15 December 2013 @ 12:55 pm
Characters: Lightning Farron and you.
What: Day 1 of event: After wandering a few of the more monster-infested floors and the announcement, a warrior begins to cut down more monsters and animals for their weapons and furs.
Where: All around the tower (especially the forests/close to floor 24), later Floor 23.
Warnings: Blood and the possibility of some rather dark moments. (I will update this entry with more prompts as the event goes on so as to not spam the community.)

But I'm worldless, and no one can save us now... )
Characters: OPEN
Setting: 4th Floor lounge
Format: Anything and everything
Summary: A meeting to put together the pieces all of the characters got during 1369
Warnings: Mention and discussion some of the contents of the visions from 1369, which include disturbing and even gruesome content.

But at least it's not as bad as a spilled milk puzzle. Hopefully. )
11 October 2013 @ 11:56 pm
Characters: Cid and you.
Setting: Room 2-04, the workshop, cafeteria and anywhere else.
Format: Starting with prose, but will match.
Summary: Cid awakens in the Tower. Appropriate canon point means his world being destroyed makes a lot of sense. He then goes off to explore the tower and discover with horror what they've done to the tea in this horrible, horrible place.
Warnings: %^$@#$%@#!!

sending a dream into the tower of animus )
06 October 2013 @ 05:39 pm
Characters: Oerba Yun Fang and you.
Setting: Room 1-01, and in the hallway.
Format: Action Brackets.
Summary: Fang awakens in her room for the first time, and realizes she is not where she should be.
Warnings: Some language.

And down the rabbit hole she went. )
24 September 2013 @ 12:55 am
Characters: Anybody on Floor 101
Setting: Floor 101, in the immediate aftermath of event start
Format: Any you like
Summary: A general reaction log for the immediate aftermath of this for those characters who didn't get trapped in the dorm rooms. The post will start with a prompt for Dani herself, but if anybody wants to make use of this log as well rather than spam the comm, feel free. Also a reminder that powers do not work on floor 101 since a lot of us forgot orz
Warnings: Nothing yet, I'll change it if this does

Read More )
22 September 2013 @ 02:13 am
Characters: Kachessa and Lightning
Setting: Floor 99, the crystal cavern
Format: Starting in action, I will stick with whatever you choose!
Summary: Two women meet under fire from monsters in an otherwise beautiful place. Too bad they can't relax. [Closed]
Warnings: None as of yet, will be updated

Crystal is said to purify )
05 September 2013 @ 02:23 am
Characters: Lightning and anyone who wants to deal with her.
Setting: Dorm Room 1-05, Dormitory Floor 1, Floor 40, Floor 1
Format: Starting in action, but will match.
Summary: Lightning wakes from paralysis and crystal sleep to find the notes. We hope you didn't need them.
Warnings: None currently. ...Except maybe protective sister not taking it well.

[Dorm Room 1-05 (and that floor)]

[Thoughts from Valhalla pervaded her mind as she lay there those thirty seconds. A time that was once again lost, and yet... as the stone and yellow (it almost seemed tainted) crystal seemed to melt away into shards of dust that gleamed then vanished, so too did her lack of awareness. Where was she? And why, even now when she was no longer crystal, could she not move?

Yet before a panic could set in, she realized she could move her fingers. Doing so and sitting up with a hand to her head (wait, where did her armor go?), she does her best to shake it off as quickly as possible. Of course, as she does this she more than notices anyone in the room, along with the two notes. Though the first thing to come to mind was one person:


She got to her feet; this wasn't Etro's throne, and she was determined to find out where exactly it was. If those in this dorm room won't stop and tell her, then she'll take the papers with her and find her answers elsewhere. Out in the hall would be a good start, she supposes.]

[Floor 41]

[One can only withstand an elevator for so long, as she was beginning to realize. Honestly, how many floors did this place even have? It's a wonder anything gets done with how long the elevator ride was taking. It's likely a miracle her patience lasted this long.

However upon stepping upon this floor, she nearly regretted it. Likely would have if she went too far from the stairs. Completely dark and all those noises? ...She'll pass, thanks.

But which way were the stairs?]


[At some point, she found that her belongs (real or fake) were all in the chest at the foot of her bed. Without much thought, she changed to her old uniform - as much as she could be sure that not many would want to approach someone in her armor. After the elevator ride (over fifteen minutes? seriously?) and decent hike down forty floors after she grew tired of being within an enclosed space for so long, she couldn't help but be glad to have found somewhere she'd be able to at least get something quick until she learns where she can hunt for herself.

What she likely didn't expect was a bowl of oatmeal.


Even the military-issued gruel for new cadets looked more appetizing than this. With a sigh, she supposes she'll at least make sure it doesn't go to waste.]
04 September 2013 @ 10:34 pm
Characters: Dani and anyone who might run across her
Setting: Dormitory Floors/Rooms, Floor 36, Floor 11, Floor 1, and final catchall
Format: Whichever you pick
Summary: The Tower is +1 half-ghost girl who is poking her nose into everything
Warnings: Standard Tower of Animus disclaimer, plus the promise to edit should anything come up

Various Dormitory Rooms )


Floor 36 )


Floor 11 )


Floor 1 )


Elsewhere )