22 February 2013 @ 08:50 pm
Characters: sakuma kidou and fudou
Setting: room 2-8 -> soccer field
Format: brackets
Summary: showing your friend the shiny new soccer field is totally an appropriated welcome back thing to do
Warnings: n/a

by the power of the penguins combined!!!! )
Characters: Kidou Yuuto and Urotsuki
Setting: Dormitory hallways then down the deep end god knows where.
Format: Action
Summary: Urotsuki gets under the influence of one of the songs which only encourages some vaguely present issues..
Warnings: I DON'T WANT TO TAKE A GUESS JUST YET. Urotsuki's her own kind of warning tbh.

really mean it this time; really mean it this time )
Characters: Kidou Yuuto and you!
Setting: Everywhere and anywhere, January 13th
Format: I'm going action but I'll match!
Summary: Kidou's been in the tower for ten years and so he goes about his day like usual also soccer
Warnings: He's a huge grumpy grump, maybe some swearing but not a lot, and also tags will be coming from [personal profile] kouteipengeenno1!

Because we go through the same time, no matter how many times we passed each other, we'll surely meet again. )
Characters: Kidou Yuuto and Sakuma Jirou (Closed) Kidou Yuuto and you! (Open)
Setting: Room 2-08 and then Meadow
Format: Action bby but I'll do prose just for you ;)
Summary: Kidou received his Christmas present... and he's trying to deal with it.
Warnings: Depressed little shotas... and perhaps a little gore.

Closed )

Open )
17 December 2012 @ 02:10 pm
Characters: Genda and Kidou.
Setting: Meadow, and around.
Format: Action action action!
Summary: They're practicing soccer to hopefully warm up while discussing what to do about their sick girlfriends. Also some consequences for his dumb actions come to kick Kidou in the ass, though that's nothing new.
Warnings: Blood.

sakka yarouze! )
06 December 2012 @ 05:25 pm
Characters: Kidou Yuuto and You
Setting: Floor Thirty-three, in the morning till the afternoon!
Format: I'm starting with actionnnn
Summary: He really likes snow ok he doesn't need a reason to play in it he's a kid
Warnings: None!

Baby it's cold outside! )
Characters: Kidou Yuuto and Urotsuki [CLOSED]
Setting: October 21st, around noon-ish
Format: Action
Summary: Urotsuki died the other day and Kidou gets to see her transformation...
Warnings: Possible blood and sads and also really cute teenagers....

Even if that is the meaning of my life, I don't mind... )
16 October 2012 @ 09:44 pm
Characters: Yuuto von Kidou, Zombieyama Reiji, and you losers
Setting: October 17th - 20th
Format: Action is my best friend and prose is like my evil-step mom (but I'll follow in prose if you really want)
Summary: Kidou's a vampire and he's kinda thirsty... also Kageyama's a zombie and Kidou's gonna feed bodies to him yep.
Warnings: Blood and gore!

17th )

18th )

19th )

20th )

[OOC: The prompts are up! As a note, there is a way to get Kidou to stop or leave you alone. You need to spill a multiple amount of something on the ground be it candy or books or what have you. Because then he'll be forced to stop and count everything and boy that could take enough time for you to escape...]
Characters: Ganondorf Claus and YOU.
Setting: Any day between the 11th and the 20th
Format: Action or Prose, will follow
Summary: You better watch out~
You better not cry~
Better not pout~
I'm telling you why~
Ganon Claus is coming to Animus♫~
Let's all sing along~! )
Warning: Ganondorf, King of Evil- Disguised as Santa Claus for Halloween. This alone is a warning. Also he has a big bag full of coal and coal candies indistinguishable from real candies. And he offers them to whoever want them! Because Ganon Claus is really a nice person.

He sees you when you're sleeping... )
Anywhere in the Tower )Dorm Floor )Collecting Candies )Cafeteria )
12 October 2012 @ 05:50 pm
Characters: Yuuto von Kidou and you!!
Setting: October 12th! Around the Tower.
Format: Action 4ever but I'll follow!! I suck at prose though as a warning.
Summary: Trick-or-Treat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also he's being a grumpy-grump feel free to pick on him.
Warnings: Irritated Vampire Kidou being unamused with the tower and cranky (also because I'm awesome tags will come from [personal profile] vampenguin for this event!! Vampire icons aww yeah)

A bloo-bloo-bloo!!! )
07 October 2012 @ 10:28 am
Characters: Kidou Yuuto and... well anyone, really. Anyone who wanted to go /o/
Setting: The media room on October 5th (this is totally not two days late)
Format: I'm going action
Warnings: Fudou's coming and he's a loser does that count as a warning

Characters : Open to any and every villain / morally gray character in the tower
Setting: Eight Floor (Labyrinth)
Format: Either Prose or Action
Summary: This is a reunion for all bad guys in the tower, or at least characters who are morally gray, who think ends justify the means, etc. If your character qualifies, feel free to post in. There are no invitations or network message about it, Ganondorf simply spread the rumor that a reunion was about to happen on the 8th floor, this way all bad guys could get word of it.

