13 November 2013 @ 10:21 pm
 Characters: Hachiken Yugo, anyone who wants to meet him
Setting: Dorm room 1-16 and the dorm floors
Format: Willing to match you.
Summary: One new member, somewhat confused at what's going on here.
Warnings: Probably none, he's pretty tame.

The first thing Hachiken noticed was that he was lying in a bed again. He'd been in the process of walking back to school, that he was pretty sure of, and yet, here he was lying in bed. Had he fainted again? That was possible, but he should be all better now.

The letters caught his attention and he froze, reading them. His world had been destroyed? That couldn't possibly be true. As he thought about it, he looked around, and it didn't look so much like a hospital then a dorm room not unlike the one at school in a way. The entire world? How? What about Mikage and Komaba? The thought of his best friends dying somehow brings tears to his eyes. He pushed his arm up under his glasses to wipe away any stray tears.

No, what he needed was answers.
 This couldn't be right and in fact, he really shouldn't be crying until he knew for sure. Carefully, with hesitant footsteps, he opens the door and peers out into the hall for a moment before stepping out and looking around. It was definitely like a dormitory of some kind, but where was he?