Characters : Open to any and every villain / morally gray characters in the tower.
Setting: The meeting will start in the Cathedral Floor (13th Floor). If a spy or a retrieval unit gets too close to the reunion, all participants will automatically be teleported to another floor so as to prevent information leaking. More details below.
Format: Prose for the meeting. Action or prose for the mingle threads, your choice.

Summary: As usual, this is a reunion for all bad guys and characters in the gray morals. Basically all those who think the ends justify the means, etc. If your character qualifies, feel free to post in. There are no invitations or network message about it, Ganondorf has simply spread the "rumor" that a reunion is about to happen on the 13th floor, so that all the "bad guys" can get word of it.

The reunion will center mostly around the recent events and future plotting. What the administrators do, what the "resistance" does and what the bad guys should do. Maybe plot new things, offer ideas and have villains cooperate? This post will be divided in two threads. One for the reunion proper, another for individuals mingling threads (set either before or after the reunion).

Warnings: EVIL. Evil plotting. Lovely things altogether. Heroes forbidden unless they have a death wish.

About that teleportation trick... )

The Reunion
Mingling (Pre/Post Reunion)
Characters: Sam Erstwhile and YOU
Setting: All over the tower- you choose where!
Format: I'm doing action at first, but I'll follow whatever you have!
Summary: Sam comes back...not quite himself.
Warnings: Extremely serious body horror (there's a picture you can click to see included in the description), as well as the usual brainwashing related to what he went through. Possible extreme violence, gore, body limb removal and death due to malfunction, if you want to risk that. Also disorientation and dizziness due to his impossible appearance!

Where the black planets roll without aim. (Sane) )

Where they roll in their horror unheeded. (Drone) )

Without knowledge, or lustre, or name. (Malfunction) )
Characters: Urotsuki and OPEN!
Setting: Dormitory hallways, cafeteria, floor 49 (mirror maze).
Format: Action.
Summary: Kidou goes missing. Guess who doesn't take it particularly well after her search for him turns up nothing.
Warnings: Nothing for the first prompt, for the second one gore, use of a chainsaw. Possible harm for characters but not very likely, see the ooc note!

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08 March 2013 @ 09:15 pm
Characters: Ahri and you~!
Setting: Cafeteria, Floor 25 and Room 1-11
Format: Action!!
Summary: Ahri's found her way out of soloqueue and into Animus! She's taking it pretty well.
Warnings: Some flirting is to be expected, as well as Ahri generally being curious about each and every thing. +18 for one thread in particular.

Cafeteria )

Floor 25 )

Room 1-11 )
Characters: Sam Erstwhile and YOU
Setting: Room 2-18 and floors 1, 5, 10 and 13
Format: I'm doing action, but I'll follow whatever you have!
Summary: Sam Erstwhile discovers he's found himself right back in the place he hates so much.
Warnings: Sam is kind of not exactly human, so there will be slight mentions of a different diet and being able to breath in water and stuff, but other than that, nothing much! Also lots of text, I apologize in advance.

room 2-18 )

floor 1 )

floor 5 )

floor 10 )

floor 14 )
06 March 2013 @ 08:05 pm
Characters: Minatsuki Takami and anyone heroic or gullible? Or just anyone in general ♥
Setting: Room 2-19, or the cafeteria
Format: Whatever you'd like!
Summary: Precious bby tries to adjust to mean tower life.
Warnings: Minatsuki is a liar. She's manipulative, sadistic, and just... pretty horrible. So befriending her now could lead to your character being attacked and abused(physically or mentally) in the future. It's also possible there could be violence in here. There IS foul language! Aaaaand finally moeblobs could be annoying too.

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