16 July 2012 @ 10:14 pm
Characters: Midna ([personal profile] humsalament) and you
Setting: Dormitory floors
Format: Action preferred, but open to whichever.
Summary: Not content with just doing nothing in her room, Midna explores the immediate vicinity. Shadow form also available.
Warnings: None yet

It was a peaceful place... )
12 July 2012 @ 01:13 am
Characters: MM!Link ("Forest") and YOU
Setting: [01] Floor 10 (aquarium), [02] Floor 28 (music room), [03] Floor 22 (art room), [04] Floor 11 (locked to Majora/[personal profile] giveschase)
Format: I'll start in action, but I'll match you
[01] Link is attempting to relieve some stress by swimming as a Zora again.
[02.1] While passing by the music room, you hear a new instrument. Investigate, y/n?
[02.2] In this case, Link is the one who hears something different coming from the music room and decides to see what it is you're up to.
[03] Link is baffled by some paintings.
[04] Link has found a strange mask, and he tries it on... not knowing just what he's about to get himself into. Replies will mostly come from [personal profile] lackspurpose.
Warnings: n/a for now

love or self; you have to choose )
Characters: A lot - Look at the tags. I'll try to keep the list updated as it goes on.
Setting: The Tower (various floors) / The Pod Area / The Control Room. The Teams attempt to break-in will happen during the night from the 24th to the 25th. The monsters being enraged will last for the the 24th and the 25th, and will end with Ganon's death early on the 25th.
Format: Action most likely
Summary: Ganondorf's plot to take over the tower is finally happening, with various team assigned to various tasks. You can go here for more details or to ask a question. There will be mainly three things going on:

- The Control Room team, led by Ganondorf and attempting to take over the tower. This group's action will be divided in two threads, one before they reach the control room, one after. Membership for this group is CLOSED.
- The Pod Team, trying to break into the Pods, actually only serving as diversion so that the Control Room Team can reach its purpose. Like for the Control Room team, there will be two threads. Membership for this group is OPEN.
- The Monsters going berserk in the tower and attacking everyone on their way, once more to serve as a diversion. No membership required for that.

Basically, we start by tagging the Gathering thread of each team, then after a short while move on to the Pod/Control Room thread. There will also be a thread about the recruitment if you want it played out- Hence there will be a total of six threads in order to keep things organized, but don't hesitate to make your own thread if say, two or more characters have a private discussion at some point during the event or for a monster battle. More details below.

Warnings: Everyone in the Control Room will die, no escaping it. Those in the Pod Team may manage to survive if they're clever about it. Anyone encountering a monster risk to be wounded or killed.

Optional OOC Informations )

Control Room Team --- Gathering – Floor 1 /// The Control Room
Pod Team ---------------- Gathering – Dormitories /// The Pods' Area
In the Tower ------------- Jalhalla | Monsters | Ghirahim
Recruitments ------------ Tower, Anyday
Characters: Enoch and anyone
Setting: Morning, dormitory floors (with a start in 3-18, roomies can talk to him there if they want!)
Format: I'm starting with prose but I'll match you
Summary: After a week of, frankly, sub-par survivalism, Enoch has a dream that gets him to get his ass in gear - and then he gets attacked by hellhounds.
Warnings: Um. None yet, but there are hellhounds here so possibly violence.

Enoch's dreams have an odd habit of being useful. )

And here come the hellhounds. )
14 June 2012 @ 08:26 pm
Characters: Link. Maybe more than one. Anyone else.
Setting: In the mess hall, eating oatmeal. If only it were flavored with faeries...
Format: I'll match you.
Summary: Link eats oatmeal. Oh so exciting.
Warnings: None for now.

Om nom nom nom. )
11 June 2012 @ 09:00 pm
Characters: Enoch and anyone else who may be where he is
Setting: Room 3-18, morning; cafeteria, morning; lower floors up to floor four until sunset, at which point he returns to his room (he can be interacted with there too, or anywhere on the dormitory floors).
Format: Doesn't matter, I'll probably match whoever's tagging.
Summary: Enoch wakes up and...tries to adjust to the thought of losing the world he came from. Or goes straight into denial. Maybe tries to find the others from Meridian.
Warnings: None yet

Waking up )

First meal )

Searching )
11 June 2012 @ 06:32 pm
Characters: Ghirahim and her unfortunate victims you
Setting: centered on the dormitory levels for now.
Format: Action, will match!
Summary: Finding herself in a bizarre new world sans one very elusive sky-girl, Ghirahim is looking to blow off some steam. On anyone and anything she can find! But mostly Link.
Warnings: Psychotic, murdering demonic sword with a blood fetish on the loose in the tower? What could go wrong? (in other words, violence against unsuspecting uruk-hai and creeping on characters.)

