15 May 2012 @ 06:25 pm
Character(s): Loki, Vincent and any roommates (3-18)
Setting: Dormitories, 3-18
Format: Either
Summary: Loki tantruming and harassing anyone unlucky enough to be his roommate.
Warnings: None.

And what good does it do you now? )

15 May 2012 @ 11:29 am
Characters: Fran, open!
Setting: Various.
Format: Action or prose, I am cool with either.
Summary: Fran goes cruisin' for her partner in crime.
Warnings: None atm!

Around the dormitories. )

Floor 20/21. )

Floor 1. )
Characters: Loki, Mary Marvel, the Doctor, various other people? Various other people.
Setting: The entrance to the maze.
Format: Despite the fact that the first post is prosed up, just because that is how I roll, we will be using the wonder and the magic of brackets.
Summary: Obviously, one group of people getting lost in the maze is far from enough so there's going to be another group following the hippest new trend, proving that as interactive timewasters go the maze might actually be not so bad.
Warnings: Fear, terror, accidental gropings, Mary Marvel flailing around and accidentally hitting people with her super strength, maybe. That sort of thing.

Loki had bypassed the fifth floor (making a mental note to return later as those viewfinders intrigued him) and the sixth and seventh. )
Characters: Loki and hopefully someone else, otherwise this log? Pretty sad.
Setting: Floor Four.
Format: I'm fine with either.
Summary: After the Q&A session, Loki is looking for things. The big one's seeing if he can spot a tree outside, but people to pepper with questions also is on the to-find list.
Warnings: Only that I like terrible puns and so if the thread ends without me finding a way to make one I'd be surprised.

He wished that one of the windows could open. )