16 August 2013 @ 09:00 am
Characters: Labrys and open
Setting: Dorm floors on Thursday and floor 25 on Friday.
Format: Starting with action, your choice.
Summary: You want guilt? We've got guilt.
Warnings: Standard Individuation warnings with 99.9% chance of character death on Friday.

kimi no kioku )

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29 July 2013 @ 09:00 am
Characters: All the characters who signed up for this infiltration, too many to write them all here. Characters who stay behind and do not infiltrate can tag into the mingle thread.
Setting: The Cafeteria, then the Elevator's Shaft and finally the Administrative Floors. The 29th of July, in the morning.
Format: Action most likely.

Summary: A month ago Ganondorf planned an infiltration to go and pay a visit to Riki's floor-- Given what has happened these last weeks, the 'Evil Alliance' has accepted to allow Enoch and the people he gathered to use the infiltration in order to do their own thing. Namely, retrieve scientific instruments from Jason's laboratory, so as to study the Collar Fluid. The infiltration will begin on the 1st floor, the Cafeteria.

The first thread is a traditional mingle thread, happening before the infiltration and briefing begin; anyone can tag into it. The second thread is a quick briefing before the infiltration starts, where Enoch and Ganondorf will explain to everyone what to do and what to expect in case they don't already know. Then there are the seven group threads, one for each individual team infiltrating.

The OOC post is here for more information. If you have signed-up but didn't pick a group yet, please do so here. While the infiltration takes place, the villains who stayed behind are unleashing a distraction on the tower and those who don't go.

Warnings: Administrative floors, danger, death, horror. Anyone tagging here is probably going to die, or at the very least meet with a terrible fate.

Mingle || Briefing || Meanwhile, in the Cafeteria...

Group 00 (Ganondorf, Sephiroth [OU], Veigar, Ocelot and Jin)
Group 01 (Enoch, Lancer [AU3], Patrick Dawn, Tohko, Raven and Ryoji)
Group 02 (Xion, Fon Master Ion, Yu Narukami, Asch, Luke, Jonouchi Katsuya, Dark Pit and Sheba)
Group 03 (Nesir Aeser, Zett Takajo, Kain Highwind, Solas and Minato Arisato)
Group 04 (Kyoko Sakura, Amelia, Shepard, Homura Akemi, Terra, Sephiroth [AU2] and Labrys)
Group 05 (John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Naoya Toudou, Dave Strider, Riki [AU3], Sora and Riku [OU])
Group 06 (Zelda, Ruler [AU1] and Saber [AU5])
Characters: Yukiko Amagi, the entirety of the Persona cast and Stregaverse, and trusted friends. Please tag yourselves in! New Purse Owners, you're welcome here!

(Xion, OU!Riku, AU!John Egbert, Saber of White, Diarmuid, Zelda, Shepard - if you have close positive CR with a Persona cast member, it's fine.

If you have any kind of negative CR, or your CR is only casual, I ask that you please not tag this.)

Setting: July 8th, 2 PM, Floor 28.
Format: Written in prose, either in comments.
Summary: Yukiko requested a meeting.
Warnings: Persona 4 Arena spoilers, talk about past Tower events, probably some language - not from Yukiko, but from other people.

Hey, sky's the limit, we can spread wings - to roadless travel, together we go! )
Characters: Hidetoshi, and the rest of the population of the [community profile] towerofanimus .
Setting: Floors 1 and 4, the dormitory levels and anywhere else.
Format: Actionspam to begin with. Either is fine by me, but be warned that using prose equates a slower tagging time from me.
Summary: As it is the popular thing to do this week; Hidetoshi's currently dealing with the aftermath of being completely brainwashed during this month's experiment, and like his previous brilliant coping method, decides once again pretend it never happened to him personally in the first place. After he has a small breakdown.
Warnings: Post-experiment angst? Mentions of violence. Oh, and vomiting and crying too.

