17 September 2013 @ 06:14 pm
Characters: [ou] Isamu Nitta and OPEN.
Setting: library
Format: any
Summary: The growths that helped Isamu survive in the passageways of Amala are falling away, leaving a sickly, vulnerable mess of a teenager behind.
Warnings: Possible grossness?

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((ooc: Sorry for a second post so soon, but I didn't want to inflict this on others when they had their own plots/intros going on.))
07 September 2013 @ 05:53 pm
Characters: Isamu Nitta and whoever dares.
Setting: Various floors in the first block. Cafeteria, mostly. His bedroom (1-06) if you're a roomie.
Format: surprise me any
Summary: The Mighty Isamu, Master of Amala, now lost and confused in his new surroundings, is doing his best to avoid contact with others. It's easier to tell how much of a freak you appear to be when there's more than just demons around to judge.
Warnings: He's kind of an ass.

The chest by his bed had contained his clothing, though the most Isamu had really done was switch out the white outfit he'd woken in to his old jeans and hat. Trying to cover himself with a shirt was pointless. It was too tight and rubbed against the growths uncomfortably. Anyone who saw him after he snuck out would just have to deal.

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