20 May 2012 @ 08:50 pm
Characters: Gamzee and you!
Setting: First-floor hallway, a few days post-Labyrinth.
Format: Action.
Summary: Gamzee has been a bad, bad alien. In the wake of his murder spree and after being revenge-fed to a gigantic spider, he's pretty whacked out. Time for some angst and nerves and possibly drugs. Oh, and Faygo Play-Doh. COME PLAY!
Warnings: Angst, talk of murder, drugs, Gamzee's mouth. And Play-Doh because I like saying Play-Doh.

15 May 2012 @ 04:15 pm
Who: Tara and whoever she happens to stumble across
What: A newcomer tries to find her way out, and instead finds a hell of a lot of trouble along the way.
When: All day
Where: The floors listed below
Format: Commentspam or prose, I'll copy whatever you give me
Warning: T for danger and possible violence

Dormitory Level 2, beginning in room 7 )


Floor Thirty-Six )


Floor Twenty-Five )


Floor Twenty Three...not )


Floor One )

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04 May 2012 @ 01:06 pm
Characters Willow ([personal profile] guiltapalooza), Dualscar ([personal profile] orphans) and eventually Link ([personal profile] ocariness). Also a separate thread with Eridan ([personal profile] wwaterboy). CLOSED.
Setting: Floor 35, the lake.
Format: Action tags.
Warnings: Some serious violence up in here, most likely.
Summary: Willow can't hide forever, and eventually she gets found by someone she really doesn't want to get found by. One day later, she recovers in the infirmary, and finally says goodbye to Tara.

Cause there's beauty in the breakdown )
Characters Willow ([personal profile] guiltapalooza) and you! OPEN.
Setting: The second floor hall.
Format: Action tags.
Warnings: Mentions of violent death.
Summary: A few days after her death, Willow still hasn't gotten her magic back, but this time it isn't the tower's fault. (Also includes a thread for immediately after her resurrection to log with Eridan.) There will be opportunity later to violently harass her, I promise, but for now friendlies only, please?

I can't control )
This feeling in my bones )
02 April 2012 @ 08:25 am
Characters: Hemostuck!Eridan, Taiki, AU Ven, Eraqus, AND ANYONE ELSE
Setting: Room 2-18 and in the Cafeteria once Eridan leaves
Format: I'm starting with prose, but I'll follow your preferences
Summary: Eridan got his wish. He should really have been careful what to wish for.
Warnings: Gross horrible things. Eridan going shithive without a moirail! Welcome to the tower, Eraqus!

Room 2-18

The cooling slickness of blood on his skin is the first thing he feels when he wakes up. He shifts, rolling over on the normally dry rectangle, and his sleep-muddled brain first wonders if maybe he managed to get hold of some sopor after all, only it's shitty stuff, not doing a thing with the nightmares.

He opens his eyes and sits up, confusion turning to utter horror when he sees first the colour of the blood on his hands and body - he's completely covered with it - and then the monstrosity lying at the foot of his bed.

"Fef, oh god, Fef!" And as he lunges for his moirail, gathering her still-warm, vaguely moving body to his chest, he lets out a piercing wail that goes on and on and on.


It's their fault, he knows it. The people who run this tower have to pay.

And there's only one place Eridan knows where he can get to someone who isn't a prisoner in the tower, but one of them. They're not important people, not even smart, but maybe he can get to the perpetrators through them. Surely they'll tell him something.

"Tell me howw to get to someone wwho runs this place!" he snarls at one of the drones who work in the cafeteria kitchen. He has it on its knees, holding it by the hair, and his oyster shelling knife is at its throat.

It only shakes its head dumbly and he nearly decapitates it with a quick slash of his knife, adding crimson red blood to the tyrian covering his face and clothes.

And he goes after the next one, teeth bared. "Tell me! Or you'll end up like the first!"
27 March 2012 @ 03:26 pm
Characters: LOTS OF PEOPLE just look at the tags, gosh. Start your own threads, hop into others, and generally be free with your tagging decisions.
Setting: Floor 4, the one with the big glass windows and lots of couches.
Format: Action tags!
Summary: Clearly what the tower needs right now is a party, and Willow and Aradia have thrown one.
Warnings: Nada. Good clean fun.

[It's never exactly a clear day around this floor of the tower, but the billowing clouds outside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows are maybe a bit lighter and fluffier. There's a positive atmosphere spread across the whole level, mostly from the colorful lights sprinkled here and there, magical in nature and of all different colors. They glow like small fairies.

