07 January 2014 @ 08:24 pm
Characters: Waver Velvet and you
Setting: Room 2-02/dorm floors and wherever
Format: starting action brackets but whatever
Warnings: ROOSTERS

Room 2-02/dorm floors; January 2nd
[When Waver woke, the first thing he heard was a small scratching coming from the foot of his bed. And then a crow. And frankly, what the hell?

So, he got up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and opened the trunk...only to have a very angry rooster pop out at him, feathers flying. It caught his nose in its beak, as if the shock wasn't already enough to send him falling backwards on his butt.

Anyone nearby will probably hear a shriek in the middle of the frenzy.]

Elswhere; any day
[Tiny Waver now carries the rooster under his arm pretty much anywhere he goes. He doesn't trust it alone in his room. He doesn't look like he's having a good time keeping it with him, though. It often tries to fly away, scratch or peck him. And it's damn noisy.

After a few days it elects to sit on his head most of the time. Certainly easier to deal with, but...still pretty annoying.]

06 December 2013 @ 10:48 pm
[Characters]: Jade Curtiss, OPEN
[Setting]: Room 1-06, Floor 5, 19, 45, Cafeteria.
[Format]: Prose to begin, but I'll follow your lead if there's something else you prefer.
[Summary]: Jade's arrival in the Tower and what he finds there.
[Warnings]: Mild creepiness on Floor 45 but nothing more than that. Yet.
[Edit]: I had Jade looking up information on the Tower on Floor 19. Someone gave me a head's up that there aren't any texts about the Tower itself in the libraries, which is mentioned in the desc for Floor 3 but not 19, which is what I focused on. That's my bad, and it's been fixed. Sorry!

- Room 1-06 - )


- Floor 5 - )


- Floor 19 - )


- Floor 45 - )


- Cafeteria - )
16 November 2013 @ 11:44 pm
Characters: Shirou Emiya and you
Setting: Room 01-12, Dorm Floors, Floor 1, Open
Format: Actionspam
Summary: Waking up and exploring.
Warnings: Dumbness, SHOUNEN etc.

this shit is bad for our health )
Characters: Archer [AU3] and you! (open)
Setting: Floor 25, Dorm Floor 1, and a general all-over-the-tower bit
Format: Using action brackets, but will match in threads.
Summary: So the week started well enough. And then these strange messages started appearing around the tower... (If you want to react to the ever-changing 'Lancer and Archer' rumor, feel free to pick any version.)
Warnings: Nothing at the moment.

Floor 25 - prior to the event )

All over the tower - once the rumors start appearing on the walls )

Dormitory Floor 1 - that ever-changing Lancer and Archer rumor )
21 May 2013 @ 02:51 pm
Characters: Shinji and OPEN
Setting: The cafeteria
Format: Action preferred
Summary: Shinji takes advantage of the poison plants meaning a more empty cafeteria.
Warnings: An eight-year-old and alcohol...

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11 May 2013 @ 06:49 pm
Characters: Asahi Yuki and you!
Setting: Dormitories (room 01-11), floor four, floor fifteen.
Format: I'll be doing action, feel free to prose though if you want, I don't mind!
Summary: Asahi wakes up in the tower and has a fit.
Warnings: Some very slight blood in the second prompt.

( room 01-11 ) )

( floor four ) )

( floor fifteen ) )

( ooc: as a side note, Asahi has the ability to see through people's lies, so if you would rather not have her do that to your character as she talks to them then please don't tag, thanks! )
03 April 2013 @ 09:17 pm
Characters: [AU7] Waver Velvet, OPEN
Setting: Dormitory floors, fourth floor, random floors.
Format: Action
Summary: Waver searches for her family, sulks around as Wavers do, and then explores a little.
Warnings: May include monsters etc. I'll update accordingly.

Dormitory floors )

Floor 4 )

You pick! )
19 March 2013 @ 12:29 am
Characters: Catch-all post for Mini's characters (Aleph, Katsuya Suou, Zett Takajo, V/V, Ryuunosuke Uryuu) and you!
Setting: Arouund the tower.
Format: Starting with action brackets, will match anything.
Summary: The weather keeps changing and it's a jerk :|
Warnings: Ryuunosuke's threads with Kariya and Waverhave blood, violence, mutilation, and death.

SPRING, Aleph )

SPRING, Katsuya Suou )

SUMMER, Zett Takajo )

AUTUMN, Ryuunosuke Uryuu )

18 March 2013 @ 09:41 pm
Characters: Kelsey-characters and you - Mondo Oowada [personal profile] mustlovedogs , Lambdadelta [personal profile] stalemates , [ou] Waver Velvet [personal profile] nonacquiescent  and Vergil [personal profile] bloodright 
Setting: Various
Format: Starting action, but I can go with the flow
Summary: Lambda eats her stuff out of a candy brick, Vergil and Mondo have bad hair days and Waver freezes
Warnings: Who knows what could happen, honestly.

