28 April 2014 @ 11:55 pm
Characters: Waver, Marty, anyone else that stayed topside
Setting: Hidden Floor
Format: Any
Summary: Let's figure out that exhaustion thing!
Warnings: TBA

[The Hidden floor is probably the safest place in the Tower right now, but "safe" is relative when everybody is starting to feel the effects of the new threat.

The infiltration team has a dangerous job, but how well can those who stayed behind prepare for the aftermath when they have their own crisis to deal with?]

[This is a mingly log! Feel free to post your own subthread!]
16 April 2014 @ 06:04 pm
Characters: Marty
Setting: See prompts!
Format: Starting in prose, feel free to switch
Summary: Marty's been out of the Tower for a LONG time...
Warnings: Marty has a few shocks in store so he might curse a bit.

Dorm Room 2-10, Backdated to April 10th )

Lab, April 10th )

Workshop, April 10th )
04 December 2012 @ 10:25 pm
Who: Marty and open (if you don't mind the freezing snowy outside)
Where: Floor 35
When: Evening
What: Fallout isn't just physical.
Warnings: Uh, this is depressing. Serious downer under the cut.

Stop the world I want to get off. )
14 November 2012 @ 08:00 pm
Characters: Doc, Marty, Sertoria and YOU
Setting: Workshop (15th Floor) on the 14th.
Format: Action
Summary: As planned, Doc is gonna try and set up a Nuclear Portable Reactor to power up Sertoria, and it is gonna go very very wrong. Floor 12 to 17 will be flooded with radiation from now on to the 18th. Details can be found here.

There will be three threads, one for where you can tag Doc, Marty and Sertoria before the attempts begin. The second thread will be the "experiment and the reactor exploding (your character is free to witness that or flee from it or be a deadspan snarker and say what a bad idea that is). The third thread will happen right after the explosion where you can meet survivors (if there are any or have your character caught up in the explosion).

Amon-ra should clean the radiation progressively then, some androids dispose of the nuclear core and the tower will clean it all by the 18th. Feel free to tag any threads. Oh and this event may set Rei on berserk mode OR SOMETHING.

Warnings: Nuclear Explosion.

Mr. Fusion, aka the Home Energy Reactor, says he is sorry )

Pre Experiment – Before the Explosion
The Experiment – Nuclear Explosion
Post Experiment – After the Explosion
08 November 2012 @ 12:29 pm
Characters: KOS-MOS ([personal profile] kosmic_angel)and OPEN
Setting: Room 2-13, Dorm halls (ever floor), Floor 27 Lab, Floor 15 Workshop, Floor 10 Aquarium, and anywhere else you want to find her
Format: Prose to start, will switch
Summary: KOS-MOS has woken up in the tower after trying to save the Elsa von Brabant (and Shion) from burning up in Second Miltia's atmosphere. It’s not something she’s “pleased” about.
Warnings: Besides a completely GIVE NO FUCKS android, nothing. Yet.

Mission failed... )
06 October 2012 @ 03:34 pm
Characters: Marty, Open
Setting: Library
Format: either I'm good
Summary: Marty has a lot of thoughts on his mind
Warnings: n/a

This is Marty.

This is Marty with arms folded and head bowed.

He appears to be thinking very hard.

He's sitting on a chair next to a table with a book on time theory in front of him.

He is also mumbling to himself.

There is a piece of white paper with math scribbles and dates on it.

Bother, pester, ignore?
05 October 2012 @ 08:32 pm
Characters: Data and YOU!
Setting: Room 2-14, Dormitory Floor Two, Floor Five, Cafeteria, Anywhere Else.
Format: Starting with action, will follow.
Summary: Data is reactivated for the first time within the tower. That probably qualifies as a strange new world to explore. he comes together with his cat, Spot.
Warnings: An android and a cat. Nothing else... For now.

