20 September 2013 @ 04:46 pm
Characters: chaos and you.
Setting: The graveyard, the meadow, and then the graveyard again.
Format: I'm starting in prose, but I'll match you!~
Summary: chaos goes to visit Mary's grave to tell her of the elevation in his and Sertoria's relationship and that he still loves her even if he loves and stays with Sertoria..only to find the androids grave. Hurt by the sudden loss and the fact that he was unable to tell her the truth, chaos goes to the meadow to pick flowers for her before visiting her grave again and breaking down a little.
Warnings: Other than a crying chaos, none at this point.

Why are you here?! )

Flowers )

..Farewell )
14 August 2013 @ 08:59 am
Characters: chaos and you!
Setting: The 12th in the mailroom, The 13th on the 81st floor, wherever you wish on the 14th, and the Graveyard on the 15th.
Format: I'm starting in prose, but I'll match you.
Summary: After getting his 'wonderful' gift, chaos has to deal with his shadow children, who eventually drain on him, leading to his eventual death in the Graveyard on the Fifteenth.
Warning: The usual angst for this event and character death.

Pax in nomine Dominum )

Mundum replens laetitia )

Sicut erat in principio, et nunc )

Magnificat anima mea Pacem )
05 July 2013 @ 01:07 am
Characters: chaos and Hallelujah. [Closed.]
Setting: The twenty-fifth floor on July 4th.
Format: I'm starting in action, but I'll match you.
Summary: After gaining some paintballs and two paintball guns, Hallelujah takes up chaos's offer to have a paintball fight.
Warnings: None so far.

chaos against Hallelujah. Place your bets. )
25 June 2013 @ 10:11 pm
Characters: Miles Edgeworth and you! (although second prompt open only to Phoenix Wright)
Setting: 24th June. During the day.
Format: Action but I'll match.
Summary: Maya's left the tower and Edgeworth's going to have to tell a certain someone.
Warnings: Angst I guess? Also reference to character death.

I do sincerely hope she's going to be all right... )
03 June 2013 @ 09:42 am
Characters: Romeo and you
Setting: On floor 25 (June 1st, morning after reveal) and Cathedral Flood (June 3rd after Ruana's network post)
Format: Either
Summary: The morning after the reveal a small orange frame and his foil 'pet' have a very serious conversation. Then once the glamour goes back up Romeo tries to get his head around everything not being real and never being real. Really this is the worst birthday present tower
Warnings: general event warnings

Even if it's all a lie )
Characters: Big Boss and You.
Setting: Dormitories, Cafeteria, the Graveyard, Storage Room (Floor 40) and Anywhere Else.
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer.
Summary: Snake arrives in the tower-- And that after eleven months spent alone on his dead homeworld following his short-lived stay in the tower last year. Big Boss may be somewhat paranoid after this year spent alone; but needless to say this tower is much better than his dead homeworld.
Warnings: This man may teach you how to use a gun if given an occasion. Aka no real warnings.

Dormitories )Cafeteria )Graveyard )Storage Room )Anywhere Else )
19 April 2013 @ 03:21 pm
Characters: Asako Minegishi, now free of her brainwashing, and anyone really.
Setting: Forward-dating this to April 20; Room 2-15, Floors 13-14.
Format: I'll start with action, but either's fine.
Summary: Waking up from brainwashing is like the world's worst hangover multiplied by a thousand.
Warnings: Mentions of gore.
someday in the darkness )
14 April 2013 @ 11:59 pm
Characters: Kain Highwind, Cecil Harvey, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, and maybe even you!
Setting: Cafeteria, various high places, the dorms (Room 4-16 specifically)
Format: Prose to start, will follow whichever you prefer.
Summary: Modifications finished, Kain does his duty as a loyal servant of the administrators. Mostly. Details about his modifications can be found here.
Warnings: Violence, death, body horror, all the things that this event implies. If tagging either open prompt, please clarify if you are okay with Kain killing your character. Likewise, if you think your character would kill him, let me know!

Cafeteria - open to all )


Floor 4, 38, 45, 81 (Or Anywhere with an open-air view) - open to all )


Room 4-16 - Closed to Cecil and Diarmuid )
14 April 2013 @ 09:12 pm
Characters: Kyoko Sakura, Czeslaw Meyer, Mami Tomoe, & open.
Setting: Floor Twenty-Five (closed,) Floor Forty-Five (closed), Staircase, Floor Forty-Eight, Floor Eighty-One, Floor One
Format: action, will match.
Summary: Kyoko has been turned into a humanized Witch and droned to boot! She deals with this by wandering around and stuffing her face.
Warnings: Kyoko has been droned. The full details on that are here, but the short version is: body horror, mentions of surgery and brainwashing, and likely violence, gore, death. When commenting, please specify whether you would like your character to meet Kyoko while she is droned, malfunctioning or "normal."

