29 February 2012 @ 05:47 pm
Characters: John Egbert and YOU
Setting: Floor Eighteen
Format: Either or
Summary: John gets his creative juices flowing in preparation for the HELLA SWEET tabletop session that might be starting soon. (Backdated to before the Hitori Kakurenbo event.)
Warnings: None

[In the study hall today, you may find one little John huddled over a table. He appears to be scribbling something on a paper in front of him; there's a large stack of clean white sheets sitting next to him, and the surrounding walls and floor are covered in pieces of crumpled-up paper. There's also one other one, sitting nearby, that he keeps looking back at -- like it's a reference. Should you happen to uncrumple one of the papers and look at what's on it, you will notice that there's only one thing on it: a drawing, in some state of development, of a strange-looking character with glasses and an outfit typical for the main character of a shounen anime -- from warrior to mage to thief, this character of his apparently has one foot in everything. And the 'reference' is one of these as well, though it's clearly several years old; even though John still draws in a not-very-good manga style, there's some visible improvement.]

[Look, ma, little Johnny's learning to draw. And he's not exactly looking where he throws the papers that he scraps, so passers-by could have paper based, roughly circular missiles falling upon them at any time -- or they could just be stopped by the giant mess.]
29 November 2011 @ 04:05 am
Characters: Raiden Stahler, god of dice and thunder!! and you too i guess
Setting:  dorms and halls n shit
Format: ;D whatever you want bb
Summary: latex outfits kind of suck
Warnings: extreme levels of cool!?! no

SLICE goes the cut )
28 November 2011 @ 06:29 pm
Characters: EVERYONE
Setting: lounge
Format: whatever you want
Summary: PARTY
Warnings: who knows


[Molly said she was going to have a party and Molly doesn't lie! There is food brought up from the cafeteria and music playing. HAVE FUN. I DEMAND YOU HAVE FUN]
22 November 2011 @ 02:38 pm
Characters: Ammy and EVERYONE EVER!!!!!1!!!
Setting: 1-14, then Floor 18.
Format: I will follow your posting style anywhere, bby. ;o
Summary: Myopic, diabetic nerd assuming he's being sold as a sex slave. He's a genius.
Warnings: AU awkward warnings for all hamsteaks. Also warnings for: Ammy being dumb, Ammy jumping to awkwardly troubling conclusions, and Ammy discussing human trafficking.

I apologize forever, Animoose. )