09 March 2013 @ 08:57 pm
Characters: Satsujinki & Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Settin: Floor 25
Summary: Satsujiki has been avoiding Satsuki. An alchemist decides to see what's up.
Warnings: It's Satsujinki so there's idiocy present somewhere.

why me )
16 February 2013 @ 09:55 pm
Who: Sion and you
When: February 16th
Where: Floors 14 and 27
Format: I’ll match whatever you want to do
Summary: Sion ended up getting the Mr. Brightside tape and is now trying to stalk Shiki, or at least keep a close eye on him so she went to a floor that seemed like the best spot.. Plus just going about her search on floor 27.

Floor 14
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Floor 27

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15 January 2013 @ 11:10 pm
Characters: [personal profile] Satsuki Yumizuka, [personal profile] Sion Eltnam Atlasia, & YOU!
Setting: Floor 4
Time: During the event
Format: Action
Summary: After living in the tower for over three hundred years, Satsuki and Sion have no problems adjusting
Warnings: None unless video game violence is worth one

Floor Four )
23 December 2012 @ 03:42 am
Characters: Shiki (Tohno), Shiki (Nanaya) and anyone else!
Setting: Floor 4 hallway
Format: Either's fine!
Summary: It's never too big a disaster to take a short murder break.
Warnings: Violence. Just... Yeah.

Everyone has to die, so dying here is no big deal, right? )
22 December 2012 @ 08:35 pm
Characters: Sion, Satsuki, Shiki and Satsujinki
Setting: 38th floor lounge
Format: either
Summary: Group meeting to see who’s sick and needs to be yelled at.
Warnings: Is yelling at both Shikis even a valid warning

why are there so many shikis in this game )
05 December 2012 @ 06:50 pm
Characters: Satsujinki and YOU
Setting: Room 3-14, Dormitory hallways, Floor 11
Format: Starting with action but will work with whatever.
Summary: Just the new guy probably wishing he wasn't so ~mysterious~
Warnings: None

Room 3-14 )

Dormitory hallways )

Floor 11 )
24 November 2012 @ 02:40 am
Who: Shiki Tohno ([personal profile] linesofdeath) and You!
Where: Room 01-20, Floor 4, Floor 8
When: Before the event, that's for sure.
What: Having the notice that his world ended, a certain youth decided to see just what kind of mess did he end up in. Again.
Warning: N/A for now.

I put on my glasses and casual clothes... )
10 November 2012 @ 10:02 am
Characters: Sion and you
Setting: Various floors
Format: Prose or Action, I'll match what ever you want to do
Summary: Sion looking at a few of the floors along with spending way to much time in the research lab.
Warnings: None so far

Floor 25

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Floor 27

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Floor 28

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17 October 2012 @ 12:37 am
Characters: [personal profile] Satsuki Yumizuka, [personal profile] Sion Eltnam Atlasia, [personal profile] Riesbyfe Stridberg, & YOU
Setting: Dormitories, Cafeteria, and the Library!
Time: October 16
Format: action
Summary: Triple intro post for three characters. Thread-jacking shenanigans galore. Sacchin, Sion, & Riesbyfe
Warnings: None yet

Dormitories )

Cafeteria )

Library )