LJ cut text )
20 March 2013 @ 10:08 pm
Characters: Gamzee and YOU.
Setting: Multiple floors, occurring during the weather event. (3/17-3/23)
Format: Action.
Summary: Gamzee has equally embarrassing reactions to all seasons. Staying afloat, indecent exposure, blocking the halls, and pelting people with ice balls while trying not to freeze to death. Come join him for some fun*!
Warnings: Gamzee.


Spring )

Summer )

Autumn )

Winter )
20 March 2013 @ 12:42 am
Characters: Data, his cat(s) and you!
Setting: Dormitories Floors, Holodeck and the Library.
Format: Starting with action, will follow.
Summary: Data before and during the event. Data gets to see the familiar bridge of the Enterprise, needs to protect his cats from the weather and is forced to continue his duties as security officers in spite of the thunderstorm.
Warnings: None really for now. Data may get struck by lightning and deactivate during the Summer/Thunderstorm prompt, but he'll live.

Before Event - Floor 100 (Holodeck) )
Spring - Dormitories Floors )Summer - Floor 19 (Library) )
Characters: Anyone who signed up for the Dark World Plot! Look at tag list for more details.
Setting: The 4th and 5th of March. Located in the Cursed Floors + Ganon's Tower (Floors 6, 7, 8, 12, 62, 65, 68, 70, 73 and 79 + Floor 75).
Format: Most likely action but left at the players's discretion.
Summary: Your character somehow got trapped in the Forest Floor of the Tower-- And it looks nothing like the Forest Floor the characters remember. It's the beginning of the Dark World. Some floors look pretty different from what they did before, some nearly identical. The only way to get out is to go through the dungeons that make up this Dark World.

All characters start out in the Dark Forest, then as they go throughout the forest, they magically walk into one of the three dungeons (the one they have been assigned to). By exploring the dungeons, they will acquire one of the three Pendants that lead to the Core of the Curse, from where the cursed floors can be ended. However, Richtofen is there and happy to make sure that won't be that easy.

Mingle threads are simply for Mingle, whereas the exploration of the dungeons, puzzles, etc happens in the Exploration threads. OOC information here.

Warning: While your character may survive fine and all, the dark world is a dangerous place with lots of monsters and puzzles to solve. Characters may get harmed or killed, but that is left to the players's discretion. Characters going through the water of temple may lose their patience and sanity.

Arrival in the Dark World )

Dark Forest -------------------------------------------- Mingle || Exploration

The Water Temple: Wisdom Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Death Mountain: Power Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Palace of Darkness: Courage Dungeon ---- Mingle || Exploration || Dark Self Battle || Boss Battle

Richtofen's Laboratory ------------------------------ Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle

Illusionary Room
Ganon's Tower
Characters: Arturia [AU5] and OPEN
Setting: Various, with prompts for floors 82, 12, and 60. After the elevator event, but the timeline is otherwise completely flexible
Format: Prose, please!
Summary: Arturia goes around making sure the people she knows are still alive after seeing what's down stairs, and other sundry things.
Warnings: none as of yet.

Lots of introspection this time. )
Characters: Hidetoshi, and EVERYONE IN THE TOWER! Open to visiting String!characters as well. If you want to interact with him during your stay, this is the place to do it.
Setting: Various (floors 81, 1, 74 and 100) set throughout the week, including the three-day event.
Format: Stating with actionspam but whatever you chose to respond with is fine.
Summary: Hidetoshi is unaffected by the event, and more concerned with his own affairs and the new factor of the batch of newcomers that had no collars, sent with a mission by someone named Philemon than the minor issue of who's hooking up with/harassing who under the influence of the administration's experiment.
Warnings: Nothing so far, but I will add a warning accordingly if that changes.

sometimes you cannot even breathe deeply )

and the night sky is no home )

but the skies are full of monsters we cannot name and do not know )
05 February 2013 @ 02:18 pm
Characters: Kyoko Sakura and you
Setting: A bunch of new floors.
Format: Floor One Hundred, Eighty-Three, Eighty-One, Sixty-Three, Fifty-Four & Kitchen
Summary: Exploring the new floors! Also fondue.
Warnings: Some possibly squicky organ stuff on eighty-three, otherwise probably none?

