29 October 2012 @ 09:41 pm
Who: Sona Buvelle and Kyoko Sakura
Where: Sona's room!
What: Looking for candy to pilfer, Kyoko ends up finding a musician and the two share an all too brief calm moment together.
Warnings: None!

[With the madness going on in the tower and no particular urge to put herself in harm's way - respawn or no respawn - Sona's spent her time trying to stay relatively low key. It's difficult, especially when it's hard for her to stay quiet all day. It's one of those strange facts of life, that it's incredibly difficult for the mute to stay quiet, but that was just her life. A day without music really wasn't a day at all, but a prison sentence]

[So it's no surprise to anyone that knows her when the Etwahl is in front of her and she's strumming lightly. Though she tries her best to keep the sounds soft and muted, she can't help it if they at least echo around the room, and the soothing melody helps to put her nerves at ease.]

[Good thing there's absolutely no chance of her being disturbed]


[No chance at all]
12 September 2012 @ 11:53 pm
Who: Sona Buvelle and YOU!
Setting: All around the tower! Forward Dated to Sept. 14
Format: Starting action, will match
Summary: New to the tower, Sona starts to investigate!
Warnings: Sona cannot talk. Communication will be difficult. Otherwise, none to speak of!

Dormitory Levels )

All Around )