But the biggest pieces in the room are the couches and armchairs, strategically laid out in different circles, with tables in the center. Snacks and drinks stolen from the kitchen are on the tables, so nothing too spectacular-- but there are several batches of baked goods that Willow's made, cookies and brownies and so on. There's also some board games and decks of cards placed here and there, the obvious Earth ones included and some not so obvious other ones that she hadn't recognized.

Anyone who wants to is welcome to show up, whether invited or not, whether they know Willow or Aradia or not. Fun is going to be had, darn it. However, everyone on the floor, just for today, is privy to an anti-violence ward that will prevent any motions toward violence from completing. A punch won't land, psychic powers mysteriously won't do anything if they try to cause harm, and so on. As the tower is not fond of being affected in any way, this is an effect the characters have put on them from crossing the threshold from the stairwell, and it will be automatically removed when they leave. It is not noticeable unless they try something or are particularly sensitive to magic.

It also won't last forever, so if you really want to get into a fight, do it while the party's winding down. Willow's wards are good but they aren't up to altering-the-tower-without-major-consequences level, and she's made them mild enough to wear off on their own after several hours.

You're really here to have fun, though, right? You knew where to go because of the network post.]
Characters: Xander and YOU
Location: Any number of assorted places, details within.
Format: Actionspaaaam.
Summary: Choose your own adventure with Xander Harris!
Warnings: none?

so if you don't break, just over compensate )

specifically for Estelle )
01 February 2012 @ 09:59 pm
Characters: Willow Rosenberg and AU7 Eridan Ampora
Setting: Floor 25 - the meadow
Format: Action
Summary: Eridan's got a little something to give Willow
Warnings: Cavity-inducing cute

[Eridan sits on a rise on the meadow, fidgeting as he waits for Willow. He has something burning a hole in his pocket, a little trinket he's spent the last several days working feverishly over. He's quite proud of it, but nervous about the reception it will get. Will it be good enough? Will it offend Willow in some way?

But he's determined to give it to her. He just has to hope that nothing horrible happens before he can do it. The last time he waited for Willow, he got attacked by the Grand Highblood Subjugglator and nearly died. Of course, they also became matesprits that day, so it could have been worse]
Characters Willow ([personal profile] guiltapalooza) and Eridan ([personal profile] wwaterboy). CLOSED.
Setting: Initially the floor with the pool, but somewhere else after that.
Format: Action tags, I guess?
Summary: Massively backdated, the fallout of Willow fighting the Grand Highblood and getting a little darker with her magic than she should.
Warnings: Grief and addiction recovery, like normal, and also probably mentions of graphic violence.

Cause seldom second chances come along )
26 December 2011 @ 06:18 pm
Characters: AU Eridan Ampora, The Grand Highblood Subjugglator, and Willow Rosenberg
Setting: The floor with the pool
Format: Whatever, I'll follow what you guys want to do
Summary: Eridan will probably sass the GHB, and Willow will hopefully rescue him.
Warnings: Violence and swearing

Eridan boosted himself up out of the pool and reached for the towel he'd brought this time. He was wearing swimming trunks, a simple white speedo, because the bigger trunks they'd offered him caused too much drag.

He'd never been that into swimming back home, with the water so polluted, but this water was clean and clear, if a tiny bit chlorinated. It was just enough to make his gills tingle, but he always washed them out thoroughly in the ablution trap later so there wouldn't be any scarring.

He had hoped to meet Willow again and take her swimming, but she hadn't arrived yet. That was disappointing, and he hoped she'd just lost track of time or something, and nothing bad had happened to her. He'd maybe check the library on his way back to his respite block. That would be like the girl he was becoming to hope would be his matesprit one day.

Content and humming a fisher tune, he rubbed at his skin to buff away the worst of the water so he could put his clothes back on and make his way back to his room.
12 December 2011 @ 11:58 pm
Characters: Taiki, Eridan anyone who wants to come visit Eridan or sick Taiki. (Willow, Sollux, Dualscars since you all said you wanted to meet the two of them together!)
Setting: Room 2-18, after Eridan is released from the infirmary
Format: You pick!
Summary: All this blood finally gets to Taiki, he gets sick.
Warnings: mentions of blood

All this blood was far too much )
10 December 2011 @ 08:28 pm
Characters: AU Eridan Ampora and OPEN
Setting: Infirmary
Format: Either
Summary: Eridan was injured pretty badly in his nightmare world, and he's the Worst Patient Ever.
Warnings: Swearing and references to grievous injury likely. Otherwise, I'll edit it if necessary.

