Characters: Pitch and YOU
Setting: The library for now. He will be moving steadily upwards as he explores, so if your character is on a different floor, don't be afraid to put it in the subject heading!
Format: Prose to start, will match
Summary: The Tower's brand new Boogeyman is in the exploring mood. Be afraid. Very afraid.
Warnings: If you haven't checked out Pitch's permission post and replied to it, do so here first. Kind of important. Pitch exploits and reads people's fears, so if you don't want him digging into your character's head, please let me know!


11 May 2013 @ 10:32 pm
Characters: Elrond & You
Setting: Cafeteria, both libraries, floor 11, 13, 25
Format: Staring with prose, but I'll match
Summary: Exploring the tower, dealing with misgivings
Warnings: None currently.

Cafeteria )

Floor 3 )

Floor 11 )

Floor 13 )

Floor 19 )

Floor 25 )