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[Christmas Party Log] || [I wish you a Merry Christmas~] || [Open]

Characters: Everyone ever.
Setting: Floor 38- On Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Format: Action or prose, whichever format you prefer.
Summary: CHRISTMAS PARTY! Now that the Jason!Flu is finally over, all the characters can celebrate Christmas in peace (nearly?) and eat some acceptable food that was cooked by the volunteers. The 38th floor is, as usual, the floor where the party happens and has been entirely decorated for Christmas. The Christmas Party will be open for Christmas Eve and the entirety of Christmas. For characters who wouldn't check this floor, the party has been advertised on the network.

As is usual with these party logs, it's free game! Feel free to post a mingle thread for your character as they spend time in the party or an activity (singing, dancing? playing game? gift giving? anything). Add to that, you're free to start as many threads as you want, be they open or closed! Please put in the header your character's name or the activity's name. If a prompt is closed, then please make sure to write it in the header too!

Warning: Fun times?

The lounge on the 38th floor has been entirely decorated with ribbons, tinsels, Christmas balls and many other things- All hand-made of course. The first thing that can probably be noticed upon entering is the majestic Christmas Tree sitting near the entrance, decorated as well and with wrapped boxes at its feet. There are a lot of empty spaces in the room for people to dance if so they wish as well as empty tables to organize games or sit down, in short everything needed to run an activity. Oh, and there is mistletoe hung at the floor's entrances. Nothing bad really.

Most important there is a lot of food in here, placed on a couple tables. Most of that food comes from the tower's restaurant-- Someone must have done a lot of work for the tower these last days. At least here and now you don't have to risk a limb to get some quality food. Aside from the restaurant food there are also cakes, yule logs as well as many cooked meats and fruits.

Last but not least, this floor isn't as cold here as the rest of the tower. There are a total of what appears to be four fireplaces (hand-made as all the other decorations) in the room, one against each of the walls with fires lit within them. Of course these are not exactly normal fires and a lot of resources and energy has been spent to make them so they will last for the entirety of the party- After this they will be unusable, but at least until then they will keep the room at a normal temperature.

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Hidetoshi Odagiri

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[ He had arrived shortly after the party had gotten well underway, drained and tired, welcoming the warmth that rushed into the room, and really hadn't felt up to what he usually would have done in a social activity—wandered throughout the room and chatted up people and played a few of the games.

So, you'll find him sitting down next to one of the fireplaces, back bumped up against the surface of the wall, surveying the room with a critical eye (
yep, gonna ignore his memories of the hallucinations. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Total denial of the hallucinations having ever occurred here, okay.) There's a place full of decent food, a slice of cake, a soda beside him and honestly, all Hidetoshi feels like doing is staying here, enjoying the atmosphere, and relishing in being properly warm for what seemed to be the first time in ages.

... Obviously, this means you should come over and bug him.
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[There is a nod of acknowledgement only once from the room mate (who hasn't been there for a few days) from across the room by the windows.

Sephiroth isn't the social type, especially not today. He doesn't want to stray anywhere near the fireplaces either, preferring the fact that he can go back to not being bothered much by how chilly it is.]
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[ He had been munching on his food with mannerly but hungry gusto (it actually tasted like something other than cardboard, it was extraordinary how quickly he'd forgotten how good food tasted like as he swallowed it), when he noticed the nod from Sephiroth and acknowledged it with a polite returning nod of his own.

Not that he's getting up to talk; again, too wrung out to actively socialize and he was aware his roommate wasn't very fond of company. So, I get they'll exchange silent greetings from across the room and go back to being anti-social by their respective fireplace and window.