Someone bandaged his blistered wrists and put some kind of salve on his savaged back. The salves dulled the pain a lot, which was good, but Eridan knew it'd come back. He lay on his side, because lying on his back hurt too much, the blanket pulled up to his chin and his face buried miserably into the soft pillow.

He didn't know why the universe decided to dump all of the problems onto him. Why did he have to be the one sea dweller who was born into poverty, the only one from a world where sea dwellers were reviled instead of revered? Why did he have to be the one clapped in irons and whipped for something he never did? Why did Feferi have to be dead? The one light in his life, and she was gone.

Why did the universe always have to make him miserable?

Life was hard.

So hard.

And clearly no one understood.
30 November 2011 @ 02:43 pm
Characters: anyone who got sent "home", anyone going to rescue them
Setting: your world?
Format: any
Summary: Post your nightmare world! Travel to other nightmare worlds! Save people from nightmare worlds!
Warnings: general angst/horror warnings for now

my heart's far far away home is too )
19 November 2011 @ 08:30 am
Characters: AU Eridan, OU Vriska, and Open!!
Setting: Somewhere in the tower, feel free to choose. He's travelling down the stairs for lunch.
Format: Either is fine.
Summary: Eridan is out and about. Meet him! Also Vriska is going to try to feed him to spidermom.
Warnings: Nothing yet. Eridan's foul mouth is certain to be found here.

[Hoarding food can only take you so far. Eridan's still not really talking much to his roommate, mostly because he's a bit resentful that Taiki took a flying leap off the tower with Eridan on his back. Stupid weird paranoid crying kid who claimed to fly but didn't even have wings and stupid Eridan for believing him and stupid tower for existing. He misses Feferi so much his wind tube hurts.

So anyway, he can't ask Taiki to bring him food anymore, so that means he has to go down to the cafeteria. But. He's not scared. Eridan Ampora doesn't get scared. He just doesn't want to have to deal with all this weird glubbing shit.

He is climbing down the stairs, head held high and a very 'come at me bro' look on his face. If anyone wants to give him shit for existing or something, he is so ready]
12 November 2011 @ 11:23 pm
Characters: Romeo and everyone!
Setting: Floor fifteen
Format: Starting in prose but I'll match you!
Summary: Romeo got a puppet theatre for his reward, but it is not much good without puppets!
Warnings: Hopefully none! But will add if there are!

Puppets! )
27 October 2011 @ 08:10 pm
Characters: Taiki, Eridan. And anyone who wants to be confronted by Gohran
Setting: Room 2-18 for Taiki and Eridan (moving eventually to floor 20) and everywhere for Gohran
Format: Take your pick and I'll match
Summary: The paranoia reaches a peak, the compulsion to kill the surgical victims clashes directly with the fact a kirin can not kill or fight without the order of their king. Taiki goes mad, and decides the only way is to escape. He takes Eridan with him. Gohran stalks the tower. (If anyone wants to have a conflict with Gohran/be killed by/get into a fight with but not die then jump in!)
Warnings: Horror, paranoia, fear, breakdown, violence, death. Swearing most likely. I'll add as it goes.

Kirin were benevolent creatures, killing was completely against their nature. )
23 October 2011 @ 09:23 pm
[Eridan gasps for breath, then opens his eyes as the paralysis fades. He stares in terror at the strange surroundings. The last thing he remembers is being jumped by three blues, one of which was getting really way too fresh.

He has a bruised eye, and a bite at the corner of his mouth. He looks like the biggest hate slut in the universe, and he's in a strange, sterile place that doesn't look like the palace, or anywhere that might be considered safe. Not that the palace is safe.

A quick investigation locates the contents of his trunk. Soon he's dressed in his own clothing, with Ahab slung over his shoulder - he doesn't know how they found it, but he's not leaving it here - and his knife at his belt. He has his moirail ring on the ring finger of his right hand.

He hesitates for a moment, then slips his kismesis ring onto the outside finger of his left hand. He doesn't like to wear it, but maybe, just maybe, it'll actually do him some good here.

Then he leaves the room and heads nervously down the hall, his eyes wide and frightened. All he wants is an exit. He can figure out what happened after it's all over.]