Characters: Amalia & yours~
Setting: Floor 25 (Meadow)
Time: Any
Format: No preference
Summary: Sadida princess feels it's her responsibility to make things green again! How well she fares, that's still up for debate. Come bother her and make sure she doesn't pass out or anything from over-exerting her powers?
Warnings: Probably none.

Now I'm gone, but I left flowers for you there... )
20 August 2012 @ 10:10 pm
Characters: Aelita and YOU \o/
Setting: room 2-13, hallway, or floor 38, take your pick.
Format: [brackets c:]
Summary: +1 pink haired girl. What do, tower?
Warnings: nope

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09 August 2012 @ 05:44 pm

 Characters: Aelia and you
Setting: Floors 8, 10, 30, and 38
Format: prose, but will match you
Summary: Aelia trying to adjust by relaxing...and failing, and being lost for a whole day.
Warnings: fighting, possible gore maybe, and alcohol

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