05 April 2014 @ 07:08 pm
Characters: Gandalf and You.
Setting: Dormitory Floors, Hidden Floor, Cafeteria and Meadow.
Format: Action or Prose, I will follow.
Summary: The white wizard comes back with counsel in this dark hour. Essentially, after nearly a year spent on his dead homeworld, Gandalf is back and looking for informations regarding the state of things.
Warnings: Nothing. Will update if something comes up.

Dormitory Floors )Hidden Floor )Cafeteria )Meadow )
05 April 2014 @ 02:22 am
Characters: Mitchell, a bee and you.
Setting: Floor 6
Format: You lead, I'll follow
Summary: Contemplating on his recent regain with his bee friend.
Warnings: None

Hello I walk, into empty, hallways.... )
25 March 2014 @ 09:25 am
Characters: any characters who are still within the Tower
Setting: the hidden floor
Format: any
Summary: Zo needs help. What will you do?
Warnings: psychological horror

Aria and the other retrieval units stand guard in the room and regard each person who enters with a little bit of caution. The reason quickly becomes clear: Zo lies unconscious on a bed that appears to have been stolen from a hospital recovery room. With the glamour down, he looks spectral: it's possible to look through his body and to the bed beneath. He's not quite a ghost, though, as he can be interacted with.

If Zo is attacked, the retrieval units will be quick to retaliate. They can't help Zo on their own, though--so maybe there's something you can do...
10 March 2014 @ 08:14 pm
Characters: [OPEN TO ALL] Sephiroth via Tower of Jenova Phase #1
Setting: 10-22nd March, Starting in the Dormitory Levels, spreading around the Tower via those Infected
Format: Prose and/or Action, Mingle-style. Please put date and/or relevant locations in the subjects!
Summary: Sephiroth releases his will and manages to envelop the Dormitory Levels of the Tower, Side effects commence shortly after in certain individuals. Meanwhile, he begins to siphon energy into his very core. Feel free to use this post for plotting.
Warnings: Sickness, mutations, copious amounts of Geostigmatic black goop and generally bad feels including but not limited to homicide, suicide, hallucinations. Eventually.

Now or Never )
22 February 2014 @ 11:17 pm
Characters: Anyone. Everyone.
Setting: The few days after the event, throughout the Tower as you will.
Format: Mingle! Assign your own dates/locations/etc, tag yourself, do as you do.
Summary: Jason's dead. So are a lot of other people. Fallout and picking up the pieces.
Warnings: Discussion of death and cannibalism inevitable.

[Catch-all for events following the Event. Discuss Jason's death and its consequences, come back from the dead, party?, quiver in fear?, take a long, hot bath. Whatever it is you do, do it here.]
15 February 2014 @ 02:48 pm
Characters: Reno, open!
Setting: Check prompts!
Format: Either
Summary: February catchall
Warnings: TBA or check subtitles

Kitchen Shenananans )

Hunting - Floor Six or Thirty-Two - Any Day )

Lost my Heart - Feb 14th )

Floor 81 - Feb 28 - Closed )
Characters: Elena and YOU
Setting: February 7th – Various Locations [See Prompts]
Format: Action but will match yours
Summary: Elena is running a few errands and meeting up with Dia to discuss a sensitive situation.
Warning: Possible language, who knows?

[Floor 19 | Research Library | Early morning]  )

[Floor 22 | Art Gallery | Closed to Diarmuid | Noon]  )

[Floor 14 | Media Room | Dusk]  )
28 January 2014 @ 11:13 pm
Characters: Anybody and everybody
Setting: Floor 1, before noon
Summary: Riki's offered a way to help keep the Tower powered a little longer. Obviously this is going to cause a lot of discussion and debate so let's CONSOLIDATE
Warnings: Nothing as of yet. Possibly eventually, so keep an eye on subject lines and I 'll try to change to reflect any developments

[No doubt Riki's announcement would be polarizing, but the instructions themselves were clear: Floor 1 at noon if you want to help out. And if you want to meet people, try to talk them in or out of it? Or hell, maybe even just talk about the revelation on who is behind those explosions? Well, this is as good a place as any for that too.

Just remember to be careful near the staircase]
24 January 2014 @ 10:56 am
Characters: Anybody that wishes to go to the Ragnarok meeting
Date: Jan 20th, Morning
Setting: Hidden Floor
Either or.
It's time to regroup, establish new ties, and form a plan
TBA, but check comment headings just in case!

It may have been word of mouth. It could have been one of the many notes Reno left on doors or on beds (and in some cases, foreheads) of those he knew to be members or trusted. Or it could have been just as simple as a friend grabbing another for a 'walk.' The notes read, "Meeting. Morning, Jan 20th." There is no location, or any hint of any; Reno suspects most people will get the idea to go there, simply because it wasn't mentioned. It isn't supposed to exist, after all.

Characters: Elena and YOU!
Setting: Various Locations – See Promps
Format: Will match yours
Summary: Elena is recuperating from the incident with the Plague Doctors and getting back into the swing of research.
Warnings: None?