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09 March 2013 @ 04:08 pm
Characters: Kariya Matou [AU4] & ALL THE PEOPLE
Setting: Dorms, Various Floors, Choose Your Own Adventure
Format: Any!
Summary: +1 flailing bug magus. Does it count if 'he' is already here?
Warnings: Fate/BUGS

Portrait of the Magus as a New Arrival )

FD: Room 1-16 )

F1: Cafeteria )

F20: Outside )

F??: Choose Your Own Adventure )
06 March 2013 @ 09:29 pm
Characters: Waver and open!
Format: I'll try to match.
Summary: Professor Charisma does some exploring. And science. Magic science. i have no self control so wow this got up quick
Warnings: None yet.

dormitory room 3-10 )

floor eighty-one )

floor twenty-five )

floor three )

anywhere else )
01 March 2013 @ 10:49 am
Characters: [personal profile] Dark Rin & YOU!
Setting: Various floors, dormitories. Willing to have her be anywhere so long as there's something "pretty" to take a photo of
Time: Throughout the day
Format: Quick to start, will match
Summary: Rin believes in equivalent exchange and works on repaying a kindness done to her. Later on she finds out what everyone else has found out via terminals because magi and computers GROSS and broods a little
Warnings: Surprisingly a nice post for her, will edit them in if they come up

Various Floors )

Dormitories )
02 February 2013 @ 03:01 pm
Characters: Shinji Matou & OPEN
Setting: Dormitory Floor 2; Cafeteria; Library
Format: Action preferred, but I'll try to match.
Summary: Shinji tries to puzzle out his situation.
Warnings: Man idk, I'll update this as things come up.

dormitory )

cafeteria )

library )
24 January 2013 @ 06:40 am
Characters: Arturia and you!
Setting: Media Room (Floor 14), Eldritch Aquarium (Floor 10), and the Maneating Hedgemaze (Floor 29)
Format: Prose.
Summary: In which the new resident Counter Guardian tries her hand at video games, gets lost in thought in the aquarium, and is almost eaten in the hedgemaze.
Warnings: Potentially lethal plants in the hedgemaze.

More meandering! )

For Zero Lancer )

For Shotaro Sanjo )
13 January 2013 @ 02:33 am
Characters: Kariya Matou and open
Setting: The dormitories and the meadow (or anywhere else, if anyone would like to take him somewhere, as he isn't very mobile on his own– he likes visitors, and trips.)
Format: Action to start, but prose is fine, too
Summary: It's only been a year or so, by Kariya's reckoning (when he can remember), but time and magical parasites have taken their toll.
Warnings: blood and possible body horror or angst

So short and yet so long a time. )
13 January 2013 @ 01:56 am
Characters: Waver Velvet and open
Setting: Floors 14, 45, 19 and 43 or anywhere else
Format: Starting with action but I can match
Summary: Waver's been in the tower for twenty years and become a grumpy bum. Replies will come from [personal profile] achillean
Warnings: Nothing really, I don't think.

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Characters: Hidetoshi, and everyone.
Setting: The hallways of the jail on the 45th floor, and the floating island on the 35th floor.
Format: Either actionspam or prose is perfectly fine by me, but as always, remember I'll be slower to reply to prose.
Summary: Now that December's over, Hidetoshi decides that the start of a new month would be an excellent time to explore more of the Tower for himself before the next events hits. Of course, this means any other Tower residents (new and old) are free to bug him or join him in exploration.
Warnings: None so far. Unless Monomaru turns up, he's a warning unto himself.

Because while his dislike of Halloween far outranks his dislike of Christmas )
It wasn't a happy time. )

This is the tower of souls after all, and happiness is prohibited )
06 January 2013 @ 06:41 pm
Characters: Arturia Pendragon [AU5] and anyone
Setting: Dorms, Floor One, Floor Twenty-threefour, and Floor Thirty-eight.
Format: Prose
Summary: Arturia wakes up in the tower after what must be countless centuries of forced combat.... and has no idea what to do with herself!
Warnings: DEATH! WOOHOO! In the first post, too! \o/

Ah, the life of a Counter Guardian )
04 January 2013 @ 11:14 pm
Characters: Zero Lancer and whoever would like to join!
Setting: Starting in room 4-16, then heading to the cafeteria, and from there floor six.
Format: Whatever you would like!
Summary: Zero Lancer wakes up in a strange place and tries to figure out what's going on.
Warnings: Spoilers for Lancer's end in the series.

Room 4-16 )

The Cafeteria )

Floor Six )
01 January 2013 @ 07:02 pm
Characters: Waver Velvet [personal profile] nonacquiescent  and open
Setting: The media room (floor 14) December 31st-January 1st and the halls/room 1-16 on January 1st
Format: Starting action but I can match if you want some intense video gaming prose
Summary: It's not like Waver likes video games or anything. Don't get the wrong idea.
Warnings: Proobably nothing

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