Characters: [A] Shiro and Cie (Toto and Ganta)
[B] Shiro and Wilhelm
[C] Shiro and EVERYBODY
Setting: Candy hunting in the Tower, during the whole event.
Format: prose to start but I'll match.
Summary: This is Shiro's dream event. Candy everywhere!!! Wretched Egg however hates this event so she'll be nowhere in sight. Anyone want to pair up with a Candy Hunting Specialist? Just apply here ^_~
Warnings: PG to be safe (since WE is not here, it should be pretty soft and not to violent XD), will update if needed.

A - Shiro, Toto and Ganta in the dormitories )

B - Shiro and Wilhelm in Wilhelm's office and the library on the third floor )

C - Shiro and YOOOOOOU in the cafeteria, restaurant, meadow, aquarium, pool, libraries, meadow or dormitories )
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02 July 2013 @ 08:02 am
Characters: Sertoria Cani and YOU.
Setting: Room 1-03, Cafeteria, Floor 15, Third Block through Sixth Block.
Format: Action, but I can match.
Summary: Sertoria returns to the tower and decides to return straight to work.
Warnings: Possible feels...?

Room 1-03 )

Cafeteria )

Floor 15 )

Third Block onwards. )
15 March 2013 @ 01:20 pm
Characters: April and anyone else!
Setting: Floor 28, Floor 100 and Dorm Room 2-04 (Locked to Aleph).
Format: Brackets to start with, but I can match you!
Summary: In which April practices music and then later gets hit with a bad cause of homesickness.

Floor 28 )

Floor 100 )

Dorm Room 2-04 [Locked] )
14 March 2013 @ 02:45 am
Characters: Wilhelm and Shiro... possibly Wretched Egg?
Setting: Libary.
Format: Prose.
Summary: Wilhelm makes good on a promise.
Warnings: Should be relatively innocent... unless Wretched Egg comes out.

Even he can keep a promise. )
Characters: Shion & YOU~
Setting: You can catch her passing through the dorm floors, the libraries, the media room, or her moping on floor 12.
Format: Take your pick.
Summary: Shion is a mess, surprise.
Warnings: None yet.

Read more... )
10 February 2013 @ 10:23 pm
Characters: Tohko Amano and you for the first two prompts, the third is closed to Tohko and Diarmuid.
Setting: Floor fifteen, the cafeteria, and then dorm room 04-16. Occurs on the twelfth.
Format: I'm starting in prose, but I'll match you!
Summary: After getting mercy murdered, Tohko tries to calm down and deal with some feelings..while also dealing with being affected by Diarmuid's love spot.
Warnings: Will be updated as things pop up.

Sadly, it had to ensnare... )

this foolish and brave.. )

Book Girl. )
06 February 2013 @ 03:24 pm
Characters: Naminé [OU] and OPEN.
Format: Either.
Summary: Today seems to be a day of discoveries.
Warnings: Memories/consideration of past abuse/kidnapping etc.

Not all of them welcome. )
25 December 2012 @ 07:46 pm
Characters: Shion Uzuki and anyone hungry~
Setting: The Kitchen, or the library (locked)
Format: You decide ♥
Summary: Shion is using her flu present~ And willing to share a little curry.

In the kitchen... )


In the Library... (LOCKED to Testaments!) )
14 December 2012 @ 04:12 am
Characters: Jr. and You!
Setting: Room 4-08/Dormitory Floor, Library, Cafeteria, Anywhere Else.
Format: Action to start but will match.
Summary: Junior wakes up in the tower and this story is seriously too stupid to be true. At least this is what he thinks and he set off to explore and find out who's behind this all. If only he knew...
Warning: An overpowered derp looking younger than he actually is. Aside from that, nothing so far.

