Characters: Raven, original Ion, and open.
Setting: Various; set throughout the week of the event.
Format: Brackets preferred, though this post leans heavily on the prosey side of brackets anyway.
Summary: catchall post for the week of 8/11-8/17; Raven copes poorly™ and Ion's serenity becomes very, very dissonant.
Warnings: Angst (gratuitous amounts of it in fact), Animus, Shadow Children, the usual. Possible character death in the fourth day's prompt for Raven who am I even kidding, he's gonna die

maybe no matter how much you loved them )
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they could slip through your fingers like water )
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Characters: florian & anyone ever
Setting: floor four, floor ten, flour thirteen.
Format: either is fine, though i'm partial to action brackets.
Summary: florian's finally arrived in the tower, and what fun is one if you're not wandering around it?
Warnings: other than my inability to keep my tenses straight, nothing as of now!

replicas and mumus and murder towers oh my )