Who: [au2] Chloe and [ou] Feferi
What: Chloe demanded a rematch, but Feferi demured until Ruana wasn't in charge anymore. Well, Ruana's not in charge anymore.
Where: Floor 75, the top floor of the tower, after clearing a few monsters en route.
When: 7-1, late
Warnings: Chloe. Possibly a fair amount of creepy black flirting. Fighting. Blood. Possibility of serious bodily harm/death. Maybe a kiss. Yeah... Chloe's got a weird thing for deadly women, and trolls are ... trolls.

Hungers for Passion, Look out it's Time She Feeds )
24 May 2013 @ 08:45 pm
Characters: Chloe and Jade Eridan, Chloe and Kirika (Post-dated to 5-25 late)
Setting: Floor 31 (Eridan), Dormitories (Kirika)
Format: Prose
Summary: Someone read the rumor about dying, and oh look... an insane troll.
Warnings: Violence, Character Death

Didn't anyone ever tell her not to believe everything she's ever read? )
Characters: Empress Feferi Peixes and all her subjects (OPEN)
Setting: Dorm floors, Floor 10, Floor 73, and around the tower - name your place!
Format: Prose to start, but I'll match you in comments.
Summary: The rumor carved in tiny print on the back of Feferi's neck is well-hidden, and she honestly meant well. She wanted to protect everyone. But a wish like that is never so simple in the Tower.
Warnings: LOTS OF THEM. Coddling and meddling in business that isn't hers, in the interest of 'helping' people. Trying to control others' behavior, in the name of 'not letting others suffer' - and this means pushing them towards believing in other Tower rumors, pointing your character towards death traps, stopping anything that will hurt it* or saying 'let me put you out of your suffering'. Also, a quick temper, and the writing is on the wall - if she thinks your character is in the wrong, there will be no card-game challenge**, only death.

But it's all for the best, really. She doesn't want you to hurt anymore, or to fight.

Character death is especially likely on Floor 73 - Feferi is angry and will justify any murder as one against her. If you only want her to mess with your character, don't tag into that prompt.

* except the resistance. she didn't mention it in the original rumor, and it's safe.
** but you will get a gold star for trying to challenge her to a card game.

only teardrops, only teardrops... )
23 April 2013 @ 03:47 pm
Characters: [AU2] Chloe, [AU2] Rose & [AU2] John
Setting: Starting in the Gallery, and going to the Torture Room Floor afterwards
Format: Action Spam unless Prose is desired. (Post Order established by first three posts)
Summary: A glass of wine that was supposed to go bad ends up going a whole hell of a lot worse because of a Lorophage's intervention.
Rating: R - Since it's mostly violence, and I've rarely seen violence mature-locked I won't be locking it.
Warnings: Violence, lots and lots of violence. Torture. Drug use. Impromptu and very crude surgery. Blood. Gore. Insanity. Demons. Yeah, ummm... someone's probably going to die, possibly Chloe, possibly Rose and John, maybe even all three of them.

Come... see through my eyes )
11 April 2013 @ 12:06 pm
Characters: Chloe and Amberley
Setting: Their Room
When: April 11th
Format: Prose (Action if she prefers)
Summary: What's a little unplanned spooning between roommates, especially the creepy death-worshiper who's not above abusing someone's frostbite recovery and clearly probably a Chaos worshiper on the side?
Warnings: Creepy Chloe, dubiously desired physical contact, but probably PG-13 at most.

We never spend time, just the two of us )
13 March 2013 @ 11:08 pm
Characters: Chloe and Vriska
Setting: The Restaurant, a hunt and back again... hopefully
Format: Prose unless she prefers action tags
Summary: Well, like Chloe said, you can posture all you want, but might as well test their mettle a little. So, why not work for their lunch?

What's the worst that could happen?
Warnings: Well, considering they might run into a monster hunting whatever it is they hunt? Probably a bit of violence. That, and Chloe's a creep and Vriska's Vriska.

Better than Oatmeal )
08 March 2013 @ 09:15 pm
Characters: Ahri and you~!
Setting: Cafeteria, Floor 25 and Room 1-11
Format: Action!!
Summary: Ahri's found her way out of soloqueue and into Animus! She's taking it pretty well.
Warnings: Some flirting is to be expected, as well as Ahri generally being curious about each and every thing. +18 for one thread in particular.

Cafeteria )

Floor 25 )

Room 1-11 )
Characters: Anyone who signed up for the Dark World Plot! Look at tag list for more details.
Setting: The 4th and 5th of March. Located in the Cursed Floors + Ganon's Tower (Floors 6, 7, 8, 12, 62, 65, 68, 70, 73 and 79 + Floor 75).
Format: Most likely action but left at the players's discretion.
Summary: Your character somehow got trapped in the Forest Floor of the Tower-- And it looks nothing like the Forest Floor the characters remember. It's the beginning of the Dark World. Some floors look pretty different from what they did before, some nearly identical. The only way to get out is to go through the dungeons that make up this Dark World.

All characters start out in the Dark Forest, then as they go throughout the forest, they magically walk into one of the three dungeons (the one they have been assigned to). By exploring the dungeons, they will acquire one of the three Pendants that lead to the Core of the Curse, from where the cursed floors can be ended. However, Richtofen is there and happy to make sure that won't be that easy.

