24 September 2013 @ 12:28 am
Characters: any characters trapped in rooms during the event
Setting: dormitory level rooms
Format: any
Summary: An unexpected series of explosions has trapped residents in the dorm rooms with no power and no way to get out. Try to communicate with the outside, deal with being stuck in a small room with other people... Deal with the really strange things that seem to be happening, too.
Warnings: typical Animus horror event warnings

[There are several more explosions, and the sound of things falling and crumbling outside. The dorm rooms themselves don't collapse or cave in, but the furniture and trunks and nightstands may be rattled and knocked about. Eventually, the lights flicker and go out entirely, leaving everyone in the dark. There are small red emergency lights lining the floors, but they don't seem to have come on all the way, and flicker on and off eerily.

After maybe twenty minutes everything falls silent. However, if you try the door, you'll find you can't get out...]
18 September 2013 @ 01:26 am
Characters: Lavi (ou) and you~ :D Lucky duck
Setting: Room 1-20, Bathroom/Hallway, Floor 19, Floor 25, Cafeteria
Format: Prose here but prefer brackets.
Summary: Waking up and wandering around basically, new is this one!
Warnings: No warnings that I can think of~

It can't be over... Can it? )
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17 September 2013 @ 08:46 pm
Characters: [OU] Allen Walker, and you.
Setting: Room 1-06, Bathroom/Hallway, Floor 81, Floor 38, and Cafeteria.
Format: Either
Summary: Allen wakes up in the tower and finds himself in a situation he's familiar with.
Warnings: Mentions of violence, and head games.

Somebody help me see I'm running blind. )
Characters: Allen Walker and you!!(?)
Setting Floor 48 (the graveyard)
Format: Either or, starting with some prose
Summary: With Lenalee now gone, Allen begins to take in all that's happened to him since coming to the tower. For even the most cheerful and determined individual is allowed to let it all out...
Warnings: Some minor self mutilation, perhaps.

And then there was one... )
10 May 2013 @ 10:15 pm
Characters: Lenalee Lee
Setting: Floors 1, 2, 4, 6 and the Elevator
Format: Action.
Summary: Yet another new arrival exploring the area.
Warnings: None? Will change if needed.

Floor Six )

Floor Four )

Floor Two )

Floor One )

The Elevator )
30 April 2013 @ 05:20 pm
Characters: Allen Walker and YOU!
Setting: Staircase near Floor 25, then elsewhere
Time: April 30th, Noon then afternoon
Format: Some small action, then whatever you please
Summary: Feelings can fade, but memories will always persist. Allen is just talking to Timcanpy, his closest and longest-known friend, when...
Warnings: N/A

[Staircase....] )

[along comes a golem...] )

Characters: Allen Walker (kind of...) and you
Setting: The 13th floor, the Cathedral
When: Dated forwards to the 16th, one day after the event starts
Format: Starting with prose, then whatever you choose!
Summary: After his mysterious absence, Allen returns...not quite all there. Can you even be called yourself if you're not you at all? A stranger with a familiar face plays a moody song over and over again after a day of "duties" in Group C.
Warnings: Elements of body horror, descriptions of mutilation, there will be blood

Floor 13--The Cathedral )
30 March 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Characters: Allen and open to all
Setting: Floor 13, Floor 27, March 31st
Format: All prose-y, at least to start with.
Summary: A very powerful monster anomalously appears and Allen manages to defeat it, at the cost of his superhuman arm. His attempt at resurrected it might prove to a be quite...unpleasant. If it doesn't outright kill him.
Warnings: Small amounts of blood and violence

Floor 13 )

Floor 27 )
26 March 2013 @ 10:58 pm
Characters: [AU5] Arturia and open!
Setting: Floors 99, 80, 50, and 13 after the seasons event.
Format: Prose
Summary: Arturia starts looking for people from the elevator dive to help make a map, works for the day, is made a human sacrifice, and other various and sundry things.
Warnings: Prompt D involves ritual sacrifice and character death. Please pick it only if you're okay with that sort of content.

Various )
17 March 2013 @ 12:18 pm
Characters: Luke fon Fabre and EVERYONE
Setting: During the event; March 17th - 23rd.
Summary: Luke around the Tower for the event. Just... see below how many tables he'll be flipping by the end of this.
Warnings: Whining, whining, whining, whining, whining...

01 March 2013 @ 10:49 am
Characters: [personal profile] Dark Rin & YOU!
Setting: Various floors, dormitories. Willing to have her be anywhere so long as there's something "pretty" to take a photo of
Time: Throughout the day
Format: Quick to start, will match
Summary: Rin believes in equivalent exchange and works on repaying a kindness done to her. Later on she finds out what everyone else has found out via terminals because magi and computers GROSS and broods a little
Warnings: Surprisingly a nice post for her, will edit them in if they come up

Various Floors )

Dormitories )
01 March 2013 @ 04:33 am
Characters: Allen Walker and YOU, OVER THERE!
Setting: The lower lounge floor, later on around/in his dorm, room 3-12
Format: W/e lol!
Summary: Allen takes this opportunity to try and lighten things up by clowning around. With a clown mask. Later on, however, reveals there's something a little more complicated about him.
Warnings: None for the former, light warning for harsher language later on.