Dormitory )Library )Cafeteria )Anywhere Else )
01 December 2012 @ 05:58 pm
Characters: Shion Uzuki, open
Setting: Floor 14, the media room
Format: I'll match whatever.
Summary: Shion wakes up, and decides to explore a little because that's totally a good idea.
Warnings: None yet~

Read more... )
Characters: Wilhelm and Anyone.
Setting: Floor 3 - Wilhelm's makeshift "office."
Format: I'll follow you!
Summary: With Yeshua here, he's able to get back to his plans. This involves vetting various people in the Tower. How does he plan on doing this? By playing chess with them while asking them questions.
Warnings: TBD. Should be fairly SFW.

and so it begins... )
13 November 2012 @ 05:29 am
Characters: chaos and you!
Setting: All around the Tower, as chaos wanders around and learns about this place.
Format: Prose or action. I can go with either.
Summary: chaos wakes up and tries to learn about this new place.
Warnings: None that I can think of for the moment.

Dorm Room 3-06 and the surrounding floor:

chaos woke up with a yawn and rubbed his eyes. He liked to sleep, but he didn't think he'd pass out immediately after saving-chaos's train of thought was interrupted as he sat up and took in his surroundings. This was not the bottom of the Elsa. And he had an odd collar on his neck. However, he didn't panic. There had to be an explanation for this, even if it was weird that he passed out without realizing it and had a collar on his neck. He got up and noticed two letters on his nightstand. He read them both, and while one detailed the layout and some of the things in this place, the other letter had to be lying. If the Lower Domain was destroyed, than he'd be destroyed along with it. Since he was alive, this note was a lie.

Noticing a chest at the bottom of his bed, chaos opened it. Inside was a bodysuit, some gloves, a Bunnie plush, a notebook, a box of curry mix, and..Alice In Wonderland. Despite the situation, chaos smiled. It had been quite a long time since he'd seen a book. Since his dorm room was empty, chaos wandered out, wondering if he'd see the Elsa crew soon, or someone familiar. He'd also need to eat something-which he technically didn't have to eat, it was an enjoyable experience-and find out more about this place.


When chaos wandered into the cafeteria and sat down, a person wearing a red collar put a bowl of oatmeal in front of him before wandering off. chaos could tell that the person wasn't human and guessed that it was a robot or a Realian of sorts. People that were like him usually stayed and talked. While the oatmeal wasn't that tasty, chaos had eaten worse in his long lifetime. Besides, human or not, it would be a little rude to not to eat it when it was offered.

Library (Third Floor):

While chaos was a little sad to see that the history sections had been pulled, he was happy to see that there were so many books. It was a welcome sight after so long. However, as chaos looked through the shelves, he wondered who had pulled them. Who was controlling this tower? That's what chaos thought this place was, from the looks of things.
08 November 2012 @ 12:29 pm
Characters: KOS-MOS ([personal profile] kosmic_angel)and OPEN
Setting: Room 2-13, Dorm halls (ever floor), Floor 27 Lab, Floor 15 Workshop, Floor 10 Aquarium, and anywhere else you want to find her
Format: Prose to start, will switch
Summary: KOS-MOS has woken up in the tower after trying to save the Elsa von Brabant (and Shion) from burning up in Second Miltia's atmosphere. It’s not something she’s “pleased” about.
Warnings: Besides a completely GIVE NO FUCKS android, nothing. Yet.

Mission failed... )
02 August 2012 @ 02:52 pm
Characters: Dark Precure [open to all]
Setting: Near room 3-03
Format: Prose, but will accept any kind of replies
Summary: Dark Precure has arrived in the tower. She's not happy.
Warnings: An angry magical girl with destructive powers is on the loose. There will be fighting.

The last thing she remembered was her father, and then oblivion. )
Characters: Haruhi Suzumiya and YOU!
Setting: Everywhere and anywhere.
Format: Starting with prose, but will match you!
Summary: Enter one very annoyed brigade leader. Who will be investigating the tower top to bottom.
Warnings: None at the moment, but possible cursing and harassment.

i'll go on no matter what! )