[Floor 81 – Lounge w/ Rounded Windows] )

[Floor 10 - Aquarium] )

08 January 2014 @ 11:55 am
Characters: Reno, and you
Setting: Floor 76 - The Greenhouse, Jan 8th
Format: Either
Summary: Catch all for post-event things. Fall out goes further than battles won and battles lost.
Warnings: Mentions of a lot of things possibly in the future, tba (At least some blood)

Ain't easy with responsibility. )
16 December 2013 @ 07:32 pm
Characters: You. Yes, you!
Setting: December 16th through 21st, all the places!
Format: Any!
Summary: Plague doctor panic shenanigans for the Into An Abyss event, day two and onwards until the pesky creatures stop annoying everyone. Or in the case of non-orange-collared people, maiming them.
Warnings: Monsters! Battles! Death! Orange collar badassery! The Tower! Too much to handle!!

[After a day of putting things into the strange portal on floor twenty-three, something finally comes out. Many somethings. And it seems they are not satisfied with only the stray finger to nibble on...]

OOC stuff )
Characters: Richtofen, the Orange Team, Ocelot, and Elena
Setting: 2-02
Format: Action will probably be easiest!
Summary: Richtofen and his allies wait for a glamour glitch and break into a service elevator.
Warnings: Probably tons of gore. Also ropes made of organs.

13 December 2013 @ 12:06 am
Characters: Sephiroth & OPEN, #2 Closed: Lancelot
Setting: #1 - Infirmary Fl  2 [Backdated 8th Dec], #2 - Stadium/Arena Fl 50 [12th Dec], #3 - Dormitory Floors & 3-02 [13th Dec] 
Format: Prose to start, taggers choice 
Summary: #1 - Another failure at a skipped collar check, #2 - A spar with Lancelot, #3 - Patrolling/passing through Dormitory Halls and/or Inventory checking his Trunk for the first time in a while. 
Warnings: None for now, other than Violence in #2. 'Usual' Sephiroth warnings to apply.  

Backdated: 8th December, Mid-afternoon. Infirmary Fl 2 )

12th December, Late Morning. Stadium Fl 50 )

13th December Dormitory Hallways & Dormitory 3-02 )
Characters: Elena and you!
Setting: Various! See prompts below.
Format: Either/Or
Summary: After spending a few weeks on her dead planet, Elena has finally returned to Tower. Clearly she needs to find out what has happened during her absence, as well as let those close to her know she’s returned, and start looking into a few things that were mentioned to her before her leave.
Warnings: None to speak of at this point.

[Notes slipped under recipient doors] )

[Prompt A – Floor 100 | Early Morning] )

[Prompt B – Floor 4 | Mid-Morning to Early Afternoon] )

[Prompt C – Floor 19 | Mid-Afternoon to Early Evening] )

[Prompt D - Floor 77 | Late Evening - Closed to Reno] )
19 November 2013 @ 11:44 am

Happy Birthday Xion!

Characters: Elena, Turk Family, Team Ragnarock and anybody who is friends with the birthday girl
Setting: Floor 62 , November 18, afternoon - evening
Format: Open, anything goes
Summary: It's Xion’s birthday – at least the one selected. So, being proper parents, Reno and Elena are throwing their bitty girl a birthday party on the beach that will bleed into a solstice bonfire later into the evening.
Warnings: None for now


[Let the party begin!]

[Solstice Bonfire]

04 November 2013 @ 11:40 am
Characters: [ou] Elena + OPEN
Setting: Various
Format: Brackets
Summary: Elena is doin' her Turk thing by training, and makin' herself a proper uniform before taking a breather at home.
Warnings: None yet.

[Floor 51] - Needles and Strings and Things )

[Floor 39] - They say there's a very find line between dancing and fighting )

[Room 1-03] )
23 October 2013 @ 02:14 pm
Characters: Elena & Open
Setting: Throughout the Tower during the Event
Format: Will match yours
Summary: Catch-all for the "If You Won't" Event
Warnings: Collecting all the candy, feels, and more! I will update anymore content warnings as they happen.

[October 20th – Graveyard | OPEN TO ALL] )

[October 21 - Floor 38 Lounge | OPEN TO ALL] )

[October 22nd - Floor 53 Classroom | OPEN TO ALL] )

[October 23rd - Floor 88 Bar | CLOSED TO RENO] )
14 October 2013 @ 03:51 pm
Characters: Sephiroth [Open to all]
Setting: Graveyard (Floor 48) & Cafeteria (Floor 1); 14th October
Format: Action to start , will follow
Summary: Trying to silence a voice in the Graveyard & trying not to reminisce in the Cafeteria; it is someones Tower-versary this month, after all.
Warnings: The usual; Sephiroth is anti-social and high-strung recently to boot. Prone to violence if provoked.

Prompt #1 - Floor 48 Graveyard )

Prompt #2 - Floor 1 Cafeteria )
11 October 2013 @ 10:59 am
Characters: Simon and everyone!
Setting: Room 2-18, Floor 92, 73, and cafeteria.
Format: Starting with action brackets
Summary: A new face in the tower quickly adapts.
Warnings: Usual tower warnings. Possible danger from floors 92and 73.

Where everybody knows your name )