20 September 2013 @ 11:34 pm
Characters: Asch and various; see individual prompts
Setting: Cafeteria kitchens, any day the first half of the month [open]; 81st floor lounge, any day 11th-15th [open to everyone except Sheba]; the beach floor, afternoons 16th-18th [closed to past, semi-close CR]; Asch's room the morning of the 21st [closed to the two Lukes]
Format: You guys know me by now.
Summary: Cooking lessons with Jenna! And... anyone else who might want to eat; FRIENDSHIP; VAN GIVES ASCH FEELINGS so he blows up sand; DYING IS SUFFERING.
Warnings: Mentions of psychological/emotional manipulation in the third prompt; aftermath of death in the last.

Release me for I am free )
Characters: Sheba and you!
Setting: One closed, backdated prompt; the others are all open, taking place at various locations in the Tower throughout the week.
Format: Action to start with, but I can easily switch to prose if you want. I'll follow what you do in your tag.
Summary: After the infiltration, Sheba meets up with someone she has an agreement with. Later on in the month, the shadow children break out and some of them start following her around...
Warnings: General angst, possible descriptions of a man being burnt alive in the mailroom prompt depending on how conversation goes, possible character death/suicide in the floor 34 prompt (though it can be avoided depending on how conversation goes), possible character death in Saturday's prompt.

you either love them or i guess you don't )
Characters: Open
Setting: Cafeteria/Cathedral/Library throughout the day
Format: Action brackets
Summary: A new Sheba arrives and explores the tower.
Warnings: Sheba reads minds and sees the future. There is a permissions post here. If you don't fill it out and it would be IC for her to try it I will have her try but leave it up to you if it succeeds or not.

How I had to keep on trying a little better every day )