Room 2-14 )Dormitory Floor Two )
Cafeteria )Floor Five )Anywhere Else )
Characters: Swaps swaps swaps swaps swaps swaps Everr'booodyyyyyy
Setting: The library, and wherever you want, really, Event Days 3-5
Format: Anything!
Summary: The Let's-Get-Everyone-Back-Into-Their-Bodies post! It's like a party with science! Use this post for the before, during, or after as you please!
Warnings: Mention of needles, possibly violence if people really don't want to get switched back.

cut text )
18 September 2012 @ 07:34 pm
Characters: Eikichi(?) (no it's Marty bodyswapped), open
Setting: Workshop, 38 Lounge, Hologram floor, anywhere, anytime during the bodyswap: A catch all
Format: either/or
Summary: Marty has no clue how to deal with this, dammit.
Warnings: He's hearing voices. Also replies coming from <user name=personadriver>

Read more... )

Workshop )
Hologram Floor )Anywhere Else )
17 September 2012 @ 01:39 am
Characters: Sertoria Cani AND YOU!
Setting: Room 3-12, workshop and then wherever the hell else.
Format: Action!
Summary: Sertoria wakes up in Doc's body. She flips out because what is being suddenly human and then tries to get answers.
Warnings: None!

this is like freaky friday gone wrong. )

Day 3 )

Day 4 )
16 July 2012 @ 11:25 am
Characters: characters involved in the Mousetrap event
Setting: puzzle rooms
Format: any
Summary: Eleven groups find they have to participate in a little team-building exercise...
Warnings: probably shouldn't go above the usual Animus level

Characters: EVERYONE
Setting: Floor 38
Format: Whatever you feel comfortable with. Prose, action, it's all good.
Summary: The giant party is finally here! Mingle, Blind date and strange things ahoy!

It was a graveyard smash )

[OOC - Hello and welcome to the party log! Let's mingle and have fun because the tower doesn't let us have much of it. You can start a brand new thread when you are blind dating and mark them (EIKICHI AND MIYABI ), or if you want to do something like "JADE DJs A FEW SONGS FOR YOU" and people can reply to that. You can make multiple threads to a reply to, so if someone wants to talk to Eikichi, then someone else does later. Just make sure any closed threads are marked with [CLOSED] so other people know they can't pop in! Otherwise...it's free game.

The following are links to the sections to faster reading, and will be updated:
Entrance (Coming in)

Blind Dates
Yusuke & Sayaka Leon & Kafuka Ryoji (AU) & Chihiro Rod & Yuko Lelouch & FiYosuke & Kyouko Reno "Sparky"& Vriska [OU]Naoki & The DiscipleMondo & AmaterasuKarkat & Xion (AU4)Gamzee & Wriggle Taro & Homura Dave Strider & Jin Siira & Ryoji [OU]Lina & GanondorfReno "Rusty" & Ronald David Lalonde & BeatEquius [AU1] & Link (LttP)Yulin & Jade Selene & RudeRiku [AU] & AphrodiEridan (Jade) & Cloud Xehanort & VeigarTara & April Jirou & Cross Luke & Soma Futomimi & The DolorosaHaruna & Sora (AU)Rhyth & MartyThe Signless & Xue'KolTifa & William Riku & NaminéMonobear & Makoto Lisa & Adachi Kidou & UrotsukiKoujirou & FeferiKuja & ZidaneGimli & LegolasKanji & NaotoXion (OU) & Yu Sora (OU) & Kairi Eriko & NaoyaEikichi & Miyabi

Individual Threads (For Mingling)
Eikichi MishinaApril SinclairDave StriderJadeTara MaclayJun KuosuGamzee MakaraKen AmadaMomotarosEmmett BrownGandalfLegolasSayaka MikiMami TomoeMinako ArisatoYu Narukami Minato Arisato (OU) Maya Amano (Birthday Girl) Minato Arisato[AU]Ishtar[AU]Jade Harley(AU)Link (TP)Naminé AphrodiChidori Yoshino EnochLelouchHeiAsakim DowinProfessor HojoTohru AdachiRyotaro DojimaSauntering SnowstormZeldaXion [OU]

28 June 2012 @ 11:27 pm
Characters: Marty, and Open
Setting: Floor 38, morning of the 28th
Format: Either or
Summary:  He's working at the makeshift lab/food bar on Floor 38.
Warnings: Breaking of the Space Time Continuum.