Happy songs and rainbows~ (okay no) )
11 June 2012 @ 05:34 pm
Characters: Link and every other Link you!
Setting: Pretty much every explorable part of the Tower, he is everywhere.
Format: Probably action tags, will match yours though.
Summary: Of course he's going to be exploring a new place he's not familiar with, come on kid.

Or the reins, I guess. )
Characters: Ryoji and you~
Setting: Starting in Room 4-18 and meandering elsewhere (see below)
Format: Written in [action tags] but I will match your style
Summary: Ryoji has just woken up into a tower that's not working and is wandering in confusion.
Warnings: None so far?

But I just got done climbing Tartarus... )
11 January 2012 @ 02:48 am
Characters: Link (Majora's Mask) and YOU
Setting: Everywhere in the Tower -- You pick your location!
Format: Action
Summary: Guess who just woke up in the Tower? This young Link is taking a look around, hoping he'll find... well. Someone he knows or, at the very least, someone who looks approachable.
Warnings: None! They'll be added in should any come up, though.

[Link has never been one to sit around and wait for someone to give him the answers. He never would've stopped Ganondorf or freed any of the Giants if he did that. No, as soon as he got dressed and gathered up his items (he was missing some of his masks... that made him frown, but at least he still had most of them), he was up on his feet and exploring the tower. He needs answers, he needs information -- more than what was given to him in that letter, anyway. He refuses to believe it. Termina... Destroyed? No. That isn't true. He was just there, things were almost over, it was almost safe. There had to be another explanation.

He wishes Tatl was with him. It was strange that she wasn't, but she would've had ideas about what was going on. (And Navi -- Navi is not someone he... Tatl was with him last, he would expect her to be there before he would expect Navi to be. He knows Navi hasn't been with him for a long time, and so he doesn't expect her to be. But Tatl was with him, and so...)

If he sees anyone else with a collar, he can ask them for more information. Maybe they've been here longer than him. Maybe there's something they could tell him. And, well... He needs to get to know the lay of the tower, so that he can be prepared for anything.
31 October 2011 @ 05:11 pm
Characters: Suzaku and Milagro, later Suzaku and Link
Setting: Floor twenty (open air battle YAY)
Format: Erm, Ill start in prose but will switch if you like
Summary: After attempting to kill Psiioniic Suzaku is looking for him, or any of the other monsters that used to be his tower mates. He finds Milagro. Afterwards Link, fighting against his own compulsions tries to make sure Suzaku can kill no one else.
Warnings: Affects of surgery, graphic halucinations, compulsion, violence, death, blood maybe? Swearing maybe? Angst as well.

What would more deaths even matter, if it meant ridding the tower of these monsters. )
15 October 2011 @ 04:36 am
Characters: Ventus and evrr'bodyyyy
Setting: Room 1-16 and Floor Fifteen
Format: Have prose, will action for CR
Summary: Ven is keybladeless, so he undertakes an endeavor to try and fix his tragic keepsake. Except he is not handy at all.
Warnings: Group B paranoia ahoy, especially since he's working on a weapon. Also splinters.

Someone call a professional. )
15 October 2011 @ 03:37 am
Characters: [livejournal.com profile] reverse_destiny and you
Setting: Floor Eleven, once more
Format: Whichever!
Summary: Sora's been given a Keyblade by Aqua. But now, that light is wearing him down--and he's panicking about what this means.
Warnings: None as of yet

A little light inside )
15 October 2011 @ 03:20 am
Characters: Chidori, open
Setting: Throughout the tower.
Format: Starting in brackets, but it's whatever bros
Summary: Chidori ponders the point of the tower after hearing about the experiments. She is not a happy camper.
Warnings: Angst, because the Strega kids+experiments= angst.

But the Truth and who We are )