There will be mostly the bad guys speaking about what happened lately and what should be done. Possibly a few far-fetched plans to take over the tower. And probably ideas to make the good guys' lives even worse. Spies are welcome as well, although of course, there are risks…

Like for the other reunion/party threads, this one will be divided in sub-threads. One of them for before the reunion, one during and one after. There will be another thread for Kidou and Romeo (aka the bitties) who have been invited at the very end for corruption purpose and a fifth thread where Reno's betrayal will be uncovered after the reunion ended and most participants left.

Warnings: EVIL. If a good guy interrupts the reunion he’ll be killed or worse.

Darkness Preservation Society )

Arrival / Pre-Reunion (Mingling)
The Reunion
The Bitties (End of Reunion)
Post-Reunion (Mingling)
Reno's Fate (Post-Reunion)
17 September 2012 @ 04:50 pm
Characters: Kiyaka Mito?? Saidou Yuuki?? (Kidou in Sayaka's body)
Setting: The cafeteria and meadow, and just about anywhere else!
Format: Prose is the bane of my existence, I am going action.
Summary: Kidou is getting used to the beautiful life of being a female also his dad is a butterfly and also soccer
Warnings: Slightly irritable girl wishing she wasn't a girl, adorable fluff with butterfly dad, and penguins.

Also tags will be coming from [personal profile] sayakawashere instead of pengeen!!

A )

B )

C )

D )
29 August 2012 @ 04:04 am
Characters: Kidou, Mami (BoF), Ryuunosuke, Reno [AU], Momotaros, David Lalonde [AU], Kairi [AU], Elena, Allen [AU] and YOU.
Setting: Cafeteria as a start, then around the floors.
Format: Action
Summary: Lezard picked at random a few test subjects, it's to say the nine characters mentioned above. Only to see if his potion that transforms people into demons works in the tower. And it does work! Party time? You can meet them while they are under the potion's effect.
Warnings: Good people growing stronger, getting more resistant and going totally mad/feral. Or even worse, turning into full-fledged blood-thirsty demoniac creatures. Lots of pain before, during and after the transformation. Deadly random encounters if you happen to meet them. Heart-wrenching mercy kills. Aside from that? Nothing really.

Some OOC tl;dr )
Quick links list )
22 August 2012 @ 11:46 pm
Who: Kidou Yuuto and Kageyama Reiji
Where: Around... mostly the more open floors of the tower
When: August 23, sometime in the morning
What: Kidou wants to learn a special technique from his mentor.
Warnings: If it gets that far... little boys getting hurt thanks to penguins...

I need to become stronger... )
05 August 2012 @ 05:23 pm
Characters: Kidou Yuuto and Professor Hojo
Setting: Their room, room 2-08
Format: Action
Summary: Kidou's got a lot on his mind, he needs a scientists opinion!
Warnings: Shouldn't be anything... except depressed children........

science and progress )
Characters: Kidou Yuuto and you!
Setting: Basically around the tower this will probably happen throughout the day lmfao.
Format: Action for my part, you can use prose if you'd like, I'll follow!
Summary: Kidou gets to try his hand at being a toreador
Warnings: Really cute shit

kidou no )
02 June 2012 @ 06:25 pm
Characters: Kidou, Haruna, Sakuma, and Genda
Setting: Aquarium and also around the Tower as he rounds up his bffsies
Format: Action tags because I'm sure none of us want to do prose
Summary: Party with the Inazuma cast
Warnings: Adorable sibling fluff and also penguin fluff and other cute stuff you'll die

Sorry for party rocking )
Characters: Fi, Gandalf, Xion, Zelda and everyone in the tower who want things to change
Setting: Any floor, any day from the 18 to the 26 (except the 21)
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer

Summary: Recruitment for the Council of the Sages (Fellowship of Animus). The four recruiters will walk throughout the tower in order to find and speak with the people they think could help. Anyone is welcome. There's no real setting, those four are just gonna go and bother people during their daily Animus life. So feel free to pick a day and location of your choice, otherwise it’ll be randomized. OOC Post is here if you want more information. Happens after this reunion.

Warnings: None. The recruiters will do this together, but feel free to put in the subject line if you’d rather want someone in particular to do it. The others recruiters may threadjack at any moment.

One doesn't simply recruit into Animus )
21 May 2012 @ 07:13 pm
Characters: Kidou Yuuto, Sakuma Jirou, Gandalf, and Professor. Hojo
Setting: Room 2-08!
Format: Action 0u0
Summary: Roommate shenanigans
Warnings: Nothing....for....now.................

Hrrrrrrg writing things suck )