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there is a silence where no sound may be )

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15 March 2013 @ 01:20 pm
Characters: April and anyone else!
Setting: Floor 28, Floor 100 and Dorm Room 2-04 (Locked to Aleph).
Format: Brackets to start with, but I can match you!
Summary: In which April practices music and then later gets hit with a bad cause of homesickness.

Floor 28 )

Floor 100 )

Dorm Room 2-04 [Locked] )
16 January 2013 @ 09:51 pm
Characters: Labrys and you!
Setting: Around the tower
Format: I'll try to match.
Summary: Labrys doesn't age. She deals with it, learns new things, and fights in her spare time. (Go ahead and establish pre-existing relationships if you like!)
Warnings: None currently.

dormitory floors )

floor 28 )

floor 25 )

anywhere else )
Characters: Yu Narukami and you
Setting: All around the tower
Format: I'll follow you.
Summary: Nanako is sick with that special variety of the flu and goes missing, which equates to the Sister-Complex Kingpin of Steel her "brother" silently flipping all the goddamn tables no matter how late it gets.
Warnings: "Death", all the feelings, inability to can, Yu flipping tables better than Thor, and pissed/far-too-sympathetic headgod.

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15 December 2012 @ 12:51 am
Character: Labrys and you!
Setting: Dormitory floor three, near room 3-07
Format: Action, but I'll match.
Summary: Kirijo-made or not, Some mechanisms just plain don't work well in extended periods of cold weather.
Warnings: None yet.
deep )
Characters: Rise Kujikawa and YOU!
Setting: Floor Twenty-Eight, the Music Room, or prettymuch anywhere else you want.
Format: Prose and Action both A-OK; you pick and I'll follow your lead!
Summary: Rise does her best to get in a little vocal practise for the (possible) upcoming Gas Chamber, Tower Edition show. Make a song request, pick up an instrument and join in, just listen...that part's all up to you. :]
Warnings: Event-related things, perhaps...or maybe she just has the regular flu. :3 Otherwise nothing.

My throat is killing me. It's probably all the voice training... )
29 November 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Characters: P4 Cast
Setting: Media Room, early evening/late afternoon
Format: Action, but whatever is fine!
Summary: Tis movie night! Bruce Lee and all the wonderful action movies!
Warnings: Most likely fighting over food and random martial arts moves presented by Chie.

Insert horrible puns here )
Characters: Hidetoshi, a bloodthirsty wolf, various monsters, and [community profile] towerofanimus .
Setting: Room 03-02, the dorms, and various tower floors. People are allowed to find his dead body and loot his corpse for candies if they want to.
Format: I'll roll with either, but expect action tags if he attacks your character.
Summary: "DID HIDETOSHI JUST FAIL TO MEET THE CANDY-COLLECTING QUOTA FOR THE DAY? I THINK HE JUST FUCKING DID. Also, did someone just order maximum mental trauma for the baby's first death."
Warnings: Death, freaking out and descriptions of a very violent fear of death, body horror, mentions of gore and missing body parts. In other words, the Animus Trauma Halloween Special, tailored for extra suffering.

Death is horrifying to whose who don't know it and dying for the first time tends to suck major ass )

Dying for the first time continues to suck major ass: the redux )

Hidetoshi is going to loath Halloween for the rest of his natural lifespan )
Characters: Rise ([personal profile] idol_support) and YOU! :D
Setting: Starting in Room 2-01, then WHEREVER SHE HAS TO GO TO FIND HER FRIENDS, K (i.e. feel free to choose if you'd like!); morning of the 12th
Format: Posting with prose because I can't help it, sob; no preference for the comments, I will happily follow your lead!
Summary: Rise wakes up (in her Halloween costume, lol) and goes lookin' for trouble her peeps!
Warnings: Uh...the usual Intro Post Semi-Ramble, and possible spoilers for the True End of Persona 4 (...does that even count any more...), but otherwise nothing so far!

Getting kidnapped twice in one year is a little much, isn't it? TWICE! Geez! )
20 August 2012 @ 06:51 pm
Characters: Labrys and you~!
Setting: Room 3-07, floor 3
Format: Either or, depending on your preference.
Summary: What even is going on.

pursuing my true self )