Mingle threads are simply for Mingle, whereas the exploration of the dungeons, puzzles, etc happens in the Exploration threads. OOC information here.

Warning: While your character may survive fine and all, the dark world is a dangerous place with lots of monsters and puzzles to solve. Characters may get harmed or killed, but that is left to the players's discretion. Characters going through the water of temple may lose their patience and sanity.

Arrival in the Dark World )

Dark Forest -------------------------------------------- Mingle || Exploration

The Water Temple: Wisdom Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Death Mountain: Power Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Palace of Darkness: Courage Dungeon ---- Mingle || Exploration || Dark Self Battle || Boss Battle

Richtofen's Laboratory ------------------------------ Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle

Illusionary Room
Ganon's Tower
28 February 2013 @ 12:00 pm
Characters: Chloe and Kirika
Setting: Kirika's assigned Room
Format: Action-spam unless Kirika wants prose
Summary: The interlopers she had gone to ground to avoid were gone, and the tower settled to something bordering on stability. It was time to verify if something had been taken away or not.
Warnings: Creepy talk, but likely nothing serious.

Good to know what you still have )
20 February 2013 @ 02:21 pm
Characters: Hei and YOU
Setting: Floor 48
Format: prose, but will work with whatever
Summary: Hei spends time at the graveyard for his birthday, bidding another friend goodbye...and gets attacked by the Husks from Mass Effect.
Warnings: fighting, possible blood, etc.
Happy Birthday! )

Characters: Pokemon trainer Rose Lalonde and You! (guest starring John’s corpse)
Setting: February 16th; The torture chamber, floors 60 and up, the workshop
Format: Starting in prose, will follow
Summary: The Howl tape John and Rose listened to on their Valentine’s date reaches its final pitch, causing Rose to attempt to horde John himself...in pieces.
Warnings: Torture, dismemberment, decapitation, general gore, and character death

Read more... )
06 February 2013 @ 12:46 am
Characters: Remilia Scarlet and You
Setting: Dorm rooms and some of the new floors
Format: Actionspam, but I'll match
Summary: Waking up after being "terminated" again.
Warnings: References to death/blood/gore/etc.

so darkness I became )
Characters: Hungover Marisa and you!
Setting: Dormitory room 1-07, Elevator, Cafeteria
Format: Prose, but if you want differently, I'm okay with that too.
Summary: Marisa wakes up hungover, grumbles and whines, stumbles into an elevator and then has breakfast.
Warnings: None

Dormitory Floor )

Elevator )

Cafeteria )
01 February 2013 @ 09:24 am
Characters: Chloe and YOU!
Setting: Floor 15
Format: whatever works.
Summary: Chloe appears to be filing down and making knives for some odd reason.
Warnings: Well, she's likely to be a little more creepy than usual, but should be PG.

These first attempts are far from perfect )
Characters: Elena, Reno, and YOU!
Setting: Meadow, Floor 25
Format: ANY
Summary: It’s the Tower’s first ever wedding and most of you are invited to watch! Come and participate in a rare event. Watch out, though, there's rumor that the Admins are attending.
Warnings: …..Ruana. 'Nuff said

Pre-Ceremony Gathering )

The Ceremony )
Characters: Xion and the Tower
Setting: 3rd Floor Library
Format: Pick your poison
Summary: Xion left a post on the network asking for help regarding a certain wedding and is now waiting at the library to see if anyone bites
Warnings: Probably nothing but I'll let you know if this changes

They do mean that you gave it your best shot though )
14 January 2013 @ 12:39 pm
Characters: Chloe and You
Setting: Floors 25-26, 32-35 mostly, though she will sometimes wander
Format: Action or Prose
Summary: Chloe is ten years older (27-28), and by now deeply unhinged. She lurks in the shadows and the darkest patches of the islands and the morgue whenever she is able, danger in her eyes.
Warnings: There is always a risk when you see her, especially on floors 32-35, where powers do not work. She's had ten years to hone her skills as an assassin and hunter further and is more than willing to abuse the lack of powers on those islands. Let's keep it PG-13, however. If you want something 18+, PM me and we can talk.

Destroyer of worlds )
09 January 2013 @ 06:12 pm
Characters: Aradia Megido and you
Setting: Early morning on the dormitory levels
Format: Starting with brackets but will match to anything
Summary: Aradia wakes up and would like to know where she is.
Warnings: None for now

[Waking up petrified is one of the scariest things she's ever experienced, the complete lack of control putting her on edge. She systematically tries to move her limbs without success. Just before she starts panicking completely she regains control over her body and he muscles spasm under the strain of her efforts.

She falls to the ground, unfamiliar with the dimensions of a bed. She groans as her head hits the floor, groping around for the bed so she can pull herself to her feet again. She manages to get her hands around the footrest after a few times and straightens herself. So far so good. Good thing no one else was in the room.

She takes a look around, four beds in the room, all the same as hers. There's a trunk at the foot of each bed but her intention is drawn to whatever is lying on top of it.

Two letters explaining her how her world is destroyed and where she is now and neither of them satisfactory.

She moves to the door and opens it carefully, peeking outside. The light catches her off guard but the clouds filter it enough to make it bearable.]