have a frustrated aimlessness. Today, though, she's given up on trying at spontaneously achieving an emotional enlightenment, and is quietly zoning out to a pair of headphones and one of her CDs somewhere in the media room.
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Said sword spirit certainly does, when she joins him and looks at the young woman. Instead of saying much of anything, she floats towards the girl and settles before her quite calmly.
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As one song ends and segues to another, Sayaka's eyes open as she comes a bit out of her usual music-induced daze. ..She stares at the strange blue lady in front of her for a moment, then simply reaches out and clicks the music off.

"Sup, glowy lady. Need anything?"
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Oh what, like you had a better idea, Gandalf? You should expect this type of behavior from Fi by now. She's not human, you shouldn't expect her to behave like one.

"According to social customs, I should provide you with my personal designation. Fi is the name I was given." A short pause and then Fi goes on. "I was curious as to what you were doing. You seem distracted."

Fi could have just walked up to Sayaka and straight out asked her to join them but no. She's making the effort of talking with people before she asks. Be glad, Gandalf.
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"Fi, huh? I'm Sayaka."

Sayaka smiles a bit awkwardly at Fi's introduction, then taps emphatically at her headphones - "Just listening to a song through these. Nothing important, just for something to do."
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"A pleasure, Sayaka."

She looks curiously at the headphones, picking up the faint sound of music that was completely unfamiliar to her. Her face doesn't change but there's a feeling of confusion around the spirit.

"Those contain music?"