Lounge Floor )

Near Room 3-12 )

[[OOC Notes: Spent the wee hours of the morning trying to post this but internet kept cutting out at the last minute and saying it wasn't posted, now it posts without the cuts....aye yay yay...]]

Characters: Arturia [AU5] and OPEN
Setting: Various, with prompts for floors 82, 12, and 60. After the elevator event, but the timeline is otherwise completely flexible
Format: Prose, please!
Summary: Arturia goes around making sure the people she knows are still alive after seeing what's down stairs, and other sundry things.
Warnings: none as of yet.

Lots of introspection this time. )
Characters: Mr. Allen Walker and whatever sap whomever is near him on floor 44
Setting: February 15th; Floor 44 (the higher lounge area)
Format: Starting in action, but where it goes from there...
Summary: So Allen decides to turn on one of those fancy schmancy tape recorders in a public area. Hilarity ensues. The effects vary per tag!
Warnings: Allen does not care if you are a girl or not.

[At last, a place to sit... At a relatively secluded part of the forty-fourth floor lounge area, one could see Allen Walker at a far chair, working one the red, heart-shaped tape recorders he had found somewhere.

[The small, gold golem Timcanpy laid in his usual position on his shoulder, staring with unseeing eyes at the device.]

[It was a nice sound. Not at all like the kind of live shows he knows, but something charming nonetheless. He was a bit too enamored with the music to notice his subtle change in mood.]


[He sees his visitor long before he himself is seen. What a....what an atmosphere this was!...it was...]

Characters: Sheba, Felix, and anyone they happen to encounter!
Setting: Beginning in Felix's room (03-12), and then continuing on to the cafeteria (1st floor), the aquarium (10th floor), the music room (28th floor), and the beach (62nd floor).
Format: Action, if only for the sake of responding quickly. /nodnod If you'd really prefer another format, we can match!
Summary: Ever since hearing that strange sound from those oddly-shaped tape recorders, Sheba's had the strangest feeling that she needs to go keep an eye on Felix... and that she needs to make it absolutely clear to the others in the Tower that Felix is under her protection. Forcible dragging of a Venus Adept soon commences.
Warnings: This thread has the potential to get really creepy really fast, depending on how the effects from the tape recorders play out. Also, the tape recorder Sheba hears will cause her to slowly shift into the "Oh, Felix! <3" kind of mindset fandumb seems to think she has by default, so I apologize for that. I'll edit this as more specifics pop up. | NOTE: Though Felix and Sheba will default to responding to whoever tags in together, if your character wants to talk to just one of them at a time that's fine - just indicate it in your comment with "Felix only" or "Sheba only"! (Also there may be a few hours where I don't respond at all because I'll be afk tonight so feel free to pretend Sheba's in the background and just interact with Felix once I leave; Sheba will jump back in when I return!)

Room 03-12 - Closed to Felix )

Floor 01 - Open )

Floor 10 - Open )

Floor 28 - Open )

Floor 62 - Open )
Characters: Sheba and Allen; Sheba and characters that ... aren't Allen, if you wish!
Setting: Floor 03, the library. Sheba and Allen will be exploring other parts of the Tower as well, but that part isn't open, sooooo...
Format: I'll follow you, but I'm starting with brackets.
Summary: Backdated! The day after this exchange, Sheba goes to the third floor library to meet Allen, as agreed. But she's there early, so perhaps it won't be just Allen she runs into that day?
Warnings: Nothing except the potential for some rather slow replies on my end over the next few days, but they should come with more regularity on Thursday or Friday!

OPEN - Before the arranged meeting time... )

CLOSED - At the arranged meeting time... )
20 January 2013 @ 12:06 am
Characters: [personal profile] rememberscarlet, [personal profile] rewindingly, [personal profile] seekinganswers, [personal profile] crouching_sin and Allen Walker (er, well...)
Setting: Floor 13--the Cathedral
Format: Action spamey. "Allen" is certainly not in a talkative mood, to say the least.
Summary: After mentally wrestling with an unknown being that has sought full control of his body since he was a little boy, Allen has finally given away too much ground for it and must be put down....but it certainly won't be without a fight. Stronger magics are also, for some reason, unusable (for now).
Warnings: Blood. Most likely light swearing. Descriptions of gore. Much sadness as well. Did I mention it was bloody?

--Floor 13, The Cathedral--

Read more... )
07 January 2013 @ 09:22 pm
Characters: Iroh and whoever comes across him.
Setting: Room 5-04 and the hallways.
Format: Either or
Summary: Iroh arrives and goes to see what's up.
Warnings: None so far.

Room 5-04 )

Hallways )
03 December 2012 @ 10:49 am
Characters: Road Kamelot and OPEN
Setting: Room 3-03, other places
Format: Action spam.
Summary: Road arrives at the tower and isn't very happy about.
Warnings: Possible violence.

Read more... )

02 December 2012 @ 11:37 pm
Characters: Two yelling redheads, and a you in a pear tree.
Setting: Anywhere between the Dormitory halls and the cafeteria.
Format: Take your pick; starting in action tags.
Summary: It's freezing in the tower. Luke lived in an area that was warm more than it was cold. Guess how the last couple days have been for him?
Warnings: Lots and lots and lots of whining.

The disadvantage of trendy royal clothing... )