13 August 2013 @ 09:18 pm
Characters: Riku, Jellal or Kiryu and open!
Setting: See prompts, all set at about the middle of the week
Format: Starting off with prose for once, but do as you like! I'm fine with either. :3
Summary: Event catch all for all of Icey's characters!
Warnings: Horror, angst, ownerless limbs, (at very least attempted) suicide, terrible animus things, hopefully POWER OF FRIENDSHIP at some points, but will add as needed. ^^

So that it still goes on, so that it never fades... )
15 July 2013 @ 03:34 pm
Characters: Jellal, Fairy Tail, Zeref and Open!
Setting: Floor 003 - General Library, Floor 025 - Meadow Floor, Floor 032 - Forest Floor #2
Format: Action to start off, but I'll match
Summary: Jellal is released from the tower's brainwashing and left to deal with the fall out.
Warnings: brainwaishing, angst, ect.

What twist in fate has brought us // To tread upon this land? )
06 May 2013 @ 12:16 am
Characters: Kain Highwind and OPEN
Setting: Infirmary, Library, and Dorms
Format: Prose to start, will follow whichever you prefer.
Summary: A brooding dragoon can only brood for so long, even if he has to be dragged away from it. Kain has apologies to deliver, and has built up the will to do so. Hopefully.
Warnings: None yet

Infirmary - Orange Collar Checkup )

Library - At A Terminal )

Dorms, Room 03-01 - Late Night (Locked to Cecil Harvey) )
30 April 2013 @ 05:20 pm
Characters: Allen Walker and YOU!
Setting: Staircase near Floor 25, then elsewhere
Time: April 30th, Noon then afternoon
Format: Some small action, then whatever you please
Summary: Feelings can fade, but memories will always persist. Allen is just talking to Timcanpy, his closest and longest-known friend, when...
Warnings: N/A

[Staircase....] )

[along comes a golem...] )
17 April 2013 @ 11:27 pm
Characters: Jellal and open
Setting: Floor 46 - backdated to about a week after this thread (4/2/13)
Format: Action, but I'll match
Summary: After his first death, Jellal has come to the conclusion that running away is no longer an option. The results of that are... mixed at best?
Warnings: Angst, violence, the usual, I guess? It's probably not going to be overwhelmingly graphic or anything.

Freedom is not a thing that exists in this world. )
26 March 2013 @ 09:32 am
Characters: Suzaku and you
Setting: Dorm halls, floor 46 (monster room), outside floor 96 (forgetting floor) and then staircases between floors 92 and 96
Format: either
Summary: Lelouch disappears, cue Suzaku breaking
Warnings: so much self destructiveness, self hating, I'll add if anything else happens

He was tired of this... )
20 March 2013 @ 12:42 am
Characters: Data, his cat(s) and you!
Setting: Dormitories Floors, Holodeck and the Library.
Format: Starting with action, will follow.
Summary: Data before and during the event. Data gets to see the familiar bridge of the Enterprise, needs to protect his cats from the weather and is forced to continue his duties as security officers in spite of the thunderstorm.
Warnings: None really for now. Data may get struck by lightning and deactivate during the Summer/Thunderstorm prompt, but he'll live.

Before Event - Floor 100 (Holodeck) )
Spring - Dormitories Floors )Summer - Floor 19 (Library) )
Characters: Anyone who signed up for the Dark World Plot! Look at tag list for more details.
Setting: The 4th and 5th of March. Located in the Cursed Floors + Ganon's Tower (Floors 6, 7, 8, 12, 62, 65, 68, 70, 73 and 79 + Floor 75).
Format: Most likely action but left at the players's discretion.
Summary: Your character somehow got trapped in the Forest Floor of the Tower-- And it looks nothing like the Forest Floor the characters remember. It's the beginning of the Dark World. Some floors look pretty different from what they did before, some nearly identical. The only way to get out is to go through the dungeons that make up this Dark World.

All characters start out in the Dark Forest, then as they go throughout the forest, they magically walk into one of the three dungeons (the one they have been assigned to). By exploring the dungeons, they will acquire one of the three Pendants that lead to the Core of the Curse, from where the cursed floors can be ended. However, Richtofen is there and happy to make sure that won't be that easy.

Mingle threads are simply for Mingle, whereas the exploration of the dungeons, puzzles, etc happens in the Exploration threads. OOC information here.

Warning: While your character may survive fine and all, the dark world is a dangerous place with lots of monsters and puzzles to solve. Characters may get harmed or killed, but that is left to the players's discretion. Characters going through the water of temple may lose their patience and sanity.

Arrival in the Dark World )

Dark Forest -------------------------------------------- Mingle || Exploration

The Water Temple: Wisdom Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Death Mountain: Power Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Palace of Darkness: Courage Dungeon ---- Mingle || Exploration || Dark Self Battle || Boss Battle

Richtofen's Laboratory ------------------------------ Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle

Illusionary Room
Ganon's Tower
23 December 2012 @ 11:23 pm
Characters: Rolo Lamperouge and YOU
Setting: Dorm hallways at night
Format: Both are fine. I'll follow.
Summary: Rolo has the normal type of flu but with it comes a nasty cough. His cough is getting so bad that it's interfering with the use of his Geass... too bad those monsters are closing in on him... Some help please?
Warnings: None yet.

This seems familiar somehow... )

17 December 2012 @ 09:45 pm
Characters: Data and YOU!
Setting: Cafeteria, Your Dorm, Library, Any Floor.
Format: Starting with action, will follow.
Summary: Thankfully enough, this android has been spared the strain of flu spreading throughout the tower. So Data tries to follow the human tradition called "Christmas" and attempts to decorate the Cafeteria. Meanwhile he also investigates the terminals to find information relevant to the tower and the whole administrator business, carries out his duty as security officer and look after his cat… That may or not have ended up asleep on your bed.

Also Data may or not be putting Mistletoe in strategic doorways throughout the tower. It's only for decorating and help the Christmas mood after all, right?
Warnings: None for now.

Cafeteria )Your Dorm )Library )Any Floor )
16 December 2012 @ 04:58 pm
Characters: Jellal and Open
Setting: Room 01-10/Dormitory Floor 01, Floor 48, Floor 25
Format: Action
Summary: Jellal arrives in the tower. He has really rather mixed feelings about it.
Warnings: Nothing beyond the standard Animus horror?

Read more... )