The pancake batter was getting a little on the thin side, but that didn't deter the teenager as he prepared it for cooking in the automatic pancake maker. Marty tried really hard to stretch out their supplies, and while he was really grateful the power was back on which meant less monsters hanging around (and to be honest he was still a little mystified monsters actually existed, let alone all the other stuff he'd seen since being here) he hoped it meant that the cafeteria was going to come back too.

What was going to happen to the Pancake Stand (as he liked to call it) if that happened? It was fun, if.... different, getting to know the people that came for pancakes and cooking the food they brought. Still, he was getting pretty tired of pancakes.

Giving the machine the last bit of batter, Marty took off his makeshift apron and walked over to flop down on a sofa, a book nicked from the library in hand, while the machine did its work. He'd get to the coffee later, if they even had any left, but it was still pretty early and he didn't expect anyone to show up just yet.

29 May 2012 @ 03:08 am
Characters: Marty and EVERYONE ELSE. Start your own threads, mingle, make CR!
Setting: Floor 38, the big lounge floor just under the dorms, BEST STORM VIEW
Format: Your choice
Summary: STORM WATCHING PARTY! So the power is out and there's tons of thunderstorms. But don't let that get you down, WATCH THE THUNDERSTORMS! Also pancakes and coffee.
Warnings: STORM WATCHING ! Lots of thunder

Marty had enough of the darkness in the tower and the creeping monsters, so when he looked at the mass of pancakes the automatic pancake maker had made, he loaded them up along with the coffee maker, coffee, the syrup, and toted them all the way up to Floor 38.

There was no way he was going to let those massive stacks of pancakes go to waste, and this was the closest floor to the dorms that actually had some place to hang out, so he set the pancakes up as a sort of continental breakfast, and sat watching the storm.

What he hadn't expected was the people to start trickling in.
Characters: Doc, possibly Marty, Einstein (the dog) and You
Setting: Workshop (15th Floor) on Saturday 26th
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer
Summary: Following Marty’s announcement on the network, Doc keep working on his inventions and now accept requests. He offers free pancakes and free cup of coffee to anyone visiting the 'shop' too. Feel free to ask him to invent you something if there's something you need or just visit his working place.
Warnings: None. Marty working with him, he may pop-up at any time.

Someone remind him how terrible the situation is )
22 May 2012 @ 04:08 pm
[ This is...probably backdated... (18-19th ballpark?) ]

Characters: Filia, open!!
Setting: All over the dorm floors, eventually room 1-05.
Format: Action or prose.
Summary: Filia dreamed that she'd been eaten by a spider but HA HA that can't be possible, by the way Miss Lina you are the worst friend ever.
Warnings: Talk of being eaten, idiocy.

DORMS (unspecified)

That is Filia taking very angry steps (okay, stomping) through the floors of the dormitory, stopping at each room to read the names of its inhabitants. She looks upset.

You probably don't want to engage. ]

ROOM 1-05
Lina Inverse
Sayaka Miki
Yuffie Kisaragi
Feferi Peixes

Lina Inverse
Sayaka Miki

Lina Inverse

A-ha! ]

Miss Lina! [ Knock. Knock knock knock. ] Miss Lina, are you here?
30 April 2012 @ 06:48 pm
Characters: Marty, and anyone that wants to talk to a rather down young man
Setting: Somewhere that is NOT his room, because wtf dragon roommate. Okay okay Floor 38 with the new lounge because it's close to the dorms!
Format: Anything
Summary: Marty is just starting to come to terms with where he is and the fact the Doc thinks they destroyed their universe with their time-space shenanigans.
Warning: None. Marty's a good kid.

Read more... )
18 April 2012 @ 09:49 pm
Characters : Doc, his dog and you!
Setting: Floor 12 and Everywhere else
Format: Starting with prose but will match
Summary: Doc wakes up and decides to explore the tower. He is astonished by the projection at Floor 12 and he will babble a lot as explores other floors. Oh, and his dog may find you first.
Warnings: Nothing serious. Lots of technobabble. Panic. He may imply you are the reason your homeworld got destroyed if you mention weird things about time travel. And a dog may happily leap at you.

Floor 12 - Great Scott! )Everywhere Else )