the dance of the burning flowers is my guide sign. )
15 January 2013 @ 11:34 pm
Characters: Jr. and you
Setting: Dormitory Floors
Format: Action or prose, will follow.
Summary: Jr. has spent an eternity in the tower. Hundreds, thousands years- Maybe even more? He doesn't know and he's stopped counting a long time ago. Now he understands more than ever why Albedo was once so afraid of being immortal. It sucks and it drives you mad.
Warning: A particularly distressed URTV whose powers are on the brink of going berserk and whose sanity is maybe already lost to the tower. Also the sleeping consciousness of Albedo may be influencing his behavior, for the worse. Meaning he can be fairly dangerous since at this point he barely gives a damn about anything. Replies may come from [personal profile] urtw.

The days are gone and so far away )
Characters: Gandalf, Frodo and those they called to the council.
Setting: Cathedral Floor
Format: Action
Summary: Frodo has with him a certain ring yet he cannot reach Mount Doom to destroy it. So Gandalf sent a note to a few people for a small council to be held so as to discuss the matter of utmost importance that is the ring, as it is destroying Frodo's mind and can theoretically fall into very bad hands.
Warnings: Nothing. Well, Frodo may suffer of the repercussion of what'll happen to the ring.

One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them )
06 January 2013 @ 05:42 pm
Characters: Izanami Attendant-san and YOU
Setting: Wherever! She's wandering around today!
Format: I will change to match!
Summary: Izanami wants to meet new people. She finds this easier as a gas station attendant than as a dead woman.
Warnings: Izanami is her own warning, but she may also be dying!

[She's just wandering around, looking for people to meet! Don't mind this guy, "he's" just an easy-going gas station attendant.]
Characters: Everyone ever.
Setting: Floor 38- On Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Format: Action or prose, whichever format you prefer.
Summary: CHRISTMAS PARTY! Now that the Jason!Flu is finally over, all the characters can celebrate Christmas in peace (nearly?) and eat some acceptable food that was cooked by the volunteers. The 38th floor is, as usual, the floor where the party happens and has been entirely decorated for Christmas. The Christmas Party will be open for Christmas Eve and the entirety of Christmas. For characters who wouldn't check this floor, the party has been advertised on the network.

As is usual with these party logs, it's free game! Feel free to post a mingle thread for your character as they spend time in the party or an activity (singing, dancing? playing game? gift giving? anything). Add to that, you're free to start as many threads as you want, be they open or closed! Please put in the header your character's name or the activity's name. If a prompt is closed, then please make sure to write it in the header too!

Warning: Fun times?

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way )

Individual Threads [Mingling]
Links to the character individual threads.
Adachi || April || Bernkastel || Catarina || chaos || Chihiro Fujisaki || Colette || Data || Emmett Brown || Frodo Baggins || Gaignun Kukai Jr. || Gamzee [AU3] || Gandalf || Ganondorf || Haldir || Hei || Hidetoshi Hodagiri || Illya Von Einzbern || Kariya Matou || Kazumi || Ken Amada || Lancer || Legolas || Lucifer || Margulis || Naminé || Naoya || Nesir || Professor Hojo || Puru Two || Remilia Scarlet || Riku [OU] || Riku [AU] || Romeo || Saber (Alter) || Sayaka Maizono || Sephiroth || Shion Uzuki & Allen || Shiro || Solas Greine || Suzaku || Taiki || Tohko Amano || Tsubaki Kasugano || Waver Velvet || Yukiteru Amano || Yusuke Urameshi || Zelda
17 December 2012 @ 09:45 pm
Characters: Data and YOU!
Setting: Cafeteria, Your Dorm, Library, Any Floor.
Format: Starting with action, will follow.
Summary: Thankfully enough, this android has been spared the strain of flu spreading throughout the tower. So Data tries to follow the human tradition called "Christmas" and attempts to decorate the Cafeteria. Meanwhile he also investigates the terminals to find information relevant to the tower and the whole administrator business, carries out his duty as security officer and look after his cat… That may or not have ended up asleep on your bed.

Also Data may or not be putting Mistletoe in strategic doorways throughout the tower. It's only for decorating and help the Christmas mood after all, right?
Warnings: None for now.

Cafeteria )Your Dorm )Library )Any Floor )